These are the playable charaters for SSBGFG.





B: ? Block (Mario hits a ? Block, and a random power-up will appear. His B Attack will change depending on the item:

  • Fire Flower: Mario fires a Fire Ball.
  • Super Leaf: Mario does a spin, whacking foes with his tail.
  • Hammer Suit: Mario throws a hammer.
  • Ice Flower: Mario throws an Ice Ball.
  • Blue Koopa Shell: Mario slides along in his Blue Koopa Shell.
  • Spring Mushroom: Mario jumps like a spring.
  • Boomerang Flower: Mario throws a boomerang.
  • Double Cherry: Creates more Marios to help attack, but there can only be up to five.
  • Luigi Mushroom: Mario jumps to try to squish foes beneath him. Also gives him a higher jump, but worse traction.)

Anyone can get these power-ups, and if another person does, Mario can use this attack again. The attack stays with Mario untill he is K.O.ed or twhen the match is over.)

B-Up: Super Jump Punch (Mario jumps in the air, his fist hitting opponents.)

B-Side: Cape (He uses a cape that can reflect projectiles.)

B-Down: Cat Flip (Mario gets cat paws on his hands and does a flip, sending opponents behind him.)

Final Smash: White Tanooki Mario (Mario turns into White Tanooki Mario. Fireballs turn white, his super jump punch also includes a tail spin, his cape is a double tail whip which doubles the power of the reflected projectiles, and his cat flip looses its paws, but gains more power and knockback. He also becomes invincible, faster, and more powerful in general.)


B: Shellcreeper (Luigi summons a 3D Shellcreeper, which he can stomp on and kick at opponents. The second kick sends the Shellcreeper off stage.)

B-Up: Statue Leaf (Luigi gets a tail and floats around for a while, but he soon turns into a statue and falls down hard,, damaging anyone below him.)

B-Side: Green Missile (Luigi launches himself to the side, like a missile.)

B-Down: Luigi Cyclone (Luigi spins around.)

Final Smash: Luiginary Ball (Luigi falls asleep, and many Luiginoids jump out of his dreamcloud. They form a giant ball together, which you can control until they get sucked back into the Dream Cloud as Luigi wakes up. Foes can get sucked in, too, if they're close enough.)


B: Peach (Peach eats a peach to restore 2% damage. However, there are only 5 good peaches, after they are all used, there will only be moldy peaches, giving 1% to Peach.)

B-Up: Perry (Peach floats around with Perry.)

B-Side: Peach Bomber (Peach uses her rear to attack foes.)

B-Down: Vegetable (Peach pulls a vegetable out of the ground and throws it at opponents.)

Final Smash: Rage (Peach becomes enraged and is engulfed in flames. She now damages foes on contact, becomes more powerful, and creates shockwaves when she lands. However, this is only for a limited amount of time.)


B: Fire Breath (Bowser breathes fire.)

B-Up: Parakoopa (Parakoopas carry Bowser up for a short time.)

B-Side: Bowser Shell (Bowser goes in his shell and spins to the side.)

B-Down: Bowser Bomb (Bowser jumps in the air and ground-pounds.)

Final Smash: Giga Bowser (Bowser turns into Giga Bowser.)

Rosalina and Luma

B: Luma Shot (Rosalina throws her Luma.)

B-Up: Launch Star (Rosalina and Luma are launched in the air by a launch star.)

B-Side: Star Bits (Luma shoots out star bits.)

B-Down: Gravitational Pull (A star cursor makes projectiles go above her and items deactivate.)

Final Smash: Power Star (Rosalina summons a Power Star, which shoots out mini stars as projectiles.)

Bowser Jr.

B: Clown Cannon (The Koopa Clown Car fires a cannon ball.)

B-Up: Abandon Ship! (Bowser Jr. jumps out of his Koopa Clown Car, which explodes when it hits the ground. He gains another one when he lands or when he grabs a ledge.)

B-Side: Clown Kart Dash (The Koopa Clown Car gets wheels and drives towards foes, and spins when it stops.)

B-Down: Mechakoopa (Bowser Jr. drops a Mechakoopa.)

Final Smash: Mecha bowser (Bowser jr. summons Mecha Bowser to attack opponents.)


B: Super Ball (Daisy fires a super ball from her palm.)

B-Up: Whirling Daisies (Daisy flies in a tornado of daisies.)

B-Side: Flower Swing (Daisy bats a ball, which splits into three balls, two fake and one real. The fake ones damage foes, and the real one is an item.)

B-Down: Racket Smack (Daisy slams her tennis racket on the ground. It can be charged to grow petals.)

