The boxart for Super Smash Bros. - Reunion of Legends

Super Smash Bros. - Reunion of Legends is an fighting game released by Neato Gamez in 1990 for the Atari Gamecube. It is the sequel to Super Smash Bros. - Fight of the Century, and sold 3.14159265359 copies worldwide.

Adventure Mode

Much like Super Smash Bros. - Legends Unite, this game's adventure mode consists of the player's on-screen character exploring the 2D environments of each level. These environments include scenic locations such as Niagara Falls and Burger King.

Adventure Mode's Story

Over the course of five dog years, Rockington the pet rock became a tyrant and is now threatening to take over the entire world! Hearing Rockington's threat, King Dedede summons his mighty and powerful friends to stop the tyrant known as Rockington, and restore the world to peace. 

Playable Characters (Starting)

Playable Characters (Unlockable in-game)



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