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Super Smash Bros. NES is a game for NES. It is very old and is downoadable in the Wii shop channel (Not for real :P). It features characters from the Super Mario, Kirby, Earth Bound, Pokeymon, Fire Emblem and Legend of Zeld series. There are much less characters than in the other smash bros. games. There are 8 playable characters to start off with, and 14 in total, more than in the N64 one. It is in 8-bit graphics.



SMB NES Roster

The Starting Character Roster


Character Abilities:

Mario -

Up+B: Mario will shoot up and if he hits a player he will knock coins out of them.

B+forward: Mario will leap forward and kick

B+down: Mario will shoot fire at the ground and make a fire dome burst around him for 1 second

B+Back: Backward elbow

B: Mario shoots fire

A: Punch

Up: Jump- 1st- regular, 2and- flip

Down: Crouch down



Mario's alternate colors

Luigi -

Up+B: Luigi will shoot up and if he hits a player he will nock coins out of them.

B+forward: Luigi will leap forward and headbut

B+down: Luigi will shoot green fire at the ground and make a fire dome burst around him for 1 second

B+Back: Backward elbow

B: Luigi shoots green fire

A: Punch

Up: Jump- 1st- regular, 2and- Spin



Luigi's alternate colors

Peach Toadstool -

Up+B: Peach will use her umbrella to float down slowly

B+forward: Peach bomber- she will leap forward and hit with her hips, causing the enemy to explode and loose alot of HP or get lot of damage

B+down: Peach will pluck a veggie and next time A is pressed she will throw it

B+Back: Backward hip hit

B: Toad defense- if she is hit when Toad is out, Toad will puch the enemy (Rather than spit/vomit like in the other smash bros games)

A: Slap

Up: Jump- 1st- regular, 2and- spin jump (Hight is the same as in Melee, not reduced like in Brawl), hold up after jump- dress float- peach floats for a short time like in SMB2



Peach's alternate colors

King Koopa (Bowser) -

Up+B: Bowser will spin up in his shell

B+forward: Koopa Claw - Bowser claws at the enemy

B+down: Bowser jumps up and slams down like in SMB3

B+Back: Bowser leaps back and hits with his spiny shell

B: Bowser Spits Fire

A: Punch

Up: Jump- 1st- regular, 2and- High Jump (Like a greatly reduced version of NSMB Bowser Jump)


SMB NES Bowser

Bowser's alternate colors

Kirby -

Up+B: Kirby Sword

B+forward: Hammer Hit

B+down: Hat releaving- Kirby looses hit hat he stole from the enemy, it comes off as a star and the str cn hit an enemy, wich cuses gret damage, however the star destroys when it hits the ground, so it is very unlikely it will hit anyone due to the small range

B+Back: Hammer spin

B: Suck up- kirby can eat enemies, and either spit them out or steal their hat, which gives him their B attack

A: Punch

Up: Jump- 1st - 4th- air suck in



Kirby's alternate colors


Yoshi -

Up+B: Mario will shoot up and if he hits a player he will nock coins out of them.

B+forward: Yoshi will leap forward and kick

B+down: Egg lay

B+Back: tail whip

B: tounge/eat- yoshi eats with his tongue and the enemy comes out in an egg untill they break it with 5 A hit

A: Head Punch

Up: Jump- 1st- regular, 2and- Yoshi flutter- yoshi flutters up for short time



Ness -

Up+B: Ness shoots lighting he can controll. If he hits himself he will propell like a rocket in the opposite direction, but will get 1 damage.

B+forward: Ness throws a fire ball forward that upon contact bursts into a small flame

B+down: Starstorm. Unlike in brawl, this doesnt make a million HUGE stars fall. Three small stars fall near Ness from the top of the screen and will explode when they hit any solid obstical.

B+Back: Ness uses magic behind him

B: Ness hits with a yo-yo or rbat at random

A: Ness forms a green magic near him and explodes it, causing large damage to nearby players

Up: Jump- 1st- regular, 2and-mgic flip



Link -

Up+B: Link spins upward with his sword

B+forward: Link throws a boomerang that comes back to him or explodes on contact

B+down: bomb pluck. Link throws it next time A is pressed

B+Back: Bckward stab

B: Arrows

A: Sword slash

Up: Jump- 1st- regular, 2and-flip



Link's alternate colors

Zelda -

Up+B: Zelda teleports upward

B+forward: Zelda throws a fire ball that explodes

B+down: deku nut toss. The deku nut will stun enemies if it hits them

B+Back: Zelda- Backward Magic

B: Zelda- reflecting triangle

A: Zelda- magic puch

Up: Jump- Zelda- 1st- regular, 2and-spin



Marth -

Up+B: Sword slash (UP). Marth jumps up and slashed

B+forward: Stab

B+down: Ground stab. Used in air to stab foes under you

B+Back: Backward stab

B: sword sweep

A: Sword Slash

Up: Jump- 1st- regular, 2and-regular



Petey Piranha -

Up+B: Mega-Flap- Petey does one pig flap with his wing-like leaf hands and shoots up

