This is a fanfic made by me, LOLOMG. Please do not edit this, except if it is a grammatical error.


Everybody is lving peacfully in their own demensions, when a strange fgure rips them all apart. Everybody is going to everbody elses univeres. This causes mass chaos.


Captain Falcons story

Enjoying an F-Zero race, he is stunned to see a big gap open up in the air. Using his Flacon Dive to jump out of his car, he jumps onto a floatign black thing to see whats a matter. A dark prescence fills the place, as the sky goes dark. A strange green giant turtle is then seen falling out of the void, as it dissapears, and the sky goes blue again. The monster roars, and it sends a fire bolt at captain falcon, who almost falls off of the platform. Bowsers roar then gets louder, and a battle is eniciated.

Battle 1



Captain Falcon

Stage: Big Blue and Mute City

Captain Flacon jumps over to the monster and uses Raptor Boost to send Bowser flying off of a car. Being carried away by the road, Bowser jumps back to the stage ontop of a floating platform. Captain Falcon then sees strange balls appear from midair. Bowser suprises Captain Falcon by using his Bowser bomber on him. Sending him flying onto another cart, the cart that Bowser was on is then destroyed as the person inside is sent flinging to the side with blood all over his face. Captain Falcon thinks that the ball serves no purpose, and throws it at Bowser- only tohave it release a strange creature that looked liek a star. flyign up to Bowser, it released rays from its middle, which made Bowser angry. Using his koopa klaw, he sends Captain falcon out of the stage. Being done for, Bowser laughs. However, Captain Falcon isnt dead- he is then revived by a floatign platform. Using his Falcon Kick, he sends Bowser out of the road, and sent out of the arena. Captain Falcon then sees that Bowser lands in Mute City. Bowser might hurt the civilians, or even kill them! Captain Falcon then jumped to where Bowser went, landing on a strange floatign platform. Bowser then picks up hammer and hits Captain Flacon, sending him up into the air. He then comes back, and sees a strange crate sppear from nowhere. Picking it up, he sees its to haevy, and throws it at Bowser. Being sent off the platform, Bowser uses his jumps to come back. Using his third jump, Captain Flacon is sent with bruises and cuts all over him to the other side of the stage. Captain Falcon then sees the strange ball again. Picking it up and throwing it at Bowser, a strange plat creature appeared from it, and strated wiggling, with rocks and stuff goign everywhere. Bowser is sent flyign every time he hits the ground. Captain Falcon, finding out he is not affectd by this. Jumps over and uses his Falcon Punch to end the match.


Using his Flacon Punch, Bowser si then sent off of the city, and sent flying far away. Going back up t othe track to check on his car, he sees another black void. The place goes dark, and Captain Falcon charges up his Falcon punch for anybody who comes out. Nobody comes out. captain Falcon inspects the void closer, but is sucked in by a strange force. The void dissapears once Captain Falcon goes in.

Being shot out at top speed, Captain Falcon lands on what appears to be a giant castle. waking up, Captain Falcon looks around and is amazed. He sees little turtles (Which look oddly similar to the other giant one he saw before...), little mushroom people, little round brown monsters, and even a squid with dotted eyes, jumping out of a nearbye lake. Captain Falcon then notices that he is on top of a giant castle. Eeep! Captain Falcon wonders how to get down, and then sees a strange red Plumber get shot up there, prosumebly by a cannon. the strange plumber (Mario) strangely looks at Captain Falcon, who is doing the same to Mario. "I have no time for this!" Says Mario with a worried look, as he jumps away. Captain Falcon then hears another shot, as another plumber who wears green (Luigi) is shot up. "But I do." says Luigi.

Battle two

Captain Falcon


Luigi Stage: Princess Peach's Castle and Inside the castle.

Captain Falcon, puzzled as to whats going on, using his Falcon Punch to start the battle, hoping Luigi is as stupid as the Giant turtle. He isnt. Luigi stays there, seeming to be powering up something. Captain Falcon runs to Luigi, who then unleashes his green missle, sending CF to fall of the castle and die. Coming back, CF gets his game, and uses his falcon Kick when mid air to damage Luigi. Gettign back up, Luigi blasts a green fireball. Captain falcon gasps, but before he can think how this is possible, he is hit by it. The green plumber then sends a smorgusboard of this "Fire" at CF. Captain Falcon then jumps onto a nearbye platform, and picks up a home run bat. He then jumps over to Luigi, and hits Luigi so hard that blood is sent everywhere, and the whole half of the castle is covered in blood, and veins. Luigi of course dies, and comes back on the platform thing, only to slip on the blood and crack his buttocks, rendering him useless. CF then charges up his Falcon punch, and hits Luigi so hard he is sent flying. Luigi then comes back, and uses his super jump punch to send CF flying with fire all around him. Hanging onto the edge, CF quickly jumps back up and hits Luigi, and he smashes back onto the wall of the castle. Luigi jumps back up, uses the Luigi cyclone, and hits CF right in the head to knock him out. Luigi then picks up CF, and throws him off the castle, so he dies. Coming back, CF strangely picks up the pad he was standing on and throws it at Luigi, making him fly out of the arena- or not. Luigi then super jump punches back to the platform- yet CF was charging up his Falcon Punch, and as Luigi gets up- he is then sent out of the arena. Luigi then sees a bob-bomb appears. Picking it up, he aims it at Cf and quickly throws it at him, creatign a hole in the castle, and CF is then sent flying into the castle. Luigi jumps in, and CF then Falcon kicks Luigi over to toad, who Luigi picks up by the mushroom head and throws him at CF, who quickly catches it. Throwing it back at Luigi, Luigi then has a strange red circle go around him, blocking the Toad from hitting him. Toad then scurries into a idfferent room as Luigi throws fireballs, and CF doges them. The fireballs then hits a door, which catches on fire. CF dodges the flames, and picks up and quickly throws Luigi into the fire. CF then runs out. He can then see Luigi smash a way out, covered in flames, and drop into the water.