Final Smash: Crystallized Daisy (Daisy super jump punches her foes in the air and kicks them hard. This freezes her opponents in crystals, too.)


B: Poison Mushroom (Toad throws a poison mushroom on the field, which moves around and damages foes.)

B-Up: Propeller Hat (Toad uses a propeller hat to fly into the sky.)

B-Side: Throw (Toad grabs an enemy and throws them to the ground. This can damage foes nearby, too.)

B-Down: Double Cherry (A duplicate of Toad appears, and copies what Toad does. However, if the copy is knocked out, it counts as a K.O. and can not be summoned again, and this attack turns into a weak spin.)

Final Smash: Toad Brigade (The Toad Brigade's ship lands, and the members try to throw Toad's foes into the ship. They then fly off, and K.O. anyone who was in the ship.)


B: Bubble Breath (Wart spits out bubbles, which are weak, but there are many, which could be dangerous for foes.)

B-Up: Magic Carpet (Wart flies on a Magic Carpet.)

B-Side: Phanto (Wart throws a phanto which follows the nearest foe. If no foe is near enough, it drops down.)

B-Down: 8 Bits (Wart will throw one of his minions, which can be chared from Shy Guy, to Ninji, to Tweeter, to Big Shy Guy.)

Final Smash: Autobomb (Wart rides on an Autobomb, which can shoot projectiles, fly in the air, suck in foes, and shoot out Big Shy Guys.)


B: Seperation (Wiggler seperates his body into peices, growing legs on is head as he does this. While this makes his attack weaker, he can attack in multiple different places. They can be K.O.ed, but Wiggler himself is not K.O.ed util his head is. Pressing B again will make al his peices come back together, and his legs to come of of his head.)

B-Up: Flutter (Wiggler, and all his peices if they are seperated, grow wings and fly for a short time.)

B-Side: Rage Charge (Wiggler, and all of his peices if they are seperated, turn red and charge at foes.)

B-Down: Bug Rumble (Wiggler stomps all his feat on the ground, causing a mini-earthquake and burying opponents. If the peices are seperated, it is just a short stomp that buries opponents.)

Final Smash: Poison Water (Poison water rises up and covers lots of the stage for a short time, which damages foes if they touch it, but Wiggler, even when seperated, can swim in it.)

Donkey Kong

B: Giant Punch (Donkey Kong charges a punch, and its power is based on how long he charged it.)

B-Up: Spinning Kong (Donkey Kong spins around to jump higher.)

B-Side: Headbutt (Donkey Kong headbutts his opponents.)

B-Down: Hand Slap (Donkey Kong slaps his hands on the ground.)

Final Smash: Final Punch (Donkey Kong repeatedly punches any foes near, like he does in Donkey Kong Country Returns.)

Diddy Kong

B: Peanut Popgun (Diddy Kong fires a peanut from his peanut popgun.)

B-Up: Rocketbarrel Boost (Diddy Kong flies with rocketbarrels.)

B-Side: Banana Peel (Diddy Kong places a banana peel on the ground, which can trip opponents.)

B-Down: Tree Climb (Diddy Kong climbs a small palm tree, and when he gets to the top, the tree falls, damagind foes.)

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage (Diddy Kong combines the rocketbarrels to fly and two peanut popguns to shoot for is final smash.)

Dixie Kong

B: Bubblegum Popgun (Like Diddy's peanut popgun, except faster.)

B-Up: Hair Whip (Dixie Kong whips her hair around like a helicopter to fly.)

B-Side: Camera (Dixie Kong shoots a photo, damaging and shocking foes so much as to freeze them in their tracks. The photo is saved in the album.)

B-Down: Xananab (Dixie Kong summons Xananab like Zelda's Phantom Knight, only he trips opponents.)

Final Smash: Dixie Kong Rock (Dixie kong uses her electric guitar like Donkey Kong's old final smash, but you don't have to keep the rhythm.)

Cranky Kong

B: Denture Popgun (Like Diddy Kong's peanut popgun, but it goes on the ground and bites foes.)

B-Up: Cane (Cranky Kong slams down to the ground and jumps up with his cane.)

B-Side: Barrel (Cranky Kong throws a barrel.)

B-Down: Chest Pound (Cranky Kong grabs foes with his inner elbow and pounds his chest.)

Final Smash: Cranky Kong's Lab (Cranky Kong goes inside his lab, and nearby opponents are pulled in, too. There are flashing green lights inside that can only be assumed as some sort of mixture, which damages foes.)

King K. Rool

B: Crown Throw (King K. Rool throws his crown.)

