Super Smash Bros. 20XX
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance
Release Date(s)
1-5-2015 (originally), 3-6-2017 (revitalization date).
Age Rating(s)
Series Super Smash Bros.)
 Super Smash Bros. 20XX is a Smash game and the 6th game in the series. Made for the RiiVolution Advance, this game is to feature the largest character roster of all time, as well as be the most diverse game in the series.


Classic Mode

Classic Mode takes a key from several different versions: multiple path options, leading to arena-like stages, each one containing 3 different fight options (some more difficult then others), eventually leading to a choice between 6 different special battles:

  • A team battle with tiny Peach and Mario against Giant Bowser and Giant Donkey Kong,
  • A fight against the Metal Bros. (Metal Mario, Vanish Luigi, Pink Gold Peach, Bronze Wario)
  • A fight with the Fighting Mii Team.
  • A battle against a stage boss.
  • A destiny battle against the villain(s) from the selected character's series (Mewtwo for Pokemon, Bowser & Bowser Jr. for Mario, etc)
  • Or a battle against the original 12 all-stars (Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Link, Samus, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Ness, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Fox)

Depending on the difficulty you select beforehand, you will head into battle with Master Hand. On higher difficulties he won't be alone, however:

  • Master Hand and Crazy Hand on Levels 3 - 5,
  • Master Hand and Crazy Hand, then Master Core on Levels 6 - 9,
  • Or, if you're unlucky enough, the ultra-powerful Master Titan on Level 10.

All-Star Mode

Adventure Mode

Smash Run

Smash Stadium

Story Mode: The Energies of Infinity


Original Gen

Fighter Series Defining Trait Special Moves
Mario by nanobuds-d9ima0v
Super Mario symbol
Super Mario Bros.
Jumping Techniques
  • Neutral B: Fireball
  • Smash B: Crazy Cap
  • Up B: Super Jump Punch
  • Down B: F.L.U.D.D.
  • Smash Striker: SuperMario
  • Final Smash: Mario Finale
SSB4 - Donkey Kong Artwork
Donkey Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Symbol
Donkey Kong Country
Punching Strength
  • Neutral B: Giant Punch
  • Smash B: Headbutt
  • Up B: Spinning Kong
  • Down B: Hand Slap
  • Smash Striker: Strong Kong
  • Final Smash: Bongo Beats
SSB The Legend of Zelda Symbol
The Legend of Zelda
Adventure Gear
  • Neutral B: Bow
  • Smash B: Boomerang
  • Up B: Spin Attack
  • Down B: Bomb
  • Smash Striker: Gear Shuffle
  • Final Smash: Triforce Slash
SSB Metroid Symbol
Arm Cannon
  • Neutral B: Charge Beam
  • Smash B: Missile
  • Up B: Screw Attack
  • Up B: Bomb
  • Smash Striker: Zero Suit Samus
  • Final Smash: Zero Laser
SSB Yoshi Symbol
Yoshi's Island
Egg Combat
  • Neutral B: Egg Lay
  • Smash B: Egg Roll
  • Up B: Egg Throw
  • Down B: Yoshi Bomb
  • Smash Striker: Super Dragon
  • Final Smash: Yoshi Stampede
SSB Kirby Symbol
Kirby's Adventure
Copy Abilities
  • Neutral B: Swallow
  • Smash B: Hammer Flip
  • Up B: Final Cutter
  • Down B: Stone
  • Smash Striker: Ultra Sword
  • Final Smash: Cook Kirby
SSB Star Fox Symbol
Star Fox
  • Neutral B: Blaster
  • Smash B: Fox Illusion
  • Up B: Fire Fox
  • Down B: Reflector
  • Smash Striker: Plasma Cannon
  • Final Smash: Landmaster
Main pikachu
Pokemon symbol
Voltage Power
  • Neutral B: Thunder Jolt
  • Smash B: Skull Bash
  • Up B: Quick Attack
  • Down B: Thunder
  • Smash Striker: Volt Tackle
  • Final Smash: 10,000-Volt Thunderbolt
Super Mario symbol
Super Mario Bros.
  • Neutral B: Straight Fireball
  • Smash B: Green Missile
  • Up B: Super Jump Punch
  • Down B: Poltergust 5000
  • Smash Striker: Negative Zone
  • Final Smash: Luigi Time
Captain falcon
Captain Falcon
SSB F-Zero Symbol
Falcon Punch Power
  • Neutral B: Falcon Punch
  • Smash B: Raptor Boost
  • Up B: Falcon Dive
  • Down B: Falcon Kick
  • Smash Striker: Hyper Falcon Punch
  • Final Smash: Blue Falcon
Ness smash wii u
SSB EarthBound Symbol
PK Powers
  • Neutral B: PK Flash
  • Smash B: PK Fire
  • Up B: PK Thunder
  • Down B: PSI Magnet
  • Smash Striker: PK Starstorm
  • Final Smash: Party's Assault
Jigglypuff SSB4
Pokemon symbol
Hidden Power
  • Neutral B: Rollout
  • Smash B: Pound
  • Up B: Sing
  • Down B: Rest
  • Smash Striker: Breakneck Blitz
  • Final Smash: Puff Up

