Super Smash Bros.: The Star of Sages was a 10-part anime movie based off the "The Puppeteer's Tale" story in Super Smash Bros.: Star Powered. It was released weekly in 2011-2012 on the "Wi-Fi" selection of the main game. It features all the voice actors of the characters in their game appearances and one of the few times Mario speaks full sentences and the only time Link speaks PERIOD.


Charles Martinet as Mario: One of the lead characters. Mario is friendly, sweet, and always willing to help those in need. However, he can be cocky at times, as well as having an uncontrollable appetite for spaghetti, pizza, and other Italian foods. He gets over this in "Part 6: The Item Problem", where he's forced to participate in a match with items disabled. He also shows signs of obsessive compulsive personality disorder, as he is always trying to get to a higher tier, but this is not as bad as Ganandorf's insatiable and out-of-control need for highest place in the tier list, however Mario gets over it in "Part 10: Fight for Survival", where he learns there's more to life than getting your way.

Akira Sasanuma as Link: As a man of few words, Link seems to be more calm, collected, and powerful than his commrades, who are all... well, lets just say "not right in the head". The few times he does talk (at least thrice an episode), it is usually light philosophical thoughts. Whenever Mario, Kirby, or Pikachu have an utter act of stupidity, Link somehow fixes any after problems. The longest line he's ever had was in "Part 4: Game On", where he explains to the others about a dream he had where he was in a game and he didn't talk at all (referencing his inability to talk in his home games). In a side-plot in "Part 6", Bowser and King Dedede turn him into a wolf, and this gets reversed during the climax of "Part 7: Pokemon Countdown", where a tribe of Pokemon find Link and mistake him for a new Pokemon type and he is forced to protect them from Mewtwo.

Ikue Otani as Pikachu: The youngest member and only girl of the team (it's a girl because of the rounder tail). As always, Pikachu can only speak his name or variations of her name (it's a girl because of the rounder tail), though mostly everyone seems to understand her "PokeTalk". Of all the main characters, Pikachu is the one most likely to screw up a plan, which is a major plot point in "Part 4", where she messes up a plan so hard she just decides to leave so he won't "pika pika pik pik Pikachu Pikachu" (subtites say "so she won't get in the way"), but this gets her trapped by Mewtwo and Ridely. Pikachu seems to be on good terms with Kirby and Yoshi, as they always seem to beg to be on the same team

Makikio Omoto as Kirby: A very, very, VERY talkitive one. Once he gets going, it's like he was made with no off switch. Kirby is gentle and somewhat of a pacifist, but this does not prevent something he has been known for a long time: his eating disorder. This obvious mental disorder comes from his inhale ability, referencing the inside joke within the community of Kirby being accused of insanity. Whenever tiers (which are an euphemism for high school popularity in this universe) are brought up, he mumbles to himself "tires....... don... exits.........", which I'm pretty sure every true Smash community member knows of. Of all of the main characters, he's the most trusting and friendly, leading him to walk straight into all sorts of pranks, mostly by his best friends, Pikachu and Yoshi.

Jun Mizusawa as the Puppeteer: The main antagonist. She is a demented, psychopathic, and somewhat cannibalistic monster. She is the one behind every event not only in the anime, but also the entire Nintendo universe. She normally looks like a stereotypical nurse, only instead of the Red Cross symbol that most nurses have, a Subspace logo is there. In "Part 7", she loses it and turns into a cyan angel-like being, her middle form. In "Part 10", we finally see her Final form: a disgusting worm-like creature with pulsating veins (and small limbs) all around her, or her Star-Powered Form. After the heroes and villains defeat her, she sets off a bomb she hid on her person, essentially trying to suicide bomb them.


Part 1: This Thing

After the events of the Subspace Emissary, everyone is going on with their normal lives. Everything is right, right? WRONG!!!!!!! As Mario, Link, and the rest of the Smashers obliviously tell their tales of recent adventures, an evil force approaches, with plans to "claim dominion" of the Nintendo universe as we know it. What will our 4 brave heroes do about this? GO ON A CLICHED QUEST TO STOP IT, THAT'S WHAT!!!!!!!! With no special appearance (because coco puffs)

Part 2: Going where no Man's ever Gone

While hiding out at a hut somewhere in Hyrule, Kirby leads the others to a place he and Pikachu have always wanted to see: the Datamine. Here, they find 3 characters who did not reappear for Brawl: Mewtwo, Pichu, and Roy. They help them out with datamining, with a bit of foreshadowing to future DLC characters and stages, the trio captures our heroes because they forgot about them. The heroes save themselves with Link's intellegence and Kirby's eating fits and console Roy and Pichu. However, Mewtwo, being the sadist it is, refuses their kindness and tries to kill the others by summoning a bunch Koopas, Dodongos, and Legendary Pokemon, then proceeding to shut them in. There are too many of them, so Roy and Pichu make a heroic sacrifice for the others. Mewtwo reports to it's master, which is The Puppeteer. With a special appearance by Jun Fukuyama as Roy (no, you can not joke about his VA's name).