CF quickly runs away,dodging the strange brown creautres and the turtles. CF then desides to see the ruins of the castle. Peeking back, he sees the strange red plumber crying as an ambulance wheels the green one in. CF hears from the shouts that the red one is Mario and the green one is Luigi. Witness Mushroom people draw sketches of what the fiend (Captain Falcon) looked like. CF then slumps behind a wall so no one sees him, and sighs. "Where in the world am I?!?" He said. Before he could get up to walk away, he hears a strange rumbling and the ground cracks. He hears screaming, and peeks over to see whats happening. The area around and in the mushroom castle was being fallen apart. A strange black flash appeared as all of the water was drained. Cracks now sounded like rushing water, as a strange purple liquid flowed out of the cracks in the ground. Mushrooms were running away, as CF hid from being seen. The ambulace drove away, but the back door slid open and Luigi flew out, rolling down a hill. CF thought it wasnt safe to just hide, but before he could run, he felt something sticky and wet feeling touch him. It grew dark, and broke out of an egg facing a strange dinasaur. This dinasaur then tried to lick up CF again, but he quickly got out of the way. Battle time!

Battle three

Captain Falcon



Stage: Behind a strange wall

Starting off the match, Yoshi used his egg roll to roll at CF to hurt him. Jumping away, CF then notices a strange switch. Stepping on it, the wall falls down, and Yoshi is flattened. Jumping out of the wall on the ground, he uses his Egg Throw to hurt CF. Using his up B attack, CF clings onto Yoshi for 2 times, before missing the green dinausaur. The ground shakes, as CF looks behind him to see the remains of the castle falling down a huge hole. All is not well, as the castle is then spat out bit by bit in strange wood shards. CF trys his best to dodge them, but is het by a few, as Yoshi on the other hand, uses a strange circle aroud him to dodge them. Picking up one of these wooden shards, he throws one at the circle to damage it and Yoshi is sent flying, confused and unable to move. CF usesh is Falcon punch to kill yoshi. He comes back, and the cracks spread purple fuel, and in the background, a geyser of this purple fuel is seen spurting out. CF and Yoshi are soaked in this, thinking that nothign has happened, and start fightign again. Appearing is a strange rod with a star on the top. Yoshi picks it up, and uses it to throw stars at CF. Once all the stars are up, Yoshi chucks it at CF, who is sent off screen, and dies. Coming back, he uses Flacon Kick to hurt Yoshi, who quickly Gobbles CF afterwards, and psits him at high speeds to the other end of the stage. Running back, CF uses up+B to send Yoshi flying, but not enough to kill him. The strange purple liquid that they were doused in now has taken effect- they are now faster. waiting for more effects, CF picks up Yoshi and throws him off screen. Coming back, a Hammer appeares. CF picks it up and smashes Yoshi, so that he is sent flying. However, going back down t oearth, the strange circle appears again, and Yoshi is immune to its attacks. Once its over, the "Shield" dissapears. Both of them are then instantly KO'd by an unkown force. Coming back, both of them watch in terror as the place around the hole the castle went into bursts into flames. CF, not wanting to die, runs like crazy, leaving Yoshi to burn into a crisp- die.


CF runs to a strange golf course, as he sees Toads running away in fear. CF falls down to the ground, wonderign what has happened. The damage has caused him to loose feeling in his right arm. He screams into the wind. He gets back up, and continues running.

Changing Stories

We will go back to CF earlier, he is now just running throough some fields, stomping goombad and turtles...

Lets see Yoshi's side of the story...

Yoshi's Story (No pun intented)

Yoshi wakes up from a long nap after eating dozens of Fruit. He licks his fingers clean, and gets up from his leafy bed. He jumps out of the window, and goes to see the other Yoshi's at Yoshi square. Somethign seems to be ammis...

And something is. Bowser is running off with Fruit Tree! He must of stole it while the other Yoshi's were away eating Fruit. The Yoshi's run after him, as a stampede. Of course, Bowser burns them all to a crisp. Yoshi sees as his friends get badly injured...

Yoshi then blurts out: "YOSHI!"

Battle one




Arena: Yoshi's Island

Bowser puts down the Fruit tree, and Koopa Klws to Yoshi, which sends him flying, straight into a tree. Bowser starts to use his Flame Breath, but Yoshi quikly shields to block it.

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