Melee Gen

Fighter Series Trait Special Moves
SSB Super Mario Symbol
Super Mario Bros.
  • Neutral B: Toad
  • Smash B: Peach Bomber
  • Up B: Parry
  • Down B: Vegetable
  • Smash Striker: Vibe Power
  • Final Smash: Peach Blossom
SSB Super Mario Symbol
Super Mario Bros.
Form Change
  • Neutral B: Fire Breath
  • Smash B: Koopa Klaw
  • Up B: Whirling Fortress
  • Down B: Bowser Bomb
  • Smash Striker: Dry Bowser
  • Final Smash: Giga Bowser
250px-Dr Mario SSB4
Dr. Mario
SSB Super Mario Symbol
Super Mario Bros.
  • Neutral B: Megavitamins
  • Smash B: Stethoscope Whip
  • Up B: Super Sheet Parachute
  • Down B: Virus
  • Smash Striker: Megaviruses
  • Final Smash: Dr. Finale
Zelda SSB4
SSB The Legend of Zelda Symbol
The Legend of Zelda
  • Neutral B: Nayru's Love
  • Smash B: Din's Fire
  • Up B: Farore's Wind
  • Down B: Phantom Slash
  • Smash Striker: Transform
  • Final Smash: Light Arrow
SSB The Legend of Zelda Symbol
The Legend of Zelda
  • Neutral B: Needles
  • Smash B: Chain Whip
  • Up B: Vanish
  • Down B: Bouncing Fish
  • Smash Striker: Transform
  • Final Smash: Song of Storms
SSB The Legend of Zelda Symbol
The Legend of Zelda
Weapons of Darkness

  • Neutral B: Deadman's Volley
  • Smash B: Gerudo Dragon
  • Up B: Dark Dive
  • Down B: Finishing Blow
  • Smash Striker: Weapon Swap
  • Final Smash: Beast Ganon

  • Neutral B: Demon's Spear
  • Smash B: Gerudo Spindle
  • Up B: Dark Dive
  • Down B: Finishing Blow
  • Smash Striker: Weapon Swap
  • Final Smash: Beast Ganon

200px-Young Link OoT3D Art
Young Link
SSB The Legend of Zelda Symbol
The Legend of Zelda
  • Neutral B: Deku Slingshot
  • Smash B: Bottled Poe
  • Up B: Bean Plant
  • Down B: Deku Shield
  • Smash Striker: Song of Time
  • Final Smash: Fierce Deity's Wrath
Falco Smash Bros
SSB Star Fox Symbol
Star Fox
  • Neutral B: Dual Blaster
  • Smash B: Grenade
  • Up B: Bird's Rush
  • Down B: Reflector Toss
  • Smash Striker: Falcon's Fury
  • Final Smash: Arwing Flyby
Mewtwo SSB4
Pokemon symbol
Glass Cannon
  • Neutral B: Shadow Ball
  • Smash B: Confusion
  • Up B: Teleport
  • Down B: Disable
  • Smash Striker: Mega Mewtwo X
  • Final Smash: Psystrike
Ice climbers.png
Ice Climbers
SSB Ice Climber Symbol
Ice Climber
Dual-Character Control
  • Neutral B: Ice Shot
  • Smash B: Squall Hammer
  • Up B: Belay
  • Down B: Blizzard
  • Smash Striker: Glacier
  • Final Smash: Avalanche
250px-Mr Game & Watch SSB4
Mr. Game & Watch
SSB Game & Watch Symbol
Mr. Game & Watch
  • Neutral B: Chef
  • Smash B: Judge
  • Up B: Fire
  • Down B: Oil Panic
  • Smash Striker: Battery Overload
  • Final Smash: Octopus
Marth SSB4
SSB Fire Emblem Symbol
Fire Emblem
Middleweight Swordfighter
  • Neutral B: Shield Breaker
  • Smash B: Dancing Blade
  • Up B: Dolphin Slash
  • Down B: Counter
  • Smash Striker: Dancing Slice
  • Final Smash: Critical Hit