B-Up: Roolestein Copter (King K. Rool gets his backpck he used in DKCDKDT to fly up.)

B-Side: Blunderbuss (King K. Rool fires a Kannonball from his blunderbuss.)

B-Down: Boxing Outfit (King K. Rool spins, changing into his boxer outfit and becoming Boxing King K. Rool.)/Barrel Blast (King K. Rool uses the barrels from Barrel Blast to attack foes by driving to the side.)

Final Smash: Kannonball Fall (King K. Rool jumps, causing Kannonballs to fall from the sky in a strait line right-to-left.)

Boxing King K. Rool

B: Double Punch (BKKR punches twice, the second one causing a lot of knockback.)

B-Up: Shaking Slam (BKKR jumps up high and lands on the ground, creating shockwaves.)

B-Side: Side Punch (BKKR charges a punch, and punches while running to the side.)

B-Down: King Outfit (BKKR spins, changing into his king outfit and becoming King K. Rool.)/Body Slam (BKKR slams onto the ground.)

Final Smash: Blast-o-Matic (The Blast-o-Matic comes, firing a narrow, but extremely powerful, laser.)


B: Egg Lay (Yoshi grabs enemies with his tounge, eats, and swallows them, and they come out in an egg.)

B-Up: Egg Throw (Yoshi throws an egg upward.)

B-Side: Egg Roll (Yoshi rolls around inside an egg.)

B-Down: Yoshi Bomb (Yoshi does a short hop, and lands hard on the ground.)

Final Smash: Super Dragon (Yoshi grows wings and gains the ability to breath fire.)


B: Chomp (Wario chomps at his opponent.)

B-Up: Croksrcew (Wario jumps and spins with his arms extended out.)

B-Side: Wario Bike (Wario hops on his bike and starts driving to attack.)

B-Down: Wario Waft (Wario starts charging up, and when the B button is released, Wario does a powerful fart.)

Final Smash: Wario Man (Wario turns into Wario Man, becoming invincible and having even more power.)


B: Waluigi Whip (Waluigi cracks out his whip he used in his Mega Strike.)

B-Up: Waluigi Glider (Waluigi flies around on his glider for a short time.)

B-Side: Waluigi Bomb (Waluigi throws a Bob-Omb.)

B-Down: Waluigi Tennis (What Waluigi did as an assist trophy.)

Final Smash: Whirluigi (Waluigi gets out his tennis racket and spins around, creating a tornado and balls whirling around him. Waluigi flies around for a short time, but he stops in a ta-da pose, and the balls go flying.)


B: Pinball (9-Volt gets the paddle from Pinball on his head, and bounces the ball on top of it. The longer it doesn't hit the ground, the harder it hits. I goes through the platforms 9-Volt isn't on, though. It lasts for 6 seconds, and if someone gets hit with the ball, they stay on the ball and get hit repeatedly.)

B-Up: Hop to the Top (9-Volt's pet Fronk carries 9-Volt on its head and jumps three times so that 9-Volt can go higher. When the move is done, Fronk drops to the ground and has his own K.O. animation.)

B-Side: Star Fox (9-Volt fires a shot from his toy Arwing, with an enemy at the other side. If someone gets hit with the shot, they will be repeatedly damaged and carried over to the enemy, which will explode, causing massive damage. 9-Volt can charge the attack to not only have a more powerful shot, but an enemy with a bigger explosion, with the enemy being charged up to a R.O.B.)

B-Down: Yoshi (9-Volt rides a Yoshi, which ground-pounds a log. This can be comboed up to three times before the log is completely gone.)

Final Smash: Ultra Machine (9-Volt summons the Ultra Machine to fire 8 baseballs in a straight line, hitting opponents. Then, 9-Volt immediatley jumps to the other side, hitting the balls with a blue, pixelated baseball bat, which sends the opponents away, and 9-Volt then jumps back to where he was to watch them get K.O.ed.)


B: Magic Wand (Ashley casts a spell from her wand. The spell is an orb, similair to the ones she uses in Game and Wario.)

B-Up: Broomstick (Ashley flies up on her broomstick.)

B-Side: Carnivorous Plant (Ashley summons a carnivorous plant to attack foes.)

B-Down: Dark Cloud (Ashley summons a dark cloud similair to her attack when she was an Assist Trophy, but much smaller.)

Final Smash: Global Warning (Ashley rides on the Earth to hit multiple opponents.)

Dr. Mario

B: Pill Stack (Mario "stacks" pills on the ground, and if done three times in a row, the pill stack will dissapear, making a flash that will damage foes.)

