Super Smash Bros.
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Director Mike Disa
Producer(s) Travis Knight
Studio(s) Warner Bros.
Writer(s) Withersoul 235
Based on Super Smash Bros. (series)
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Type GCI animated
Genre(s) Action, animation, comedy, drama
Official voice actors of all fighters

(see page for new characters)

Original Language English
Budget $72 million
Box Office $192,497,200
Runtime 90 min.
Series Super Smash Bros.
Prequel(s) N/A
Sequel(s) Unknown; possible sequel planned

Super Smash Bros. is a 2016 3D GCI animated adventure-comedy-drama movie based on the popular Super Smash Bros. franchise. It was directed by Mike Disa and produced by Travis Knight, and was released on December 17, 2016. It was met with mixed to average reviews from critics, mostly positive reviews from fans of the series and was a modest box office success, grossing $192 million worldwide.

Short StoryEdit

In an unnamed world, an organization named Service TV is created. They invite various characters from various universes (mostly from Nintendo series, plus four from third-parties) over to them for a party (although no one knows why, they all show up). Then, however, all invetees are captured and forced into a series of battles of various kinds, which is apparently broadcasted on TV. There are several battles; a Smash Battle, in which "combatants" must be knocked out of the arena, a Hunger Games-like battle called "Stamina Smash" (the difference being no one can die because of special force fields) and others, all of which are enchanced by traps, enemies, monsters and items that are released into the arenas.

After three games, the "combatants" or "fighters" try to escape, but that doesn't look too easy. But the company appears to have more sinister plans on their agenda as well...   

Full SummaryEdit



  • This is Nintendo's first movie, and possibly their first entrance in a supposed "Nintendo Cinematic Universe".