This page is a page from Super Smash Bros. 3DS. This page is here to describe characters better than just the overview of the character on the actual page.


Standard Special Side Special Up Special Down Special Final Smash Minigame Taunt 1 Taunt 2 Taunt 3 Victory Pose 1 Victory Pose 2 Victory Pose 3 Unlock
Mario Fireball Cape Super Jump Punch Ground Pound F.L.U.D.D: Pump the lever to fill up F.L.U.D.D Mario takes off his hat Mario does the classic power-up Mario does the classic death scene Winds up for a punch and steps forward Unlocked
Link Hero's Bow Gale Boomerang Spin Attack Bomb Ocarina: Tap the holes on the ocarina to play a song. Twirls Sword Brings out Navi Pulls sword out in defense position Unlocked
Kirby Copy Hammer Final Cutter Stone Paint Kirby: Draw over the screen to make it hard to see for the other oponents. Kirby says Hi! Kirby dances around Spins around and kicks Unlocked
Pikachu Thunder Jolt Tackle Quick Attack Thunder Volt Tackle: Tap the sparks as they flash across the screen. Pikachu charges up Waves around Rolls around Unlocked
Fox Blaster Fox Illusion Fire Fox Reflector Landmaster: Tap to shoot any opponents on screen. Hold to charge up. Circle to do a barrel roll. Charges in fury Throws Blaster in the air "Here I come" Unlocked
Samus Charge Shot Missile Screw Attack Bomb Zero Laser: Tap and Hold to charge the laser then double tap it to fire. Slices Laser across Pretend Guards Does something with laser Unlocked
Zero Suit Samus Paralyzer Plasma Whip Plasma Wire Flip Jump Power Suit Samus: Tap the parts that have fallen and piece them together. Throws gun in the air and says "Is that all" Twirls Plasma Whip around her Whips Plasma Whip and says "Try Me" Use Samus's Final Smash
Zelda Nayru's Love Din's Fire Fanore's Wind Transform Light Arrow: Tap the arrow and pull it back then release. Raises hand in the air Sends hand in the air as if the damsel in distress Places both hands together and uses Nayru's Love Unlocked
Shiek Needle Storm Chain Vanish Transform Light Arrow: Tap the arrow and pull it back then release. Stands on one hand stands backwards with hand on nose Places hands as if in Karate Down special of Zelda
Bowser Fire Breathe Claw Shred Shell Whirl Ground Pound Giga Bowser: Tap the Super Mushrooms try not to touch the Poison Mushrooms Stands back and roars Chomps teeth around Raises spikes out of his shell Unlocked
Donkey Kong Power Punch Head Butt Spinning Kong Ground Slam Barrel Barrage: Tap the barrels as they roll across the screen. Pounds on chest Eats a banana and throws the peel Drys off fur Unlocked
Yoshi Egg Lay Egg Roll Flutter Jump Ground Pound Yoshi Transformation: Choose from Helicopter, Submarine, Car, or Mole Tank Dances around Jumps up and down Lays an egg and a Shy Guy pops out Unlocked
Peach Toad Attack Love Bomber Peach Parasol Vegetable Pluck Vibes: Tap either Happiness, Anger, Calm, or Sadness Twirls Parasol and says "Sweet" Peach and Toad jump up and down Sings around. Unlocked
Ice Climbers Freeze Squall Hammer Belay Blizzard Iceberg: Tap the falling snowflakes lay hammers and jumps Jump in circles Raise hammers Unlocked
Pit Palutena's Arrow Angel Ring Wings of Icarus Mirror Shield Palutena's Army: Release the centurions and flick them off screen to attack. Twirls bow and says: "The fight is on" floats and spreads wings slices bow around ans says: "You're not ready yet" Unlocked
Wario Head Butt Wario Bike Wario Waft Bottom Slam Wario Man: Do a Wario Ware mini-game and win garlic. laughs and closes mouth shows three fingers and goes "Wa, Wa, Wa" Shakes butt around Unlocked
