Super Smash Bros. is a TV show made by Glaceon Productions and a new episode airs every Sunday at 8:30 on Cartoon Network.

Season 1 will feature 9 episodes and Season 2 & 3 will feature 19 episodes, and Season 4 - Season 7 will feature 23 episodes.


By the end of season 3 there will be 47 episodes already complete, in total were planning to have 2 Movies

Season 1

S1 Episode 1 - Starting with a Blast!

After retiring from fighting, Smash Master Solid Snake is called upon to finish fighting a Master Devil, 10 years later, Mario is a newcomer to fighting, and has his first battle - agenst his brother, Luigi, who is also a newcomer, after Mario wins, but then the stadium breaks in 2 and Bowser appears and traps Luigi in a solid Trophy!

Mario then realizes that he has to go after Bowser and save Luigi, meanwhile, in the jungle, Donkey Kong fights Diddy Kong for fun, and then again, Bowser turns Donkey Kong into a solid Trophy and Diddy Kong has to save him! - Runtime: 19 Minutes 31 Seconds - Production Code: A10001 - Airdate: 4 January 2015 TV DESCRIPTION: Mario has his first smash battle. Meanwhile Bowser captures Luigi and Donkey Kong!

S1 Episode 2 - All Aboard the Halberd!

After capturing Kirby, Meta Knight brings him onto the Halberd and takes off, and then Meta Knight turns Kirby into a Solid Trophy, meanwhile, Mario is travelling through a mountain area looking for Luigi, when Pit comes down and grab's Mario and drops him into the Halberd, when Meta Knight approaches him and challenges him to a battle - he accepts and Mario fights Meta Knight!

After Mario wins, he unfreezes Kirby and turns Meta Knight into a solid Trophy! Kirby teams up with Mario and they fly the Halberd to the Skyworld. - Runtime: 20 Minutes 45 seconds - Production Code: A10002 - Airdate: 11 January 2015 TV DESCRIPTION: After Meta Knight captures Kirby, Mario gets dropped onto the Halberd and has to fight Meta Knight!

S1 Episode 3 - Starting a Team!

Mario flys the Halberd to Skyworld and him and Kirby, leave and explore Skyworld, after awhile Pit appears challenging them - mainly Kirby to a Smash battle, Kirby accepts and wins the fight, after this, Pit joins their team!

Meanwhile, Diddy Kong is exploring the Jungle looking for Donkey Kong, after finding a temple, Diddy Kong explores the temple to find the Trophy of Donkey Kong and trys to make Donkey Kong come out, when Bowser appears and turns Diddy Kong into a solid Trophy! Mario, Kirby and Pit journey through Skyworld to find Palutena - until Dark Pit appears and turns Palutena into a solid Trophy, Mario, Kirby and Pit flee onto the Halberd and flying off. - Runtime: 20 Minutes 51 seconds - Production Code: A10003 - Airdate: 18 January 2015 - TV DESCRIPTION: Mario and Kirby travel to Skyworld! Pit joins the team and Diddy Kong and Palutena become a solid Trophy!!

S1 Episode 4 - Welcome to the Jungle!

Mario, Pit and Kirby are flying the Halberd off, when a unexpected crash lands the group in DK Jungle, where they find the temple that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are frozen in, Bowser then appears and trys to freeze Mario, but he accidently hits Wario, adding him to his Trophy Collection!

At the same time, Pit reconnects his Trophy gun and sets it to "Unfreeze Mode" he shoots at Donkey Kong to suck him up and add him into his collection, but instead, it unfreezes him!

Donkey Kong fights Bowser, but Bowser escapes and steals Diddy Kong! Donkey Kong joins the team and they continue exploring DK Jungle to try and fix the Halberd! - Runtime: 19 Minutes 58 seconds - Production Code: A10004 - Airdate: 25 January 2015

S1 Episode 5 - Tales of Challenges

Mario, Donkey Kong, Pit and Kirby are travelling through DK Jungle when a weird portal appears, sucking Mario into it:

S1E5 Part 1 - If only i was a trophy, the other would be safe: After getting sucked into the portal, Mario is in a different dimension, right after the battle with Luigi, Bowser appears again - but instead of freezing Luigi, he chooses Mario and he becomes a trophy, Mario, in the land of Trophy's, explores and find's Diddy Kong, Palutena, Meta Knight and Pikachu in the land, after awhile of exploring, he meets Master Hand, who he faces off agenst, and wins, after that, he see's a light above him and he jumps up into it

After that, Mario finally escapes the portal - but then it drags Kirby in to it:

S1E5 Part 2 - No More Puffball, Only Pro Smash Fighter!: Kirby starts in a battle agenst the 3 pro master's of smash - Solid Snake, Greninga and Lucina, he has to fight all three of them at the same time, he wins, somehow, and he becomes to #1 smash master, he becomes famous, but after while, someone else meet's his level - smash devil, Tabuu - Kirby flees from fighting him and escapes the portal, and saves himself.

