"Super Smash Bros.: Warfare," is a Wii U and Nintendo IC game and is the fifth installment to the Super Smash Bros. series. It is a very good game and is rated T for Teen.


After the previous events, all the heroes are resting when Mario hears someone calling his name from the castle's dining room. He goes down there, only to find R.O.B. the Robot! R.O.B. challenges him to a fight, and Mario accepts. After winning, R.O.B. wants to stay in the castle for awhile. Mario accepts, not knowing the evil that follows R.O.B....




Mario: The Nintendo Mascot, Mario has returned to stop all the evil in the game.

Peach: The Mushroom Princess, Peach has joined the brawl once again and helps the crew win!

Bowser Koopa: The King of Koopas is back! Wrecking havoc wherever he goes, he shall destroy the enemy!

Lakitu: A newcomer has appeared! Lakitu can ride his cloud and throw his Spinies at you!

Link: Link is back and ready to break some pots! Helping the group however he can, his Master Sword can slash through anything!

Zelda: The Princess of Hyrule, Zelda will stop at nothing to protect Link and the others!

80's Link: Link from the past! It's dangerous to go without him! Take him!

Wario: He's back and ready to release! Wario's gas can be heard from miles, even in another castle!

Yoshi: Yoshi, yoshi! Yoshi has returned to eat, gulp, and release!

Donkey Kong: The King of The Jungle, Donkey Kong will stop at nothing to get his bananas back!

Diddy Kong: Donkey Kong's little pal, Diddy Kong can shoot you down with his PP guns!

Funky Kong: Donkey Kong Island's Resident Rapper, Funky Kong puts the word, " Power" in Power-House!

Banjo and Kazooie: AHA! Banjo is a newcomer, and he's brought along Kazooie!

Mumbo Jumbo: Banjo's shaman pal, Mumbo Jumbo has powerful attacks! Or, as he says it, JUMBO!

Pit: Welcome to Heaven! Pit has a strong power no one else has: Immortal power!

Palutena: Skyworld's queen, she's Pit's mentor in the skill of Angel Training!

Pokemon Universe (8)

Darkrai joins the fight!

Kirby: Kirby is back, and has more Copy Abilities than ever!

Meta Knight: DreamLand's resident warrior, he has to team up with Kirby to stop the darkness that's rising!

Pikachu: PIKA! He's back and better than ever! Using Thunderbolt whenever he can!

Sinnoh Trainer: A Poke'mon Trainer that uses Piplup, Grotle, and Infernape, this guy replaces The Kanto Trainer.

Spyro: Spyro joins the fight! Like Lakitu, he can fly and breathe fire instead of Spiny shells. He's a great edition to the game!

Gill Grunt: Spyro's friend, he uses his water-like movements to SPLASH away his enemies.

R.O.B.: Created by Professer Hector, R.O.B. can use his lazers and quick movements to knock his opponets off the stage!

Ness: PK THUNDER! Ness is back and ready to fight, and he brought some little friends, too!

Lucas: Ness's best friend, Lucas tries his best to win, but sometimes ends up goofing up!

Mr. Game And Watch: Coming from his black and white world, Mr. GAW can show you the meaning of hurt!

Fox: Star Fox's main pilot, Fox can use his pistol for an extra boost of power, or even his Landmaster!

Slippy: Slippy has joined the fight and is slipping your way! He can build or destroy anything!

Samus Aran: Samus is back, and ready to hunt you down! Goombas and robots don't scare her!

Snake: It's showtime! Snake is back and ready for action. Don't forget Slippy, who randomly contacts him!

Sonic: The Blue Blur is back! Sonic is ready for some punches and some speed limits!

Unlockable Characters

Coming soon!