B-Up: Bottle Rocket (Dr. Mario uses his bottle to rocket upwards, with pills coming out the bottle to damage opponents.)

B-Side: Virus Buster (Dr. Mario aims at foes, and when the B button is released, a pill is fired and damages the foe.)

B-Down: Virus (Mario summons viruses who circle around him. When the B button is released, the one in front of him is fired, while the other two dissappear. Red burns foes for a long time, blue freezes foes, and Yellow makes the foe's attacks weaker.)

Final Smash: Pill Shower (Giant pills come down from the sky for a short time.)


B: Hero's Bow (Link fires an arrow from his bow.)

B-Up: Spin Attack (Link spins his arm and sword around to jump higher.)

B-Side: Gale Boomerang (Link throws a boomerang, which comes back at him, along with anyone it attacked.)

B-Down: Bomb (Link throws a bomb on the ground.)

Final Smash: Triforce Slash (Link repeatedly slashes foes trapped inside the Triforce.)


B: Nayru's Love (A large crystal forms around Zelda, which then breaks into tiny crystals that spin around Zelda.)

B-Up: Faroe's Wind (Zelda teleports to where the control stick is pointing.)

B-Side: Din's Fire (Zelda throws a fireball across the stage, and will explode when the B button is no longer pressed.)

B-Down: Transform (Zelda transforms into Sheik.)/Phantom Slash (Zelda summons a Phantom who slashes at an opponent.)

Final Smash: Light Arrow (Zelda fires a powerful Light Arrow from her giant bow.)


B: Needle Storm (Sheik throws needles at her opponents. The longer you charge, the more needles you'll have.)

B-Up: Vanish (Like Faroe's Wind, but shorter.)

B-Side: Burst Grenade (Sheikm throws a chain, which has a grenade on the other side, and when you release, Sheik pulls the chain off the grenade, and the grenade explodes.)

B-Down: Transform (Sheik transforms into Zelda.)/Bouncing Fish (Sheik will do an aerial kick. If it hits, Sheik will bounce back.)

Final Smash: Power of the Sages (Sheik plays a warping song to transport anyone near to a place where all the Sages, except for Zelda, are. They all use their powers to attack the opponents, before Darunia gives the final blow, which sends them back, and sends them flying off the stage.)


B: Daggers (Ghirahim will charge an attack, and throw daggers at his foes. the longer he charges, the more dagggers there will be.)

B-Up: Ghirahim Teleportation (like Faroe's Wind, but longer.)

B-Side: Running Sword (Ghirahim will run, and when he reaches an opponent, swing his sword upwards.)

B-Down: Whirling Diamonds (Ghirahim will throw a ring of diamonds at his foe, which will circle around the foe for a short time, and they will then all charge into the foe, damaging him/her.)

Final Smash: Demon Lord (Ghirahim will preform a powerful Skyward Slash, which is consumed by darkness, and while doing this, he transforms into his true form, becoming more powerful than before. This is only temporary, however.)


B: Charge Shot (Samus fires energy from her arm cannon. The longer she charges it, the larger and more powerful it is.)

B-Up: Screw Attack (Samus rolls into a ball and jumps upward, surrounding herself with a bluish electrical field that damages foes.)

B-Side: Missile (Samus fires a powerful missile.)

B-Down: Suit Off (Samus is surrounded by blue, electrical energy for a moment, which damages foes, and becomes Zero Suit Samus.)/Bomb (Samus turns into a morph ball and drops a bomb, which will explode either on a set time period, or upon contact with a character.)

Final Smash: Zero Laser (Samus fires a giant, powerful laser from her arm cannon.)

Zero Suit Samus

B: Paralyzer (ZSS fires a shot from her blaster, which paralyzes foes.)

B-Up: Boost Kick (ZSS preforms a powerful upward kick, sending her into the air.)

B-Side: Plasma Whip (ZSS whips at opponents with her Plasma Whip.)

B-Down: Suit On (Like Suit Off, except ZSS gets her suit on, changing into Samus.)/Flip Jump (ZSS does a vertical jump and flip.)

Final Smash: Gunship (ZSS fires energy shots at her opponents in her gunship, which are aimed at with the cursor.)


B: Inhale (Kirby inhales his opponent and gains their neutral special move.)

B-Up: Final Cutter (Kirby goes up and down with a sword in his hand.)

B-Side: Hammer Flip (Kirby hits foes with a hammer in an arc. He can charge this move, and can walk around while he does.)

B-Down: Stone (Kirby turns into a stone, and if he is in the air, plummets straight down.)

Final Smash: Ultra Sword (Kirby slashes at his foes with his ultra sword.)