After that, the portal dissapears and the group continues their journey - Runtime: 21 minutes 23 seconds - Production Code: A10005 - Airdate: 1 February 2015 - TV DESCRIPTION: After a portal appears, Mario and kirby get sucked in! Starting 2 storys - one about a certain pro and one about a trophy?!

S1 Episode 6 - Jungle Journey

As the group continues to explore DK Jungle, Mario comes across Luigi's Trophy, Kirby relizes he left a Trophy Gun in the Halberd, so he goes back and get's it, after Kirby Returns, they unfreeze Luigi, Kirby goes back to the Halberd to put it back - but dosen't return?

Meanwhile, Bowser returns to a Cosmic Flying Base, where he is seen putting the trophy's in there place, then it skips back to when Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Pit and looking for Kirby, Dr. Eggman appears in a hover-skateboard and turns Mario into a solid Trophy and steals him!

Luigi chase after Bowser to be stopped by a giant lake in the way, the group returns to the Halberd, and fix it with Luigi's help, then the group sets off! - Runtime: 20 Minutes 26 seconds - Production Code: A10006 - Airdate: 8 February 2015 - TV DESCRIPTION: Mario Unfreezes Luigi - Dr. Eggman Freezes Mario? Oh No! The New Group Explore the Jungle!

S1 Episode 7 - Return to Skyworld!

As the new group sets off from DK Jungle, Luigi see's a weird signal coming from Skyworld, so the group returns there, as they enter, Dark Pit appears, Pit runs in to the Halberd, only to find out Dark Pit stole it! Dark Pit freezes the hole group and takes off!

Meanwhile, somewhere off in the World of Smash, someone is training, who is revealed to be Little Mac, who is getting ready to go face off agenst his rival - Sonic the Hedghog, who is also training to fight Little Mac, when Little Mac comes to fight - Dr.Eggman Appears - and turns Sonic into a solid trophy!

As everyone is suffering being turned into Trophy's - there is another team - planning to fight the people who turn people in trophy's - The Black Battler's - Runtime: 19 Minutes 2 seconds - Production Code: A10007 - Airdate: 15 February 2015 - TV DESCRIPTION: As many people get frozen - alot of new characters are introduced?!?!

S1 Episode 8 - Tales of Challenges II

Little Mac is travelling through a mysterious cavern when suddenly, 2 new challengers appear! It's Lucas & Ness! Suddenly, A Green Portal Appears, and sucks Little Mac into it

Big Mac, Small Smash: In a different dimension..there is a Big Mac..and instead of big smashes..small smashes..Big Mac has to face off against his greatest oppenent - Sonic the Hedgehog!

Then, it sucks Little Mac out like before, and sucks Ness in!

Earthbound: Ness..the weakest smasher has to face off against something big..even bigger than Master Hand...Tabuu

After that, the group continues on travelling! - Runtime: 18 Minutes 13 seconds - Production Code A10008 - Airdate: 22 February 2015 - TV DESCRIPTION: 2 Storys, 2 New Members, 2 Hole New Groups of Enjoyment!

S1 Episode 9 - The Land of the Pokemon!

The Land of the Pokemon: A Mysterious land where no human has ever set foot! Until now...

More info Comming Soon!

S1 Episode BONUS - New Year Party!

Mario kills Luigi, and everyone goes crazy, so what's the catch? PARTY!!

Runtime: 23 Minutes - Production Code 000001 - Airdate: January 1, 2015 - TV DESCRIPTION: It's New Years day! So Mario Kills Luigi? Everyone Goes Crazy? There's only 1 thing to do - PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Season 2

S2 Episode 1 - Trophy Land

S2 Episode 2 - Finding Mario

S2 Episode 3 - Pro Smash Battler: Solid Snake!

S2 Episode 4 - Tales of Challenges III

S2 Episode 5 - Portal of Interest

S2 Episode 6 - Trophy Land II

S2 Episode 7 - Mushroom Kingdom Smash!

S2 Episode 8 - The Smash Bros: The Battle of Five Games

S2 Episode 9 - Captain Toad: Trophy Tracker!

S2 Episode 10 - Then There Was 3

S2 Episode 11 - Pac of the Maze

S2 Episode 12 - Battle Hero 6

S2 Episode 13 - Fight Game Light!

S2 Episode 14 - How to Smash Part 1

S2 Episode 15 - How to Smash Part 2

S2 Episode 16 - How To Smash Part 3

S2 Episode 17 - Light of Smash Blue

S2 Episode 18 - Smash Into Space!

S2 Episode 19 - Gamerly Hills!

Season 3

S3 Episode 1 - Smash of the Ring

S3 Episode 2 - Pac Maze Z

S3 Episode 3 - Light of Smash Red

S3 Episode 4 - 44 Keys

S3 Episode 5 - 55 Challengers!

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