Part 3: Eagleland, We DON'T have a Problem

On the heroes' journey, they find a little town called Onett. There, they meet a boy, but he's no ordinary boy, he's Ness. Y'know, that psychic kid who hasn't been seen in his home series for almost 20 years? Well, Ness's friends, Paula, Jeff, and Poo (heh) have been kidnapped by Bowser and Ganandorf, and he thinks it's all his fault. While Mario and Link go find the evildoers, Pikachu and Kirby help Ness get his self-esteem back. Pikachu's tomboyishness, along with Kirby's newfound obsession for steak, somehow help Ness and they go to help Mario and Link. During the fight, Kirby and Ness activate their Star-Powered Forms to take down Bowser and Ganondorf. At the end, Ness gets his friends back and thanks the heroes. Pikachu tries to sings a song called "Lovely Dovely", but Kirby stops her by inhaling her (wow, that came out.... wrong)

Part 4: Game On

Somewhere in Angel Land, the heroes are having a friendly fight with Pit, with a tent found in the upper right corner as a visual joke. Link wins, and, due to a bet, Pit has to help them with a device that will stop The Puppeteer. Pikachu notices it is not plugged in, so she plugs in it, and it explodes. Mario, Link, and Kirby get angry at her, and Pit doesn't even know what's going on and if the machine is even useful or not. In the middle of the night, Pikachu packs her things and runs away. At daytime, Link tells the others of his large dream, and 100 seconds Kirby feels the need to say that Pikachu is gone. Mario and Kirby start freaking out simultaniously, but Link and Pit calm them down. They search all around the land, meanwhile Pikachu is on the streets of Lavender Town, when she hears the theme music of the town. She goes to the source and gets nabbed by Mewtwo and Ridely, but she finds their secret: they are kidnapping Pokemon for experements. Pikachu formulates a plan, which results Mewtwo getting kidnapped as well (he's technically a Pokemon, so he qualifies). She frees the other Pokemon and sets the airship to self destruct. Ridley is thankful for that, as he finds Lavender Town "a combo of my fears of clowns, ghosts, and death". The heroes reunite, and they go back to questing. With special appearance by Antony Del Rio as Pit

Part 5: The Ballad of Pictochart

While using a giant ship to get to their destination, our heroes crash into a world where everything can be drawn on. While there, they encounter Mr. Game & Watch, who greets them into a temple for supper. After the 8-bit meal, the Mr. and Mrs. Game & Watches trap them in FlatZone. The Game & Watches lauch it into the sky, so it will be destroyed. The heroes, being very smart, assumed this was going to happen. The build a device to get them out, but the native G&Ws keep destroying it with level 9 Judge attacks. The rebuild it for 50 consecutive times, and launch out, along with the trapped Game & Watches that the others in Pictochat put there because they didn't like the others. They have a huge brawl (gettit?). During the battle, Pikachu unlocks her Star-Powered Form and defeats the G&Ws. They make a contract with Mr. Game & Watch for the race to get along. The 2D race then repair the giant ship to go back home

Part 6: The Item Problem

While having a break match with Sonic, everyone starts noticing that Mario is hogging all the items. The stick him into the Mushroom Kingdom 3 stage with Sonic, no items to see how long it is until it starts making him tick. It takes aproxamately 0.00000001 seconds for this to happen. While Sonic is spin dashing the stuffing out of the plumber, the other 3 are "greeted peacefully" by Wario, who has a HUGELY BRUTAL battle with the others, but Wario is cheating with items, essentially curbstomping them. Meanwhile, Sonic wins the battle due to Mario looking for substitutes for items. The match restarts due to a timer. Suddenly, Pac-Man appears, telling Mario that his friends are being attacked by Wario. Back in the curbstomp, Bowser and King Dedede appear and turn Link into a wolf. Link then tries to use this to his advantage, but this winds up slapping him in the face. He runs away right before Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man appear. The three activate their Star-Powered Forms. Sonic first winds up as Hyper Sonic, but Sega turns this into Sonic merely getting replaced by Tails, but he gets replaced by Kuckles, and eventually Shadow. They win, and Mario learns his leason, and doesn't use items as much now. They then wonder where Link is...

Part 7: Pokemon Countdown

Link, still a wolf, is walking through a forest, trying to find a way back home. He encounters Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong having a match. He wants to join, but they refuse his offer. He then gets ambushed by Rayquaza, and gets knocked out. When he wakes up, he finds himself surrounded by Pokemon. The Pokemon tell him of Mewtwo attacking, trying to kill all of them and that he must be stopped. Link, along with the dozens of Pokemon, traverses plains, desert, islands, the Arctic, a jungle with poisonous purple water, rocky mountains, and the clouds (they even meet Pit again!) before they wind up outside Mewtwo's fortress. There, he's seen along with Bowser and Dedede, who Ganondorf is slaving to get him to the top tier. The heroes smash (gettit?) in the building and a giant battle ensues. Eventually, Mewtwo gets a Pokeball and releases Mew, who destroys the building before getting sucked back into the Pokeball. Link forces Bowser and the King to transform him back, and they go into their Star-Powered Forms, erupting an even BIGGER battle which ends with Link winning. He them bids the Pokemon farewell, and tries to find his way back to his friends. Meanwhile, in a cave-like lair, it is revealed that Puppeteer was behind this. She loses sanity (and a few chromosomes) and transforms into a cyan angel pixie creature, her second form.

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