This is a page for Super Smash Bros. (SES) trailers.

First Trailer

(the smash logo is shown followed by Mario, Link, Kirby and Maxwell fighting on battlefield)

Mario: Wahoo! (punches Link)

Link: Hiya! (kicks Mario)

Mario: (dodges)

Link: (knocks Mario to the floor with his sword followed by Kirby eating him. A bomb falls on Kirby)

Maxwell scribbles it down!

(the scene cuts to Bowser and Palutena fighting in Mario Maker. Then Sonic and Pikachu on Tomadachi Life and Lucario and Villager in Main Street)

Lucario: The aura is with me! (Villager catches him in a net)

???: Ah ha ha!

Waluigi ain't cheating!

Waluigi: (hits Villager with a tennis racket. Mario, Pac-Man and Maxwell dart down only to be knocked out by Waluigi) Waluigi time!

???: King Bob!

Super Mario

The Legend Of Zelda




Animal Crossing



Super Smash Bros. for SES!

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