Super Smash Bros.: The Dark Damnation is the sequel of Super Smash Bros.: The Subspace Emissary. Toon Link, Jigglypuff, and Wolf are now appeared in the sequel of Subspace Emissary.


Few years ago, Tabuu was defeated by all Nintendo characters. That was just the beginning. He has grown stronger and reveals his exposure to his total domination.

During Tabuu's return, the fighters' abilities (expect CYPHER300 & Blackseeker) fluctuate, causing the violent "Dark Rage" outbreaks the feelings of Tabuu was risen from what he has started. As Mario walks in a dark path to find Rosalina, the heroes can stop the army of Subspace before it covered the World of Trophies in darkness.

CYPHER300 hunt down the intergalactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran. He believes that she was the killer and works for the leader of Space Pirate, Ridley just like he thrown him in the pits of the volcano. He discovered Blackseeker who was frozen in an ice found the army of Primids.

During the final battle, CYPHER300 & Mario battle each other. They agreed to stop Tabuu. When Tabuu is almost defeated, he gain more power and became more demonic. When Tabuu was defeated, the World of Trophies was finally restored.


Returning Characters

New Characters

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