Diddy Kong Peanut Popgun Monkey Flip Rocketbarrel Boost Banana Lay Rocketbarrel Bomber: Tap to load the popguns with peanuts. Throws hat in the air and catches it claps around shakes hands and makes a sound Unlocked
Metaknight Mach Tornado Drill Rush Shuttle Loop Banana Lay Galaxia Darkness: Scribble over the opponents you want to get trapped. Spins and shrinks cape to thin Flaps wings and says "Come" Slices sword around and says: "Fight Me" Play 75 battles or get Meta Knight to join you in Dark Adventure
Ike Eruption Quick Draw Aether Counter Great Aether: Slide up, and then slice the stylus around to deal damage Pulls sword out and screams Stabs the sword in the ground swings sword out and say's "Prepare your-self" Play 200 battles or get Ike to join you in Dark Adventure
Snake Hand Grenade Remote Controlled Missile Cypher C4 Grenade Launcher: Use the directional pad or the analog stick to control the crosshair and shoot the opponents Hides in box Hides in box Hides in box Play 250 battles or get Snake to join you in Dark Adventure
Lucas PK Freeze PK Fire PK Thunder PSI Magnet PK Starstorm: Tap the shooting stars as they fall from the sky. slips and falls puts fingers to his head and makes electric brings out snake Play 25 battles or get Lucas to join you in Dark Adventure
King Dedede Inhale Waddle Dee Throw Super Dedede Jump Jet Hammer Waddle Dee Arny: Tap and fling Waddle Dees in any direction. Taps and twirls hammer on ground Circles and taps his stomach twirls hammer in his hands Unlocked
Pikmin & Olimar Pikmin Pluck Pikmin Toss Pikmin Chain Reorder End of Day: Circle the pikmin and put them in groups to get on the ship Jumps on the ground Swings head around Rolls on the ground Unlocked
Sonic Homing Attack Spin Dash Spring Jump Spin Charge Super Sonic: Tap the circling Chaos Emeralds. Does a flip Twirls on the ground and says: "Come on step it up" Runs in place and says: You're too slow" Unlocked
Tails Helicopter Tail
Ness PK Fire Baseball Bat PK Thunder PSI Magnet PK Starstorm: Tap the shooting stars as they fall from the sky. Nods head and says: "ok" snaps hand around and makes an electric circle raises baseball bat Unlocked
Marth Shield Breaker Dancing Blade Dolphin Slash Counter Critical Hit:Tap as fast as you can to build up power. Holds sword up slices sword and says something in japanese twirls sword around Unlocked
Luigi Ember Fireball Green Missile Super Jump Punch Luigi Cyclone Poltergust 3000: Circle stylus around to suck up people. Goes through several stop motion faces sighs and kicks foot stands still and falls Play 50 battles or get Luigi to join you in Dark Adventure
Falco Blaster Falco Phatasm Fire Bird Reflector Landmaster: Tap to shoot any opponents on screen. Hold to charge up. Circle to do a barrel roll. Kicks something and says: "Piece of cake" Spins and says: "Hands off my thread" raises wing and says: "Don't try me" Unlocked
Captain Falcon Falcon Punch Raptor Boost Falcon Dive Falcon Kick Blue Falcon: Tap and drag a Falcon emblem over top of characters you want to trap in to get attacked by Blue Falcon.. Charges with anger salutes and says: "Show me your moves" Stops and waves "come on" Play 100 battles or get Captain Falcon to join you in Dark Adventure
Ganondorf Warlock Punch Flame Choke Dark Dive Wizard's Foot Beast Ganon: Tap and hold Ganon to build up power then drag to make him attack. Floats and spins in air Pulls out sword punches fists together Play 150 battles or get Ganondorf to join you in Dark Adventure
Toon Link Hero's Bow Boomerang Spin Attack Bomb Triforce Slash: Trace over a Triforce, the quicker you do it the more powerful it will be Orchestrates music Swings sword and shield around then gets tired Chases pig around Play 125 battles or get Toon Link to join you in Dark Adventure.