Brawl Gen

Fighter Series Trait Special Moves
Diddy kong.png.png
Diddy Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Symbol
Donkey Kong Country
  • Neutral B: Peanut Popgun
  • Smash B: Monkey Flip
  • Up B: Rocketbarrel Boost
  • Down B: Banana Peel
  • Smash Striker: Twin Popguns
  • Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage
Zero suit samus
Zero Suit Samus
SSB Metroid Symbol
  • Neutral B: Paralyzer
  • Smash B: Plasma Whip
  • Up B: Jet Kick
  • Down B: Flip Jump
  • Smash Striker: Power Suit Samus
  • Final Smash: Gunship
Meta knight
Meta Knight
SSB Kirby Symbol
Kirby's Adventure
  • Neutral B: Mach Tornado
  • Smash B: Drill Rush
  • Up B: Shuttle Loop
  • Down B: Warp Slash
  • Smash Striker: Galaxia Darkness
  • Final Smash: Halberd Assault
König dedede
King Dedede
SSB Kirby Symbol
Kirby's Adventure
Hammer Swinger
  • Neutral B: Inhale
  • Smash B: Gordo Toss
  • Up B: Super Dedede Jump
  • Down B: Jet Hammer
  • Smash Striker: Dedede Burst
  • Final Smash: Masked Dedede
Wolf ssbc
SSB Star Fox Symbol
Star Fox
  • Neutral B: Slam Blaster
  • Smash B: Wolf Flash
  • Up B: Shock Wolf
  • Down B: Reflection Blast
  • Smash Striker: Wolfen Backup
  • Final Smash: Star Wolf
Charizard SSB4
Pokemon symbol
  • Neutral B: Dragon Rage
  • Smash B: Flare Blitz
  • Up B: Fly
  • Down B: Rock Smash
  • Smash Striker: Dragon Rush
  • Final Smash: Mega-Charizard X
Ike SSB4
SSB Fire Emblem Symbol
Fire Emblem
  • Neutral B: Eruption
  • Smash B: Quick Draw
  • Up B: Aether
  • Down B: Counter
  • Smash Striker: Volcanic Aether
  • Final Smash: Great Aether
SSB Kid Icarus Symbol
Kid Icarus
  • Neutral B: Palutena's Arrow
  • Smash B: Upperdash Arm
  • Up B: Power of Flight
  • Down B: Guardian Orbitars
  • Smash Striker: Palutena's Army
  • Final Smash: Three Sacred Treasures
Wario SSB4 Render Luigi
SSB Wario Symbol
  • Neutral B: Chomp
  • Smash B: Wario Bike
  • Up B: Corkscrew
  • Down B: Wario Waft
  • Smash Striker: Wario-Man
  • Final Smash: Atomic Waft
Olimar SporeOutbreak
SSB Pikmin Symbol
Pikmin Types
  • Neutral B: Pikmin Pluck
  • Smash B: Pikmin Throw
  • Up B: Winged Pikmin
  • Down B: Captain's Whistle
  • Smash Striker: Ultra-Spicy Spray
  • Final Smash: End of Day
R.O.B. Icon SSB5
SSB R.O.B. Symbol
  • Neutral B: Robo Beam
  • Smash B: Arm Rotor
  • Up B: Robo Rocket
  • Down B: Gyro
  • Smash Striker: Battery Pack
  • Final Smash: Super Diffusion Beam
250px-Sonic SSB4
SSB Sonic Symbol
Sonic the Hedgehog
Speedy Melee
  • Neutral B: Homing Attack
  • Smash B: Spin Dash
  • Up B: Spring Jump
  • Down B: Spin Charge
  • Smash Striker: Light Speed Attack
  • Final Smash: Super Sonic

