This is a list of characters in Super Smash Bros.: The Quest. If you have a playable character that appears in Brawl that I forgot, please add them. Other then that, don't edit!


King Tut and Legend of Zeld(o) series

King Tut/Sister

Standard: Kick

Side: Go ahead

Up: Jump Highest

Down: Transform

Final Smash: Heavy Arrow

Recolors: Light Blue, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Black, Dark Blue

Series: King Tut


Standard: Basketball Throw

Side: Billboard Throw

Up: Aether

Down: Counter

Final Smash: Big Aether

Recolors: Blue, Orange, Black and White, Green, Red, Yellow, Brown

Series: King Tut


Standard: Fireball

Side: Belly Slide

Up: Spin Jump

Down: Cape Slam

Final Smash: Mario Wildfire

Recolors: Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, White, Black

Series: Mario


Standard: Lightning Jolt

Side: Lightning Dash

Up: Lightning Jump

Down: Lightning Call

Final Smash: Storm Call

Recolors: Ice Cream Man hat, Baseball Cap, Goggles, Raichu, Pichu, Pichu with Goggles

Series: Pokemon


Standard: Turnip Toss

Side: Peach Bomber

Up: Float

Down: Peach Slide

Final Smash: Vibes

Recolors: Orange, Light Blue

Series: Mario


Standard: Shine

Side: Ram

Up: Flight

Down: Star Spin

Final Smash: Black Hole

Recolors: Silver, Green, Blue, Polari, Red

Series: Mario


Standard: Slash

Side: Arrows

Up: Hookshot

Down: Bomb

Final Smash: Master Sword

Recolors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Young Link, Toon Link

Series: Zelda


Standard: Nayru's Love/Dart

Side: Dean's Fire/Chain Whip

Up: Fayor's Wind/Vanish

Down: Transform/Karate Kick

Final Smash: Magic/Transform

Recolors: Light Blue, White, Toon Zelda, Young Zelda/White, Orange, Toon Sheik

Series: Zelda


Luigi/Mr. L

Standard: Fireball/Spring Jump

Side: Green Missile/Ram

Up: High Jump

Down: Ground Pound/Luigi

Final Smash: Mr. L/Brobot

Recolors: Purple, Yellow, Red, Orange/Paper

Series: Mario


Standard: Inhale (or other person's standard)

Side: Hammer Kirby

Up: Float

Down: Rock Kirby

Final Smash: Tornado Kirby

Recolors: Yellow, Purple, White, Green, Brown, Blue

Series: Kirby

King Dedede

Standard: Hammer

Side: Inhale (or other person's side)

Up: Float

Down: Waddle Dee Throw

Final Smash: Waddle Dee Stampede

Recolors: Green, White, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black

Series: Kirby

Meta Knight

Standard: Sword

Side: Stab

Up: Cape

Down: Sword Slam

Final Smash: Mach Tornado


Series: Kirby


Standard: Tongue (or other person's standard)

Side: Egg Lay

Up: Flutter

Down: Ground Pound

Final Smash: Stampede

Recolors: Pink, Light Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Red, Blue, Black, White

Series: Yoshi

Baby Mario Bros.

Standard: Super Jump

Side: Mario Dash

Up: Bubble

Down: Luigi Crawl

Final Smash: Toadie

Recolors: Yellow and Purple

Series: Yoshi

Baby Wario Bros.

Standard: Heavy Pound

Side: Waluigi Blue Shell

Up: Bubble

Down: Wario Body Slam

Final Smash: Magnetic Wall

Recolors: Red and Green

Series: Yoshi

Donkey Kong

Standard: Slap

Side: Ram

Up: Vine Swing

Down: Heavy Pound

Final Smash: Banana Throw

Recolors: Cranky Kong, DK Jr.

Series: DK

Diddy Kong

Standard: Peanut Popgun

Side: Banana

Up: Jetpack

Down: Bongos

Final Smash: Monkey Stampede

Recolors: Dixie Kong

Series: DK

Dr. Mario

Standard: Mega Vitamin Toss

Side: Belly Slide

Up: Jump

Down: Ground Pound

Final Smash: Virus Stampede


Series: Dr. Mario


Master Hand

Standard: Laser

Side: Punch

Up: Grab

Down: Slap

Final Smash: Super Laser

Giga Bowser

Standard: Claw

Side: Shell Slide

Up: Stomp

Down: Heavy Pound

Final Smash: Fire Breath


Standard: Fly

Side: Ram

Up: Grab and Fly

Down: Beak Charge

Final Smash: Metroid Larva


Standard: Claw

Side: Spike Toss

Up: Earthquake

Down: Stomp

Final Smash: Super Quake

Baby Bowser

Note: You can't defeat him. Let him get the smash ball.

Standard: Claw

Side: Shell Slide

Up: Piggy-Back

Down: Ground Pound

Final Smash: Giga Baby Bowser

Giga Baby Bowser

Standard: Fireball

Side: Toadie Toss

Up: Claw

Down: Rock Throw

Final Smash: Super Fire

Dino Piranha

Standard: Coconut Swing

Side: Bite



Final Smash:

Nightmare (orb)

Standard: Ram




Final Smash:

Nightmare (humanoid)

Standard: Ram




Final Smash: Nap

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