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 Coming for Nintendo Advance.


Super Smash Bros. (SGY Project) have the same formula from the pasts games, the pace of the battles is stated between Melee and Brawl like in SSB4.

The moveset, visuals and of some veterans were changed with a completely new moves (such as Luigi). The game shows the new nintendo's engine "Super Nintendo", the game ofters the most beautiful graphics on Super Smash Bros series. Some stages has rain and mud effect, that applies to the character, leaving wet or dirty. 


Similar to SSB4, players can customize fighter's special attack. Now with 5 variations of each, some characters have custom specials attacks that aren't variants of the original attacks, like in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS,  Players can equip items to fighters to increase attack, speed and shield. A new function in customization is the special gloves and shoes, with these items players can use news atributes to fighter (Glide,Fly,Dig).

10-Player Smash

A new game mode similar to 8-players is also avaible, most stages are restricted to 8-players and even more with 10 players.

Smash's Fusion World

The Article: Smash's Fusion World
280px-World 1 - Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World's Map

This Mode serve much like as a Melee's adventure mode, in a similar vein to Super Mario 3D World Map, The Fusion World is a clash between franchises, Mushroom Kingdom between Hyrule, get ready for fusion with enemies, bosses and stages. You can use the Fusion Stone to do fusion moves (Falcon Punch + Sonic Boost) you can do a Falcon Punch releasing a Sonic Boost. Somes bosses has a Fusion Stone, get ready for really scary monsters like Ogredley (Ridley + True Ogre). 

Fusion attack

A example of a Fusion Attack:Falcon Punch + Sonic Boost = Falcon Boost Punch.

Mii's Journey

You will start in Smash Academy with your Mii, you will need to equip Mii for the matches, you will compete on Smash Academy's Courses, after this you will be free to walk in Smash City, challenge other Players to win more custom moves and costumes for Mii. The Smash City has 3 modes with a bunch of challenges.

Mii's Journey Modes

  • Tourney
    • You need to beat another players academy to earn points and go to the World Ranking.
  • My Academy
    • You can customize your academy with items and trophys,others players can join in your academy.
  • Shop
    • Here you can buy costumes for Mii Fighters and Custom moves. But first you need to beat severals challenges.   

Tower of Challenges


Super Mario Tower.

Tower of Challenges is a new mode for 2-players. The players they go through various challenges like Normal Battle, Special Battle, Team Battle, Boss Battle, Home-Run Contest, Multi-Man Smash, Target Blast, Horde and Break the Targets. Passing each tower, you will have to defeat the boss of the tower betting everything earned during challenges, you can choose a franchise tower or a mix tower, in Franchise Tower you will beat challenges of a franchise and the boss (example:Super Mario Tower will have challegens basead on Super Mario series). In Mix Tower you will beat challenges and bosses from various franchises.

Confirmed Franchise Tower

  • Super Smash Bros. Tower
  • Super Mario Tower
  • Donkey Kong Tower
  • The Legend of Zelda Tower
  •  Metroid Tower 
  • F-Zero Tower

Types of Challenges

Color Challenge
BossSGY Purple Challenges means Boss Battles, the final challenge of a tower.
NormalSGY The players must defeat a regular character.
SpecialSGY Players must defeat a character with special effects like Metal Battles, Giant and Vanish characters, Mini Characters with FIRE!
JackpotSGY A normal battle with a jackpot from the character franchise.


There two Team Battles, battles when the players must defeat a certain numbers of a characters and battles like 2 vs 2.
TargetHomeSGY The players need to play some bonus game to win prizes.
ChaseSGY The players need to beat a horde of enemies of differents franchises.
HordeSGY The players need to get a enemie with a prize, you need to chase the enemie in a long race!!

Types of prizes

Prize Description

Mario BagSGYZeldaBagSGYKirby BagSGYSonic BagSGY

Colorful Bags

Means prizes based on a franchise.(Red Bag:Super Mario's Rewards)


Gold Bag

Means update on character stats, coins and increases the double of yours prizes.


Bowser's Icon

Means Boss Rewards, If you beat the boss, you will still with all yours rewards and will win a Boss Trophy.

Chase Mode

You need to chase a enemie to collect a new item like Custom moves, Trophy, Masterpieces and Music, but you have a certain time to chase him.


Enemie Stage


Running Man

The Legend of Zelda

350px-South Hyrule Field

Hyrule Field

The Legend of Zelda

Nabbit, New Super Mario Bros. U


Super Mario

MS Rio2016 OlympicStadium

Olympic Stadium

Mario & Sonic




Pumping grand

Pumpkin Grand



Doc Louis

Punch Out!!


The Street

Punch Out!!



Super Mario


Ice Slide

Super Mario


Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog


Final Rush

Sonic the Hedgehog


Pico & Wild Goose


FZeroGrandPrix copy

F-Zero Grand Prix





Diagonal Valley Rally

Diagonal Valley Rally


Brawl Sticker Snowman (1080 Avalanche)


1080° Avalanche

Frosty Shadows

Frosty Shadows

1080° Avalanche

My Nintendo

You can buy some exclusives items like: custom moves, custom parts for the Custom Stage mode, costumes and even a new stage based on Miitomo.

Items Coins


Mario's Custom Down Special-Statue Mario

SilvercoinSGYPlatinum Points-80


Candy Drop

Platinum Miitomo coinsPlatinum Miitomo Points-150



The game features some alternate costumes called "Alternate Character" or "Variation",this alternates characters are in fact clones,but with some differences in gameplay.






Assist Trophies

Animal Crate

AR Cards

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