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When playing as Bob in Super Smash Bros. (SES), you can taunt when the match begins to recieve a message from Gru. This only works if two are fighting and is similar to Snakes' Codec and Palutena's Guidance.


Gru: Now Bob, I know you're are worried about the match but you can do it, I'm routing for you! Now, that strange looking guy with a stupid moustache is Mario.

Bob: Mario?

Mario: It's a me!

Gru: Shut up, I'm having a pep talk with Bob through my latest invention!

Mario: Ooh, I want one! If you are-a not ready, I'll be eating 1-Ups over there.

Gru: Okay, go out there and kick some italian butt!


Gru: This fellow is Luigi. The thing yo have to know about him is that he is a scared, stupid, coward.

Luigi: I am not!

Gru: *sigh* I am looking this info up on Wikia, dude. Anyway Bob, do better than Norbert and win the day!

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