Fox McCloud

B: Blaster (Fox fires a shot from his blaster.)

B-Up: Fire Fox (Fox charges up and goes up in the air in flames.)

B-Side: Fox Illusion (Fox dashes and suddenly becomes invisible. When he dashes through foes, they go at an upwards angle.)

B-Down: Reflector (Fox activates a reflector around him, which relfects projectiles.)

Final Smash: Landmaster (Fox calls his landmaster, and he attacks foes in it.)


B: Thunder Jolt (Pikachu fires a jolt of electricity which can cling to platforms.)

B-Up: Quick Attack (Moves upwards in two directions, which can be selectd with the control stick.)

B-Side: Skull Bash (Pikachu chargesup, and fires himself like a missile when the charging is done.)

B-Down: Thunder (Makes a thunderbolt come down on itself.)

Final Smash: Volt Tackle (Pikachu engulfs itself in a ball of electricity and flies around the stage.)



B: Earthquake (Tyrantrum stomps around, causing a powerful earthquake around him.)

B-Up: Head Smash (Tyrantrum sends himsel upward, with his head dealing damage to foes who come in contact with it.)

B-Side: Dragon Claw (Tyrantrum slashes at foes with its claw.)

B-Down: Switch (Tyrantrum switches out with Altaria.)


B: Cotton Guard (Altaria hides in its cloud. Attacks now do half damage, and do twice the damage to the user.)

B-Up: Sky Attack (Altaria charges up energy, and flies upward. the longer Altaria charges, the more powerful the attack will be.)

B-Side: Moonblast (Altaria fires a white beam.)

B-Down: Switch (Altaria switches with Salamence.)


B: Dragon Breath (Salamence breathes a purple flame.)

B-Up: Fly (Salamence flies upward. This does not damage foes.)

B-Side: Dragon Tail (Salamence spins around, its tail damaging foes.)

B-Down: Switch (Salamence switches with Tyrantrum.)


Final Smash: Mega Salamence (Zinnia sends out Salamence if it is not already out, and mega evolves it into Mega Salamence. His attacks are now more powerful, and Switch changes to Double Edge, where Salamence tackles his foe powerfully. This is only temporary, however, and Salamence will change back to regular Salamence after a while. After that, Zinnia will switch back to the Pokemon it had out before if it had a different one out before.)

Captain Falcon

B: Falcon Punch (Captain Falcon charges up his fist, then releases a fiery punch.)

B-Up: Falcon Dive (Falcon grabs an opponent, finishing with a fiery explosion. If no one is grabbed, he only does a harmless flip.)

B-Side: Raptor Boost (Dashes towards opponents and follows with an uppercut.)

B-Down: Falcon Kick (Captain Falcon does a high-speed kick.)

Final Smash: Blue Falcon (The Blue Falcon crashes into opponents near Captain Falcon, and they are trnasported to a road on an F-Zero track. Captain Falcon will then crash into his foes with the Blue Falcon, sending them flying.)


B: PK Flash (Ness charges a green sphere, then releases it. The longer Ness charges,the more powerful it is.)

B-Up: PK Thunder (Ness creates a stream of lightning he can aim at opponents.)

B-Side: PK Flare (Ness fires a thin, yellow beam, which travels across the stage, until it hits an opponent, at which point it explodes.)

B-Down: PSI Mgnet (Ness creates an orb around him that absorbs projetiles.)

Final Smash: PK Starstorm (Ness creates a meteor shower to attack his foes.)


B: Palutena's Arrow (Pit fires an arrow from his bow.)

B-Up: Power of Flight 9After charging up, Pit flies himself into a chosen direction, chosen by the circle pad.)

B-Side: Upperdash Arm (Pitruns forward, uppercutting anyone he comes in contact with with the Upperdash Arm.)

B-Down: Guardian Orbitars (Pit summons two Guardian Orbitars, which reflect projectiles.)

Final Smash: Three Sacred Treasures (Pit uses the Three Sacred Treasures to attack foes.)


B: Pikmin Pluck (Olimar plucks Pikmin in this order: red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White. He can only have 3 at a time.)

B-Up: Pikmin Chain (Olimar makes the Pikmin hold onto eachother in a chain. The direction can be controlled by the circle pad.)

B-Side: Pikmin Throw (Olimar throws his Pikmin to attack his foes.)

B-Down: Pikmin Order (Olimar calls all the Pikmin that were seperated from him.)

Final Smash: End of Day (Olimar and all his Pikmin go into his spaceship, leaving the rest to be attacked by the predators of the night. They then crash-land back, causing an explosion and sending their foes flying.)