B+forward: Petey Spits goo on the floor, which hurts enemies if they stay in it too long. It also slows them down. It dissapears after a while

B+down: Shockwaves. Petey throws shockwaves across the screen like in SPP

B+Back: Petey Swings his head around

B: Petey spits a goop ball. Upon contact, it explodes and leaves a mess on the floor, wich acts like the goop in his forward B attack

A: Punch

Up: Jump- 1st-4th- Petey Flaps his wings/arms. This is similar to Kirby's


Smash Bros NES Petey Piranha

Petey's colors/costumes

King Dedede -

Up+B: Ground pound. Dedede will jump up very high and slam back down, sending shock waves in both directions.

B+forward: Hammer Pound. Dedede pounds down his hammer, fireing a single shockwave. The longer B is held, the bigger the shockwave will be and it will last longer

B+down: Waddle Dee/Waddle Doo throw. They act as goomba enemies to the other players that die in 3 hits

B+Back: Backwards hammer

B: Suck in. Just like kirby but he cant steal a hat

A: quick hammer hit

Up: Jump- 1st-4th- Sucks in air to float. This is identical to Kirby's



Pikachu -

Up+B: Pikachu hits lightning at the ground (Or bottom of the screen) to shoot up

B+forward: Close shock

B+down: Lightning comes down to him from a cloud that forms at the top of the stage

B+Back: Tail whip

B: lightning ball, similar to mario's fireball, but it can go on the bottom of pltforms also

A: hedbut

Up: Jump- 1st- regular, 2and- flip


Smash Bros NES Pikachu

Pikachu's colors/costumes


Fighting Modes:


Free For All:

The victory belongs to one person only. All players/CPU are against eachother.

Tem Battle:

The victory belongs to a team from 1 to 3 people. The team works together to battle the other team or single player.


Time Battle:

The players fight for a set amount of time. The one/team with less deaths and most deaths given wins.


The players can die for a set amount of times. The last team or player standing wins.


The players have HP (Health Points). If they run out, they will fall to the floor dead. If they fall off the stage even with full HP, they will loose it all.

Super Mode

Basic Overview

Super mode is basically classic mode. It isn't called classic mode because it is one of the 1st smash bros. games. Like classic mode, you fight random enemies and teams. At the end, you fight Master and Crazy hand, unlike in the newer games where you just fight Master Hand. Beating classic mode can unlock characters and for Kirby, his golden color.

How to Unlock Characters

Marth: Beat Super Mode on normal 3 times.

Petey Piranha: Beat Super Mode on very hard 2 times.

King Dedede: Beat Super Mode an intense.

How to Unlock Other Characters:

Pickachu: Play 5 stanima matches, then you can battle him to unlock him.

Jigglypuff: Play 10 timed matches, then you can battle her to unlock her.

Lucas: Win a single player 3 minute battle with Ness against level 5-9 Bowser, Petey Piranha or King Dedede

The "Babies"



While Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island takes credit for the debut of the Baby characters, they appeared in a much diffirent form in this game. They looked almost like an identical, shrunken Mario, Luigi and Peach. Some features; however, were removed, like Peach's earings, and, obviously, Mario and Luigi's mustaches.

Unevolved Forms

The baby characters have diffirent features than the modern ones. They are known as "Little Mario/Luigi/Peach." When this costume is selected, the narrarator will say "Little Mario/Luigi/Peach." Then the colors for the little ones can be chosen, like Wario in his vest and classic Wario in SSBB

  • Little Mario: Little Mario is close to his modern form. He is small, has his hat, and no mustache. He has no diper and his nose is small, unlike the modern Baby Mario.
  • Little Luigi: Little Luigi holds the same diffirences that baby Mario does, but his nose is not as small.
  • Little Peach: Little Peach has a couple diffirences from modern Baby Peach. She keeps Peach's long hair and dress. She has no earings, though. She also has a pacifier.


There are 15 single player events, and 10 2 player events.