Wolf Blaster Wolf Flash Fire Wolf Reflector Landmaster: Tap to shoot any opponents on screen. Hold to charge up. Circle to do a barrel roll. Howls slaps hand on the ground and growls kicks around and says: "Whats the matter, scared" Play 300 battles or get Wolf to join you in Dark Adventure
Shadow Shadow Shot Chaos Spear Chaos Control Chaos Barrier Super Shadow: Tap the circling Chaos Emeralds crosses arms and says: hmph holds up a Chaos Emerald and laughs Brings out all Chaos Emeralds and creates barrier Play 350 battles or get Shadow to join you in Dark Adventure
Megaman Mega Buster Mega Arm Rush Jet Slide Smash Super Adapter: Tap and hold to charge up then release to fire Holds gun up and says: "Oh yeah" Rockets up and back down Says: "Boo-yah" Play 275 battles or get Megaman to join you in Dark Adventure
Bowser Jr. Jr. Fireball Shell Slide Super Jump Transform Graffiti Shot: Tap the screen to put blobs of paint everywhere so your opponents can't see. You however can. Sits down and laughs Shows teeth and roars Twirls his paintbrush Play 375 battles or get Bowser Jr. to join you in Dark Adventure
Shadow Mario Paint Blob Brush Bat Art Staircase Transform Graffiti Shot: Tap the screen to put blobs of paint everywhere so your opponents can't see. You however can. Twirls paintbrush on the ground does a back-flip does an evil laugh Use Bowser Jr.'s Special Down
King K. Rool Chomp Belly Bash Grand Slam Kritter Kremling Krew: As Kritters run across the screen tap them to go into the final smash. Licks his lips Shows his teeth Shines his crown Play 325 battles or get King K. Rool to join you in Dark Adventure
Bomberman Bomb Summon Bomb Kick Bomb Uppercut Remote Bomb Major Explosion: Tap as many bombs to make them explode. Balances bomb in hands Kicks bomb around sits and smiles and says: "Ok" Play 225 battles or get Bomberman to join you in Dark Adventure
Count Bleck Sinister Spell Quick Attack Vanish Pure Heart Barrier Dark Void: Tap the center of the void to make it grow larger. Spreads hands out and laughs Slams wand on the ground Slides cape over him and grins Play 275 battles or get Count Bleck to join you in Dark Adventure
Mr. Game and Watch
Baby Mario & Baby Luigi Baby Punch Tag Team Helping Hand Ground Pound Chain Chomp: Throw bones at the Chain Chomp to make it more powerful and last longer. High Fives each other Both lay down on the ground and sleep Shakes rattles Unlocked
Krystal Blaster Side Slice Uppercut Counter Arwing: Shoot at the opponents to nuild up more power. Holds staff in the air Twirls staff around Crosses arms Unlocked
Mewtwo Psychic Blast Confusion Teleport Disable Ice Blast: Draw circles around the opponents. Flies into the air Spreads arms and legs screams Play 500 battles or get Mewtwo to join you in Dark Adventure
Roy Flare Blade Sword Slash Rising Sword Counter Lethal Stab: Tap and hold to build up power then release Sticks sword in the ground Slices sword in the air crosses arms Play 400 battles or get Roy to join you in Dark Adventure
Geno Geno Gun Geno Whirl Geno Boost Star Smash Geno Flash: Charge the canon and then release, don't over-power it though! turns head and nods falls asleep turns head fully around Play 475 battles or get Geno to join you in Dark Adventure
Amy Rose
Pac-Man Chomp Pac-kart Pellet Nabber Bounce Pac-man Arcade: Play the classic pac-man and get the cherry gives a thumbs up turns into classic pac-man and does the classic death scene crosses arms and smiles play 425 battles or get Pac-man to join you in Dark Adventure
Dr. Mario Pill Throw Virus Buster Super Jump Heal Pill Pal: Keep tapping the viruses until they are all defeated. Throws pill into the air steps on a virus shows a 1-up mushroom in his hands play 450 battles or get Dr. Mario to join you in Dark Adventure
Dry Bowser Flame Breathe Bone Throw Shell Whirl Ground Pound Song of the Dead: Scribble over the ground until there is none left. Stomps on the ground and roars Crosses arms and laughs Goes to a pile of bones and then back Play 550 battles or get Dry Bowser to join you in Dark Adventure
Paper Mario Hammer Dimension Flip Paper Airplane Partner Swap Earth Tremor: Tap when the dot is over top of the circles, like from the actual game. rolls into a tube jumps up and down looks at the map play 525 battles or get Paper Mario to join you in Dark Adventure
Mii Archery Wii Sports Bubble Shield Mii Parade: Tap and drag the Miis as they appear on the screen onto the parade area puts hand into fist claps jumps up and down Unlocked
Isaac Rockslide Clare Spire Mother Gaia Quake Judgement: Tap earth djinni around Isaac, tap the screen to fire a massive explosion adjusts his scarf then gets into a ready pose earth djinni flies around Isaac as he tries to catch it holds his hands out and levitates some rocks Play 400 battles or get Isaac to join you in Dark Adventure

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