B: Pikmin Pluck (Olimar plucks Pikmin in this order: Rock, Winged. He can hold up to three.)

B-Up: Winged Pikmin (Winged Pikmin carry Alph up for 3-12 seconds. the time depends on how many Winged and Rock Pikmin there are.)

B-Side: Pikmin Throw (Just like Olimar's Pikmin Throw.)

B-Down: Pikmin Order (Just like Olimar's Pikmin Order.)

Final Smash: End of Day (Just like Olimar's End of Day.)

Little Mac

B: Straight Lunge (Little Mac charges up, and then lunges straight forward with a powerful punch.)

B-Up: Rising Uppercut (Little Mac flies upward with an uppercut.)

B-Side: Jolt Haymaker (Little Mac hops forward and preforms a downward hook punch.)

B-Down: Slip Counter (Little Mac dodges an attack and responds with a punch.)

Final Smash: Giga Mac (Little Mac temporarily transforms into Giga Mac.)


B: Paintball (Inkling shoots a paintball from her paintgun. When they hit the floor, they splat, and slow other foes down. However, it will dissapear eventually.)

B-Up: Ultra Jump (Splatoon jumps to the nearest opponent who is on ground and lands on top of them, sending them backwards. If no foe is near enough, Inkling will just do an unusually high jump.)

B-Side: Paint Grenade (Inkling throws a paint grenade to splat more paint and do more damage, but the grenade has poor range and its paint will dissapear quicker.)

B-Down: Squid (Inkling transforms into a squid to travel fastly across her paint. Inkling is not only faster, but practically invisible, too, for there is only a tiny bump to tell where she is.)

Final Smash: Super Weapon (Inkling fires a single, giant paintball from her Super weapon. If it hits an opponent, they will be attached to it and be sent off stage.)

Heli Fire Submarine

B: Up Shot (Heli Fire Submarine fires a shot upwards.)

B-Up: Helicopter (A green helicopter carries it up, and if B is pressed again, it will drop a yellow, square bomb.)

B-Side: Torpedo (Heli Fire Submarine fires a torpedo.)

B-Down: Explode (Heli Fire Submarine explodes, and while it does lots of damage to its foes, it does some damage to itself.)

Final Smash: Aerial Attack (Many green helicopters fly above the players at the top of the screen and drop even bigger yellow, square bombs than the helicopter that carries Heli Fire Submarine.)


B: Konaniran (Sukapon throws its head at its opponent, and it will go back to Sukapon, taking anyone it hit with it.)

B-Up: Sukapon Roll (Sukapon rolls in a direction controlled by the control stick, and if it his, Sukapon will go back in the opposite direction. if it never hits, it will stop eventually, but it will go back weaker. The farther the enemy flies, the farther Sukapon goes back.)

B-Side: Sukapon Toss (Sukapon will reach out to its opponent and throws it to the side the control stick is pointing to.)

B-Down: Tondeker (This is much like Konaniran, except Sukapon isn't throwing his own head, rather a fake one, it doesn't come back, is more powerful, and is slower.)

Final Smash: Dash Upper (Sukapon dashes and powerfully uppercuts anyone he runs into. He will stop when the platform ends.)


B: Baseball Glove (Mike charges up, and pitches a baseball. Is fast, but weak.)

B-Up: Magic Bracelet (Mikes Magic Bracelet gives him a third jump.)

B-Side: Leonardo Da Vinci's Katana (Mike slashes with Leonardo Da Vinci's katana.)

B-Down: Magic Mirror (Mike pulls out a magic mirror, deflecting projectiles.)

Final Smash: Laser Gun (Mike pulls out a laser gun, and begins to fire at opponents repeatedly, moving his gun up and down to get more opponents.)

Driving Excitebot

B: Accelerating Drive (Excitebot will drive forward at high speeds for a short time.)

B-Up: Yellow Bar (A yellow bar appears, and Excitebot grabs it. It will swing around on it, until B is released, and Excitebot will go in the direction it was when it released.)

B-Side: Firecracker (Excitebot hops on a firecracker, as it flies to the side. It will explode when it his someone or when a certain period of time has passed.)

B-Down: Hammer (Excitebot slams a hammer down on the ground.)

Final Smash: Red Bar (Excitebot starts swinging on a red bar. The force draws in opponents, who are damaged by Excitebot's swinging. When Excitebot releases, the opponents will fly much farther than Excitebot does, and proboably get K.O.ed.)

