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Super Smash Bros. Action is a 2017 fighting video game developed and published by Nintendo, Sora Ltd. Bandai Namco and HAL Laboratory and released for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Nintendo NX. It's the fifth (sixth if counting Smash for 3DS and Smash for Wii U as seperate games) installment in the Super Smash Bros. series. Just like SSB4, the game features DLC; there are now also "official mods" (i seriously have no idea what to call them) made by Nintendo, most of which modify character movesets and stage layouts. 

Game Modes


The good ol' Smash mode, where you have to rank up people's damage, swat 'em off the screen and do that as much as possible to win ! But there's also ways to change the aim:


When this is turned on, getting as much KOs as possible is no longer your mission; knock out your opponents until they've lost all of their lives.


An entirely different turn for Smash. Here, you need to hit opponents with all of your attacks and exhaust them until their HP reaches zero and they collapse to the floor. You don't necessarily have to knock them of the screen. But if you do, their HP is depleted instantly. 

Coin Smash

In this game mode, you don't have to KO your opponent. (WHAT ?) Knocking them off stage won't give you any points. (??????) Instead, slap them with your attacks to smash coins out of 'em. (Huh ?) The one with the most coins wins ! (Ah.)

Special Smash

Customize the fight entirely how you want it. (Yes, you there, behind the computer/iPad/GSM/Wii U/3DS/whatever you're using, reading the page right now !) Flowers on your opponent's head ? Got it ! Invisible tiny metal fighters ? Now you can ! Sloooooow fights with a constantly zoomed in camera ? No problem ! And why not try out the 300% smash... or better, the new 999% smash !

And btw, you can have up to 12(!) fighters in one match. But no more. I think the console would explode.

Smash Run

Aww yea. Make your through a huge maze ! Defeat enemies ! Collect power-ups ! Fight your opponents in one big final fight ! And those rewards... those sweet rewards...

Smash Tour

Play a board game !



Wait. Something ain't right there.

What we mean, is: Collect power ups on a board game like field, collect fighters, items, classic final fight, y'know. 


(Character pages will be made soon)

Default Veterans

All characters from SSB4 have been confirmed to return, with the exception of Rosalina, Wii Fit Trainer, Shulk, Robin and Little Mac. 

First-party characters

Image Name Universe Description Moveset Final Smash
Mario Super Mario Mario can't be missing in this game ! His stats are fairly balanced; if you don't know who you're gonna play with, Mario is always a wise option.
  • Neutral Special: Fireball
  • Side Special: Cape
  • Up Special: Super Jump
  • Down Special: F.L.U.D.D
Mega Mushroom
Luigi SSB Millennium
Luigi Super Mario Luigi plays like Mario, but a l'il differently. Some of his attacks function differently, or Mario lacks them. But watch out; his moves can be a little risky.
  • Neutral Special: Ice Ball
  • Side Special: Green Missile
  • Up Special: Super Jump Punch
  • Down Special: Polterpup
Negative Zone
Peach ssb4 by ashley andred-d8f8q0u
Peach Super Mario Peach may not look like much, but she has more than you think ! Parasols, Toads, vegetables, golf clubs, frying pans, tennis rackets... wow, where does she hide all of that ?
  • Neutral Special: Toad
  • Side Special: Peach Bomber
  • Up Special: Peach Parasol
  • Down Special: Vegetable
Peach Blossom
Bowser SSBB
Bowser Super Mario The King of the Koopas fits this game perfectly. Just look at him ! Bowser is like a tank: he barely flinches at all. Good pick for a clean up.
  • Neutral Special: Fire Shot
  • Side Special: Dash Slam
  • Up Special: Flying Fortress
  • Down Special: Turbulent Bomb
250px-Link SSB4
Link The Legend of Zelda Green cap ? Big shield ? Yup, "dat's" Link. Link mainly focuses on swordplay, but also has some other tricks up his sleeve...
  • Neutral Special: Bow
  • Side Special: Boomerang
  • Up Special: Spin Attack
  • Down Special: Bomb
Wolf Link
Toon LinkSSBVFull
Toon Link The Legend of Zelda A young, infant version of Link. Toon Link is lighter and faster than Link; use it to your advantage.
  • Same as Link, except for Boomerang; he instead has Storm Boomerang, which leaves behind a l'il tornado.
Triforce Slash
Zelda yendo alts
Zelda The Legend of Zelda The princess of Hyrule. Zelda mainly uses magic.
  • Neutral Special: Nayru's Love
  • Side Special: Dins Fire
  • Up Special: Farore's Wind
  • Down Special: Phantom
Light Arrow