Single Player Events:

  1. Attack on Peach's Castle: PLaying as Mario, Defeat King Koopa in a 2 stock match on Peach's Castle
  2. Super Yoshi Bros: Go through a SMB scrolling level, but with Yoshi! Beware of goombas and koopas.
  3. Earth Bound: Fight Lucas, playing as Ness in a 1 stock battle
  4. Warp Star: PLaying as Kirby, defeat King Dedede with a warp star
  5. Pikachu!: playing as pikachu, defeat Jigglypuff
  6. Castle Seige: Playing as Marth, protect Zelda from Ike and King Koopa
  7. Peach Power!: Playing as Peach, defeat Giant King Koopa
  8. The Triforce: Playing as Zelda, protect the triforce
  9. Challengers 1: With the character of your choice, defeat King Koopa, Dedede, Link, Mario, Kirby and Peach two by two
  10. Petey Clean up: Playing as Mario, kepp Petey Piranha from spraying goop onto Peach Toadstool for 2 minutes
  11. Gigga-Puff: Defeat Pikachu and very giant Jigglypuff with Luigi
  12. Challengers 2: With the character of your choice, defeat Jigglypuff, Luigi, Zelda, Link, Petey, and Ike two by two.
  13. The White Gloves: Defeat both master and crazy hand with any character
  14. Egg Toss: Hit 5 moving targets from a stand with Yoshi's egg toss.
  15. The Final Battle: With any character, defeat Ike, Marth, and Giant, Metal King Koopa (Bowser)

Two Player Events

  1. Super Mario Bros.: With Mario (P1) and Luigi (P2), defeat Bowser and defend Princess Peach
  2. Yoshi's Peak: With green Yoshi (P1) and Red Yoshi (P2), defeat a giant yellow Yoshi
  3. Challengers 1: With the fighters of your choice, defeat Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Kirby, Ike and Marth two by two
  4. Death by Lullabies: With Jigglypuff (P1) make Ness fall asleep while Pikachu (P2) helps
  5. Peach Blossom: With Peach (P1) and Peach (Daisy costume) (P2), make sure Bowser doesn't eat all 5 peaches to heal himself for 2 minutes
  6. Classic Finish: Beat Bowser the classic way! Run under him with Mario (P1) and Luigi (P2) as he spits fire. Then press the button!
  7. The Legend of the Triforce: With Link (P1) and Zelda (P2) protect the triforce from loosing all of its HP from Ganondorf
  8. Boss Battle: Defeat King Dedede, Bowser, and Ganondorf with any character.
  9. Giga-Puff: Defeat a HUGE Jigglypuff
  10. The Final Battle: Same as the final single player event; however, the enemies will be one level harder and won't die as easily

Story Mode


The intro and first stage change depending on the series the character you are playing as is from, but they are still generally the same.

Mario Series

The camera will show Princess Toadstool's castle. It is surrounded by colorful baloons. Suddenly, the camera shakes and a text appears at the top reading "Roar!" Your character will run out of the castle, and another text is displayed, reading "A strange sound? Time to investigate!" The first stage, Mushroom Kingdom, begins.


There's a party at Peach's castle! But suddenly, a strange roar is heard. Time for an investigation!

Kirby Series

The camera will show a castle in dreamland. Suddenly, the camera shakes and a text appears at the top reading "Roar!" Your character will run out of the castle, and another text is displayed, reading "What an unpleasant sound! That's not allowed in Dreamland! Time to stop this!" The first stage, Dreamland, begins.


Relaxing in the peaceful Dreamland, the character hears a loud roar. This disturbance is not tollerated in such a peacful place. Time to put and end to this!

Fire Emblem Series

The camera will show a castle. Suddenly, the camera shakes and a text appears at the top reading "Roar!" The screen will then show the inside of the castle, and your player will step up from his throne. Another text is displayed, reading "What was that? Time to find out!" The first stage, The Fortress, begins.


On the throne of their mighty castle, your character hears a roar. It's time for another quest!

Zelda Series

The screen shows Princess Zelda's castle. Suddenly, the camera shakes and a text appears at the top reading "Roar!" Your character will run out of the castle, and another text is displayed, reading "What was that noise? I must keep the kingdom safe!" The first stage, Huryl, begins.


Your character hears a roar. It's their responsibility to keep the kingdom safe. Better make sure its not something dangerous. . . . . .

Earthbound Series

The screen shows Ness and Lucas at a lemonaid stand. Suddenly, the camera shakes and a text appears at the top reading "Roar!" Your character will run to investigate. Another text is displayed, reading "What was that noise?I need to find out!" The first stage, Earthbound, begins.


Lucas and Ness hear a roar at a lemonaid stand. Curiosity takes over, and they feel they need to find out.

Other Stages (Starting at Stage 2)

  • Great Sea
  • Trouble in the Sky
  • Piranha Plant Plains
  • The Forbidden Castle
  • The Ancient Ruins
  • The Great Battle
  • The Final Destination

Known Enemies

(Many More Will Comer Soon!)