Walking Excitebot

B: Accelerating Run (Like Accelerating Drive, only it can bury opponents, and be charged for a tree run to send debris everywhere to damage foes. The catch is that it won't stop, so you must press B again to stop. You could fall of the ledge in an IMMEDIATE harmless state if you're not careful. If opponents attack you, it will push you a bit, so it is easy for opponents to push you off when you're near a ledge.)

B-Up: Glide (Excitebot starts gliding in the air. B can be pressed up to four times to summon a butterfly. When Excitebot lands, they start to fly off stage, and do a bit of damage to whoever they run into.)

B-Side: Grind (Excitebot will start grinding on he ground. B can be pressed during this time so Excitebot can jump, damaging opponents. Unlike Accelerating Run, it will stop at ledges or at a certain point.)

B-Down: Wrench (Excitebot does a downward strike with a red wrench.)

Final Smash: Red Bar (Just like Driving Excitebot's Red Bar.)


Petey Piranha

B: Goop (Petey Piranha spits out goop.)

B-Up: Stalking Neck (Petey Piranha's neck grows, and if a ledge is near, Petey will bite it to hold on.)

B-Side: Vine Twirl (Petey summons red, spiky, large vines to spin around and attack foes.)

B-Down: Mega Bite (Petey plants his feet in the ground and charges a bite. The bite's power depends on how long her charged it. The hole will stay for a short time, and if stepped on by a foe, the foe will be immediately buried.)

Final Smash: Windmill (Petey jumps on top of a windmill, which collapses, and the fall and debris damage foes.)


B: Fireball Charge (Ridley charges up a fireball in his mouth, then shoots it out.)

B-Up: Sweeping Wings (Rildey flies upward, spreading his wings ot, then putting them back in. Can send opponents downward.)

B-Side: Claw Lunge (Ridley runs forward, preforming a claw slash as he does, and finishing off with a lunging slash.)

B-Down: Aerial Headbutt (Rildey flips, and preforms a headbutt as he lands.)

Final Smash: Mother Brain (Ridley summons Mother Brain to attack his foes.)


B: Hydro Pump (Gyrados fires a stream of water from his mouth.)

B-Up: Twister (Gyrados circles around, creating a twister as he does, carrying him upward.)

B-Side: Ice Fang (Gyrados bites his foe, freezing the foe as he does.)

B-Down: Frustration (Gyrados rushes forward at the opponents. The more damage it has taken, the more powerful it is.)

Final Smash: Mega Gyarados (Gyarados transforms into Mega Gyarados for a short time. In this form, he is much more powerful.)


B: Disaster Block (When a fire starts and becomes big, Doshin pushes it away to attack hs foes. It will grow smaller and weaker as it moves across.)

B-Up: Mountain (Doshin charges, and then makes a mountain rise up to lift him. Will immediatley dissapear.)

B-Side: Villager Throw (Much like Pikmin Throw, only the villagers are as big as Mario and do more damage with their hammers.)

B-Down: Hole (Doshin lowers terrain to make a hol to bury others in.)

Final smash: Love Monument (The villagers build a giant Love Monument to Doshin, damaging anyone inside while they're working. Hs lots of knockback, but does not give as much damage as most Final Smashes.)



Secret Character 1

Time-Traveling Mario

B: Magellan's Globe (Time-Traveling Mario holds out a globe and spins it. The spinning globe will repeatedly damage foes.)

B-Up: Wright Brothers' Propeller (Time-Traveling Mario spins the propeller, sending him upward.)

B-Side: Dinosaur Egg (Time-Traveling Mario throws a dinosaur egg which rolls on the ground.)

B-Down: Newton's Apple (Time-Traveling Mario drops Newton's Apple. The farther it falls, the harder it hits.)

Final Smash: Time Travel: Time-Traveling Mario time travels bacl to when it was last hit, and everything is in slow-mo. When the oppoenent is about to hit it, it goes to real time and Time-Traveling Mario does a powerul combo with everything he's collected. When the combo ends, it remains in that time.)

Unlock By:

Secret Character 2


B: Unsquish (Goomba squishes its head like it has been crushed, and then un-squishes it to send opponents above and near straight up.)

B-Up: Paragoomba (Goomba grows wings and can fly for a short time. During this time, Goomba drops three Micro-Goombas to attack.)

B-Side: Goomba Run (Goomba runs quickly to attack, like it does in the Mario games.)

B-Down: Goomba Shoe (Goomba does a short hop and lands violently with a Goomba Shoe on.)

Final Smash: Koopa Troop (All kinds of members of the Koopa Troop run from right to left, damaging anyone who touches them. It ends when Goomboss jumps down on the stage from the right to damage foes, then jumps back to the left.)