Sm4sh Gen

Fighter Series Trait Special Moves
Rosalina & LumSSB4
Rosalina & Luma
SSB Super Mario Symbol
Super Mario Bros.
Luma Sidekicks
  • Neutral B: Luma Shot
  • Side B: Star Bits
  • Up B: Launch Star
  • Down B: Gravitational Pull
  • Smash Striker: Team Luma
  • Final Smash: Power Star
Bowser Jr. SSB4
Bowser Jr.
SSB Super Mario Symbol
Super Mario Bros.
  • Neutral B: Clown Cannon
  • Side B: Clown Kart Dash
  • Up B: Abandoned Ship
  • Down B: Mechakoopa
  • Smash Striker: Dad's Car
  • Final Smash: Shadow Mario Paint
Greninja SSB4
Pokemon symbol
  • Neutral B: Water Shuriken
  • Side B: Shadow Sneak
  • Up B: Hydro Pump
  • Down B: Substitute
  • Smash Striker: Battle Bond
  • Final Smash: Mysterious Ninja Attack
Robin SSB4
SSB Fire Emblem Symbol
Fire Emblem
  • Neutral B: Thunder
  • Side B: Arcfire
  • Up B: Elwind
  • Down B: Nosferatu
  • Smash Striker: Potent Spell
  • Final Smash: Pair Up
Palutena SSB4
SSB Kid Icarus Symbol
Kid Icarus
  • Neutral B: Auto-Reticule
  • Side B: Reflect Barrier
  • Up B: Warp
  • Down B: Celestial Firework
  • Smash Striker: Goddesses' Power
  • Final Smash: Black Hole Laser
Villager Smash Bros
SSB Animal Crossing Symbol
Animal Crossing
  • Neutral B: Pocket
  • Side B: Lloyd Rocket
  • Up B: Balloon Trip
  • Down B: Timber
  • Smash Striker: Mr. Resetti
  • Final Smash: Dream Home
Wii fit trainerin
Wii Fit Trainer
SSB Wii Fit Symbol
Wii Fit
Fit and Firm
  • Neutral B: Sun Salutation
  • Side B: Header
  • Up B: Super Hoop
  • Down B: Deep Breathing
  • Smash Striker: Invigoration
  • Final Smash: Wii Fit
Little mac
Little Mac
SSB Punch-Out Symbol
  • Neutral B: Straight Lunge
  • Side B: Jolt Haymaker
  • Up B: Rising Uppercut
  • Down B: Slip Counter
  • Smash Striker: Megastar Punches
  • Final Smash: Giga Mac
Xenoblade Symbol
Xenoblade Chronicles
Monado Arts
  • Neutral B: Monado Arts
  • Side B: Back Slash
  • Up B: Air Slash
  • Down B: Vision
  • Smash Striker: Hyper Monado Arts
  • Final Smash: Chain Attack
Duck hunt duo.png.png
Duck Hunt
SSB Duck Hunt Symbol
Duck Hunt
Twin Fighter
  • Neutral B: Trick Shot
  • Side B: Clay Shooting
  • Up B: Duck Jump
  • Down B: Wild Gunman
  • Smash Striker: Super Scope
  • Final Smash: NES Zapper Posse
250px-Mega Man SSB4
Mega Man
SSB Mega Man Symbol
Mega Man
Downloaded Weapons
  • Neutral B: Shadow Blade
  • Side B: Crash Bomber
  • Up B: Tornado Hold
  • Down B: Leaf Shield
  • Smash Striker: Astro Crush
  • Final Smash: Mega Man Legends
SSB Pac-Man Symbol
Namco's Games
  • Neutral B: Super Fruit
  • Side B: Pac-Dots
  • Up B: Pac-Jump
  • Down B: Fire Hydrant
  • Smash Striker: Ghosts
  • Final Smash: Super Pac-Man
Mii Brawler SSB4
Mii Brawler
SSB Find Mii Symbol
Full Customization
  • Neutral B: Shot Put
  • Side B: Onslaught
  • Up B: Piston Punches
  • Down B: Head-on Assault
  • Smash Striker: Brawler's Fury
  • Final Smash: Omega Blitz
250px-Mii Swordfighter SSB4
Mii Swordfighter
SSB Find Mii Symbol
Full Customization
  • Neutral B: Shuriken of Light
  • Side B: Chakram
  • Up B: Stone Scabbard
  • Down B: Power Thrust
  • Smash Striker: Swordsman's Focus
  • Final Smash: Final Edge
Mii Gunner SSB4
Mii Gunner
SSB Find Mii Symbol
Full Customization
  • Neutral B: Charge Shot
  • Side B: Flame Pillar
  • Up B: Lunar Launch
  • Down B: Echo Reflector
  • Smash Striker: Suppressor Turret
  • Final Smash: Triple Laser
SSB Fire Emblem Symbol
Fire Emblem
Dragon Form
  • Neutral B: Dragon Fang Shot
  • Side B: Dragon Lunge
  • Up B: Draconic Ascent
  • Down B: Counter Surge
  • Smash Striker: ???
  • Final Smash: Torrential Roar
SSB Street Fighter Series
Street Fighter
Classic Inputs
  • Neutral B: Hadouken
  • Side B: Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
  • Up B: Shoryuken
  • Down B: Focus Attack
  • Smash Striker: Shinku Hadouken
  • Final Smash: Shin Shoryuken