Third-party characters

Image Name/Universe Moveset Final Smash
Sonic (Sonic Unleashed)


(Sonic the Hedgehog)

  • Neutral: Stomp
  • Side: Shields
  • Up: Spring Headbutt
  • Down: Spin Dash
Super Sonic



  • Neutral: Bonus Fruit
  • Side: Power Pellet
  • Up: Pac-Jump
  • Down: Fire Hydrant

Mega Man

(Mega Man)

  • Neutral: Hyper Bomb
  • Side: Crash Bomber
  • Up: Beat
  • Down: Plant Barrier
Black Hole Bomb


(Metal Gear)

  • Neutral: Hand Grenade
  • Side: Remote Missile
  • Up: Cypher
  • Down: C4
Grenade Launcher

Unlockable Veterans


Default Newcomers

(Finally it's getting interesting !)

First-party characters

Image Name/Universe Info Special Moveset Final Smash
Dry Bowser1

Dry Bowser


Dry Bowser throws his bones in the fight ! He's lighter than Bowser, but also weaker. Though, he does give a special twist to his attacks !
  • Neutral: Blue Barrage (Dry Bowser spits five blue fire balls)
  • Side: Trip (Dry Bowser collapses into bones, all of which deal damage. Later rebuilds himself.)
  • Up: Flying Fortress
  • Down: Dry Jump
Dry Bones Army
Zoroark SSB4



TBA TBA Fury Swipes

Third-party characters

Unlockable Newcomers

First-party characters


Third-party characters

Image Name Universe Info Moveset Final Smash
Tails (WGC)
Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Tails joins the fray ! He's not the hardest hitter in the game and he's very light, but he makes up for that with formidable speed and high jumps. Very high jumps. And his attacks deal tons of damage. Tons.
  • Neutral: Energy Cannon
  • Side: Tail Swipe
  • Up: Fly
  • Down: Bombs
3379 doctor-eggman-prev
Dr. Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog TBA TBA TBA
Rayman Rayman TBA TBA TBA
Smashified style bomberman render of 4 4 by nibroc rock-d95pvn5
Bomberman Bomberman Bomberman joins the fight with his bombs ! Bomberman mainly uses bombs in fight (duh), but his jetpack's ready too ! Bomberman is considered lightweight.
  • Neutral: Bomb
  • Side: Bomb Kick
  • Up: Jetpack
  • Down: Bomb Detonate
Yes i know it's poor quality but it's the best i could find
Jason Blaster Master Jason and Sophia III blast into battle ! Jason mainly rides Sophia, equipped with laser cannons, three types of missiles, jetpacks and more ! They're considered heavyweight and hard to launch, but rather slow. At least their jump is high ! And their attacks are powerful. TBA Omega Laser


Image Name Universe Info Moveset Final Smash
Mewtwo Pokémon TBA TBA Psystrike
Metal Sonic (WGC)
Metal Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog TBA TBA Neo Thunder

Assist Trophies


Image Name Universe Behavior
Baby Bowser

Super Mario


Baby Bowser jumps around, attacking with fire balls, claw swipes, a hammer and ground pounds that cause shockwaves. He cannot be knocked off the stage (he'll jump back on), but he can be defeated if he takes enough damage, knocking him out.

More TBA


  • Because of Baby Bowser being techically from the Yoshi universe, the Donkey Kong universe is now the only universe with characters in all Smash games without any assist characters.

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