The poster for the movie.

"Super Smash Bros.: The Movie," is a 2014 movie based on the popular franchise, Super Smash Bros.. It has amazing rendered graphics and is a popular movie, given a 9/10 by Box Offices and critics.


Bowser and his 8 kids are fighting when Kamek tells Bowser he has a visitor. Ganondorf comes in and tells Bowser that a mysterious energy has been found, and if someone gets it, they have ultimate power. They both then assemble every villain from Smash World and get to work devolping a plan...

Meanwhile, Mario is relaxing in the kingdom, when suddenly, Ridley appears and grabs Peach, Toad, and Luigi, while Mr. Patch throws Mario far away from the kingdom.

The adventure then begins...

Characters And Voice Actors

Mario-Charles Martinet

Luigi-Charles Martinet

Coming soon!

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