The adventure mode for Super Smash Bros.: Road of Rumble is split up into 17 chapters. Each Chapter has five normal levels and a boss level.

Chapter One: The Welcoming Committie

This chapter starts out with Ness and Lucus battling Porkey. He unleashes his "Merger Bomb" causing nintendo universes and some other universes to merge into a universe known as the Smashaverse. Most of the characters were turned into Trophies. A mysterious being captured all villians and teamed up with them to stop the hereos from escaping.

Level One: This starts off with Samus walking down a metal hallway. She notices purple goop coming out of the ground and makes a run for it. She makes a turn and see's a Baby Ridley in a small container. She opens the container and the Baby Ridley smiles and is happy to be free. The purple goop gets closer and the level starts. You have a choice of playing between either samus or baby ridley. There are no enemies in the level. The goal is to escape the base. After the level is complete, Samus and Baby Ridley see that the goop was devouring the building. Samus was about to get in her ship but notices a sad baby ridley and takes the baby with her. It then skips to a large container that contains a clone off ridley, At the end of the scene you see ridleys eyes and the it blacks out to a scream.Completing the level unlocks baby ridley.

Level Two: This starts out with Meta Knight at the helm of his ship the, Halberd. He looks outside the windows and notices a Larger ship coming. Kirby and mr. Game & Watch come in the room and is ready to fight. The ship starts being raided by Primids. Then, a large primid barges through the roof. The crew climb to the top of the ship and try to make to the other ship. You can choose between Meta Knight, Kirby, or Mr. Game & Watch. At the end of the level, The team gets into the enemy ship and see's a Shadowy figure wearing a Top Hat, A Scarf, and Other worn out clothes. He pulls out a cane and uses a mystic blast and captures them.

Level Three: This level starts out with the Hoenn Pokemon Trainer walking through a dark temple hallway with mudkip, grovile, and blaziken. They come across the three reggi statues. A large explosion occurs, Blowing the roof of the temple below the reggi's. Raiders come down try stealing the loot. One of the Raiders grabs a orb and the reggi's awaken and get back the orb. The level starts and you have a choice between the Pokemon Trainer or the Reggi's. In this level, you dont travel but fend off enemys. If the three orbs are stolen you lose the level. At the end of the level, the pokemon trainer pulls out three pokeballs and attempts to capture the reggi's. But the reggi's break out of the temple and flee. The pokemon trainer looks behind him and the purple goop attacks him, ending the scene.

Level Four: It starts off with Mario battling bowser in 2D form. Bowser defeats mario and a game over appears on screen. It is revealed it was just 9-Volt playing New Super Mario Bros. Omega. It then skips to across the street from the game store into Mona Pizza. Wario orders a pizza when Mona is captured by the rival pizza store, Pizza Dinosaur. Wario runs out of the store and chases the thiefs. In this level, you jump from car to car to try to get to the thiefs. Right when wario was about to get to the Pizza Dinosaur car, He falls off the car and the second half of the level starts. The second half is similair to the F-Zero level from adventure mode in melee. At the end of the level, The Pizza Dinosaur car is put in reserve due to the thiefs fighting wario. The car zooms downhill and crashes into the video game store, breaking 9-Volts game. Wario grabs the pizza slice when a shadow covers them and then Wario and 9-Volt look at eachother, ending the cutscene.

Level Five: This level starts off with the shadowy figure making an announcement for Ganondorf to attack Dr. Eggmans ship. The cutscene skips to ganondorf walking threw the Egg Carrier destorying Eggbots. A army of eggbots blocks his path and the level starts. At the end of the level Eggman travels to the top of the egg carrier in which ganondorf follows. Ganondorf was about to throw eggman off the ship before sonic stops him. A mini boss battle against sonic. After sonic is defeated, ganondorf throws sonic over the ship, ending the level

Boss Level: Wario and 9-Volt look up and see a giant dinosaur mech. The mech grabs warios pizza slice and burns it. The mech then takes 9-Volts new 3DS and breaks it. The angry pair attack the mech and the battle starts. After the battle, Wario and 9-Volt are still angry. A dark cloud then covers the island and wario rides away on his motorcycle and 9-volt on his skateboard.

Chapter Two: Mystery's to come

More info coming soon

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