The Subspace Reburst, a direct sequel to the Subspace Emissary, is the Adventure Mode of the game Super Smash 5: Resurgence.


Chapter 1: The Great Games

Opening Cutscene

All is peaceful in the world of Smash, well, as peaceful as Smash Bros. gets anyways, when the Great Games begin! The Great Games is a tornament held every year to decide who the greatest Smasher of them all is! To start off the games, four fighters, Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu, will battle it out to see who will advance to the next round! The stadium is shown in a cutscene, much like that shown in SSBB. The four characters are shown walking into the stadium, met with the approval of the crowd. You must choose your character, and fight in a 4-way Battle Royale against the other 3!

Section 1:

In the first portion of the level, you play as one of the 4 characters above to brawl against the other 3. The end result of the battle does not depend on the character you select as in Brawl, so as long as you win the story doesn't change.

Mid Cutscene

No matter who wins, the crowd will roar with approval again, until suddenly, a new character enters the arena from nowhere, a hooded figure whoes name is shown only as "???". He will reveal a Dark Cannon, like the ones used to turn characters to trophies in the original Subspace Emissary, and fire four Dark Arrows, one at each of the fighters. The cutscene switches to slow-motion, where each fighter will narrowly dodge the arrow, then, as the cutscene switches back, take a fighting pose. You must now pick one of the fighters to use to take on "???"!

Section 2

"???" plays using the moves of all 3 original Mii fighters. It uses Exploding Side Kick as a Standard B, Flame Pillar as a Side B, ??? as an Up B, and Slash Launcher as a Down B.

Ending Cutscene

When "???" is defeated, it will collapse to a kneeling position on the ground and dissolve into a pile of Shadow Bugs, which then splits into 5! Four, including the larger one, will dissipate into the air, while the other pile beings to bubble and release Neo Primids,  updated versions of the original Primids. The fighters take a fighting stance as the chapter ends.....

Characters Featured:

Mario  (Introduced, Playable, Unlocked)

Kirby  (Introduced, Playable, Unlocked)

Pikachu  (Introduced, Playable, Unlocked)

Link (Introduced, Playable, Unlocked)

"???"  (IntroducedFought)

Chapter 2: The Skyline

Opening Cutscene:

In a metropolis far from the Great Games, a battle is taking place on the rooftops. The camera pans, following Samus in her Power Armor as she runs from Ridley, who is chasing her. Running out of roof to fight on, Samus turns to fight Ridley. Just as she turns around, a clone of "???", created when the pile of shadow bugs he dissolved into split, charges up its Dark Cannon and fires it at Samus. Her armor is turned to stone and crumbles off of her, turning her into Zero Suit Samus. The Clone dissolves into a pile of Shadow Bugs and surrounds the shards of Samus's armor and absorbs them, turning into Shadow Samus! Zero Suit Samus watches, stunned, as it jumps across to a far away building. ZSS then turns to face Ridley, now unarmed and unarmored! 

Section 1:

In this section, the player must defeat Ridley as Zero Suit Samus. The second player cannot participate in this section.

Mid Cutscene:

After defeating Ridley, he flies away, but Samus's battle isn't over yet! Suddenly, Shadow Bugs climb from the walls of the buildings under her, forming into a massive army of Primids! But just when ZSS thinks she is doomed, a portal opens up out of nowhere and Megaman, the Blue Bomber, flies out of it, while the theme from Megaman 2 plays. Catching the Primids by surprise, he dispatches several of them, and the duo must make their way across the rooftops fighting many more.

Section 2:

In this section, the players are Zero Suit Samus and Mega Man. They must fight across the roofs of skyscrapers through waves and waves of Neo Primids. Eventually, when the end of the level is reached, ZSS and Megaman have caught up to Shadow Samus, which the duo proceed to fight. Shadow Samus has all of Samus's moves.

End Cutscene:

After the imposter suit is defeated, the Shadow Bugs will sink into the ground, and Samus will put on her Power Suit and strike a pose with Megaman. Afterwards, they will continue to follow a trail of receding Shadow Bugs retreating across the roof...

Characters Featured:

Samus (Introduced, Unlocked)

Zero Suit Samus (Introduced, Playable, Unlocked)

Megaman (Introduced, Playable, Unlocked)

Ridley (Introduced, Fought)

"???" Clone (1/3) (Fought)

Chapter 3: The Storm

Over a wide plains, a storm is brewing. A tornado is being generated by a dark machine controlled by the second "???" Clone! Pokemon are being swept off the ground into the wicked machine. The camera zooms in on Pichu , one of these Pokemon, who is about to be swept into to whirlwind, when Charizard swoops down and rescues the poor Pokemon. Charizard continues to catch flying Pokemon, but soon realizes that

Characters Featured:

Pichu (Introduces, Playable, Unlocked)

Charizard (Introduces, Playable, Unlocked)

"???" Clone (2/3) (Fought)

Chapter 4: The Castle

The scene opens up on a castle, with walls, towers and, battlements guarded by armed Neo Primids. The camera zooms in on one Primid, which suddenly looks over behind the camera and is destroyed by a slash from a sword... the sword of Takamaru!!! The camera suddenly shifts to a wall, where you see Nana and Popo climbing a castle wall with their ice picks and hammers, flipping up over the wall and smashing two other Primids. Meanwhile, in a throne room in the castle, a Primid runs into the room and alerts their leader, the last "???" Clone, of the two intruders. He nods and dissolves into Shadow Bugs...

On the roof, Takamaru and the Ice Climbers continue to destroy opposing minions. Once they reach their goal, a golden katana, "???" Clone appears, and fires a stone arrow at Popo, which trophifies him. Nana and Takamaru now need to defeat the last "???" Clone and free Popo. After the defeat of the last clone, The three fighters look on as it dissolves into nothing.

Far off, the true "???" sits in his throne within a ruined palace, clearly disappointed at the defeat of his clones. Suddenly, two Royal Primids enter his court, and Bowser, Bowser Jr., the Koopalings, and other Koopa Minions enter. "???" sees this and nods, pointing towards an open field, where an all new and improved Subspace Gunship is landed. Bowser nods back, and the Koopa Troop marches over to the field...

Characters Featured:

Takamaru (Introduced, Playable, Unlocked)

Ice Climbers (Nana, Popo) (Introduced, Playable, Unlocked)

"???" Clone (3/3) (Fought

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