SSB2015 is the first actual good Smash Bros game ACG made in 2015.


SSB2015 is quite similar to SSB4, but is a bit different, as you can switch the camera angle around to give it a more free screen play, much like Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. The damage bars are now removed, and the character will start having smoke come out of there heads and become much slower and weaker.

New Modes

Golden Road

The player can only choose one of the original 12, then face the other 11, until facing a randomly selected newcomer. However, depending on which series the character is from, may determine which newcomer they will face. For example, Mario or Luigi would face a character from the Sonic series, the two being the most recongizable of Sega and Nintendo, respectively. Another would be Samus facing a character from the Megaman series, with Samus looking much like a high tech robot and the Megaman representives being Robots.

Lake of Battle

Starting off in a pool, the player must battle 8 opponents. Then the player will arrive in a Stream, where they must battle 7. While going into bigger and bigger water spaces, after the 7th space, the player will have to face one final character, which will not be a playable character, rather a boss. This will take place in a ocean like stage. In this mode, as the player fight underwater, they float and are a bit slower, though is not as slow as in other water levels in games.


Character Moveset FS
200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

B: Fireball

Side B: Super Cape

Up B: Winged Cap

Down B: Tailspin

Coin Mario
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

B: Tears

Side B: Rage

Up B: Perry

Down B: Vibe Sector

Mega Strike
150px-Luigi Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World

B: Thunderhand

Side B: Green Missile

Up B: Poltergust

Down B: Polterpup

Luiginary Giant
Ultimate smashers characters bowser by starmasterjohn-d5o6lrx

B: Firebreath

Side B: Shell Spin

Up B: ParaBowser

Down B: Bowser Bomb

Dark Bowser
316px-HW Link

B: Hero's Bow

Side B: Fire Rod

Up B: Spin Attack

Down B: Deku Nut

Fierce Deity
334px-HW Princess Zelda

B: Nayru's Love

Side B: Din's Fire

Up B: Fayore's Wind

Down B: Phantom Slash

Light Arrow
370px-HW Ganondorf - Standard Armor

B: Warlock Punch

Side B: Flame Choke

Up B: Warlock Dive

Down B: Warlock Kick

Beast Ganon
Toon Link the awesome

B: Hookshot

Side B: Boomerang

Up B: Pegasus Boots

Down B: Bomb

Four Swords


B: Inhale

Side B: Cutter

Up B: Sword Blaze

Down B: Stone

Ultra Sword
King Dedede 7

King Dedede

B: Hammer Flip

Side B: Gordo

Up B: Dedede Jump

Down B: DDD Rush

DDD Burst

Meta Knight

B: Sword Beam

Side B: Drill Rush

Up B: Mach Tornado

Down B: Galaxia Cape

Galaxia Slash
Newcomer Moveset FS


B- Ice Ball

Side B- Penguin

Up B- Propeller

Down B- Star Spin


Waddle Dee

B- Parasol Dee

Side B- Spear Throw

Up B- Spear Copter

Down B- Megaton Fist

Waddle Doo


B- Tackle

Side B- Hyper Beam

Up B- Body Slam

Down B- Snack Time

Giga Impact
Mega Man Elec Man Art

B- Thunder Beam

Side B- Thunder Claw

Up B- Shock Upper

Down B- Electric Spark

Zap Wool

Banjo and Kazooie

B- Front Roll

Side B- Eggshooter

Up B- Kazooie Jump

Down B- Egg Bomb

Magic Morph
Rayman rayman origins by hatenaman1999-d73leog


B- Super Punch

Side B- Purple Lum

Up B- Haircopter

Down B- Lockjaw

Rabbid Army



B- Nychus Toxin

Side B- Flame Spit

Up B- Quicken Jump

Down B- Venom Spray


B- Pickaxe

Side B- Dig

Up B- Grapple

Down B- Dinosaur

Giga Spinax

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