New Gen

Fighter Series Trait Special Moves
SSB Super Mario Symbol
Super Mario Bros.
King K. Rool Switch
King K. Rool
SSB Donkey Kong Symbol
Donkey Kong Country
SSB Metroid Symbol
"Reverse Little Mac"
  • Neutral B: Plasma Vomit
  • Smash B: Raiding Dash
  • Up B: Ridley Swoop
  • Down B: Slamdown
  • Smash Striker: Meta Ridley
  • Final Smash: Pirate Armada
Pokemon symbol
Long Reach
  • Neutral B: Spirit Shackle
  • Smash B: Leaf Blade
  • Up B: U-turn
  • Down B: Sucker Punch
  • Smash Striker: Shadow-wing Arts
  • Final Smash: Sinister Arrow Raid
SSB Super Smash Bros. Symbol
The Subspace Emissary
  • Neutral B: Scope Shooter
  • Smash B: Boomerang Toss
  • Up B: Sword Slasher
  • Down B: Metal Crash
  • Smash Striker: Fiery Primid
  • Final Smash: Big Primid
SSBSwitch Reggie
SSB Super Smash Bros. Symbol
Super Smash Bros.
  • Neutral B: Twin Zappers
  • Smash B: Power Glove Upperdash
  • Up B: Wii Balance Board
  • Down B: Virtual Boy Headset
  • Smash Striker: ???
  • Final Smash: Nintendo NEXT
Gill 20XX
Gill Grunt
Water Meter
  • Neutral B: Neptune Gun
  • Smash B: Leviathan Rider
  • Up B: Water Jetpack
  • Down B: Anchor Management
  • Smash Striker: Supercharged
  • Final Smash: Pirate Crew




Series Music
Mario Symbol
SSB Yoshi Series
SSB Donkey Kong Series
SSB Kirby Series
Pokemon symbol
SSB Mega Man Series


Hoarder's Dash


Stage Info
Snowman's Land
Mushroom Kingdom U (4)
Delfino Plaza (Brawl)
Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)
Polterpup Scarescraper
Fungi Forest
75m (Brawl)
Stone Tower Temple
Gerudo Valley (3DS)
Ridley's Lair
Brinstar Depths (Melee)
Gym Leader Castle
Embedded Tower
Casino Night Zone
Green Hill Zone (Brawl)
Shadow Moses Island
Manic Mines



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