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Super Smash Bros.Custom
Developer(s) Tsunami Games
Publisher(s) KGAMES
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Custom

Nintendo DS

NES (8-bit convention mode)

Genre(s) All-Out Fighting game
Release Date(s)
Upcoming,Winter 2014



8-bit convention

Age Rating(s)
Teen (ESRB, America), 12 (PEGI, Europe and UK), 12+ (USK, Germany), Mature (ACB, Austalia)
Media Included Computer Game

Super Smash Bros.Custom is an game in the Super Smash Bros. series.


When an all-new villian appears in Smasiverse,all the characters must team up to defeat it.

Template Rule



Super Mario

Playable characters: Mario,Bowser,Peach,Luigi,Bowser Junior

Enemies:Goomba(spike,para-),Koopa(dark,para-),Dry Bones(phantom,dark,dull),Pirahna Plants

Bosses:Bowser,Dry Bowser,Giant Bowser

The Legend Of Zelda

Playable characters: Link/Wolf Link,Zelda/Sheik,Ganondorf,Toon/Young Link

Enemies: ReDeads,TBA

Bosses: Bowser (final hit),Gandorf/Ganon,Kirby


Playable characters: Kirby,Meta Knight/Galatic Knight,King Dedede

Enemies: Whispy Woods (mini-boss),TBA

Bosses :Galatic Knight,King Dedede,insert custom boss here


Playable characters: Ash,Pikachu,Lucario,Pichu,Mewtwo,Jigglypuff

Enemies: Wild Pokémon

Boss: Mewtwo,VS Battle


Playable characters: Mr.Game & Watch,Snake,Random,Custom

Enemies: 2-D Movers,2-D Hammers,Random,Custom

Bosses: 2-D Octopus,Random,Custom


Playable characters: Sonic,Knuckles,Tails,Shadow

Enemies: Roboticized Mobians,Shadow (mini-boss)

Bosses: Dr.Robotnik Eggman,Death Egg


Along with the final smash,the characters have "super" abilities.

Character Attack Changeable?
Mario Mario Molten Rumble Yes
Link Slash Of Triforce No
Pikachu Eternal Bolt No
Sonic "Now I'll show you!" Super Transformation


Known Quotes

"Now I'll show you!" -Sonic
Super Smash Bros.Custom


You can now create your own characters and stages.The test stages and test characters are as follows:

Character Stage Description
Skylanders:Spyro Skylands See section Skylanders
CN:Eddy CN Cinema See section Cartoon Network

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