Unlock By: Beat Classic Mode as Bowser or Bowser Jr.

Secret Character 3

Proffessor E. Gadd

B: Poltergust 300 (Proffessor E. Gadd sucks opponents into his Poltergust 3000, and theycan stay there for up to 10 seconds, getting damaged the whole time. However, they can beat themselves out of there.)

B-Up: Super Poltergust 3001 (Proffessor E. Gadd flies up on his Super Poltergust 3001.)

B-Side: Robo Mario (E. Gadd summons Robo Mario from the Mario Kart: Arcade GP series, who drives on his car to run over opponents. He will drive off the track and can only be summoned three times, being more beaten and weak eeach time. After all three times are used up, he can not be summoned again until E. Gadd is K.O.ed.)

B-Down: F.L.U.D.D. (The same as Mario's old B-Down.)

Final Smash: Poltergust 5000 (The same as Luigi's old Final Smash.)

Unlock By: Beat Classic mode on 0.1-5.0 as Luigi

Secret Character 4


B: Bag o' Goodies (Nabbit traps its foe in its bag.)

B-Up: Bag-a-chute (Nabbit pens up its bag like a parachute and goes flying up, and after that, it starts to go gently down.)

B-Side: Bag Release (Nabbit opens its bag, and its stuff comes flying out.)

B-Down: Super Run (Nabbit runs, and anyone who touches him gets buried. He will take damage, but won't flinch.)

Final Smash: Rabbit Copter (Nabbit twirls its ears like a helicopter, and flies around the stage for a short time.)

Unlock By: Beat Classic Mode on 5.1-10.0 as Luigi

Secret Character 5

Karate Kong

B: Hammerfist Bongoes (Karate Kong beats on bongoes by hammerfisting them repeatedly. This creates small soundwaves that can damage opponents.)

B-Up: Jumping Roundhouse (Karate Kong jumps and preforms a roundhouse kick.)

B-Side: Double Chop (Karate Kong inside chops and outside chops with his left hand.)

B-Down: Blocking Counter (Karate Kong blocks the physical attack and counters with a punch.)

Final Smash: Konga Beat (Donkey Kong's old Final Smash.)

Unlock By: Beat Classic Mode as Donkey Kong and Use Donkey Kong's Final Smash

Secret Character 6

Baby Yoshi

B: Ground Flutter (Baby Yoshi does a short hop and does a flutter kick, but does not go higher.)

B-Up: Balloon (Baby Yoshi's stomach grows large, floating him up like a balloon. This can be done 2 more times, before Baby Yoshi deflates into a helpless state.)

B-Side: Bubble (Baby Yoshi spits out bubbles. If someone gets trapped in one, they will take a little damage on entry, float a bit, then pop out in a helpless state.)

B-Down: Glow (Baby Yoshi glows, stunning opponents.)

Final Smash: Super Tounge (Baby Yoshi extends its tounge extremely far, and anyone who gets attatched to it is swallowed and shot out of Baby Yoshi's rear extremely far.)

Unlock By: Beat Classic Mode as Yoshi and Baby Mario and Baby Luigi in Two-Player Mode

Secret Character 7


B: Egg Swallow (Like Yoshi's Egg Lay, except Birdo sucks foes from her mouth, spits them out, and they go farther.)

B-Up: Egg Cannon (Like Yoshi's Egg Throw, except Birdo spits it from her mouth, it goes farther, hits harder, and can't be aimed.)

B-Side: Egg Roll (Like Yoshi's Egg Roll, except it stops at edges.)

B-Down: Egg Bomb (Like Yoshi's Yoshi Bomb, except Birdo is in an egg.)

Final Smash: Giga Egg (Birdo swallows up her foes with more power and range than before, then spits them out in a giant egg.)

Unlock By: Play as Yoshi in Mushroom Kingdom 2 five times in a row.

Secret Character 8

Princess Shokora

B: Ram (Princess Shokora rams into foes to attack.)

B-Up: Angels (Four angels carry up Princess Shokora.)

B-Side: Roll (Princess Shokora rolls around.)

B-Down: Transform (Princess Shokora transforms into Black Cat.)/Smash (If Princess Shokora is in the air, she will ground pound.)

Final Smash: Apple Bomb (Princess Shokora throws the Apple Bomb from WL4 at the nearest opponent, which causes a big explosion.)

Unlock By: Beat All Events (With Black Cat)

Secret Character 9
Black Cat

B: Kitty Swipes (Black Cat repeatedly scratches the opponent.)

B-Up: Black Dragon (Black Cat transforms into the Black Dragon from WL4, which can fly up high and breathe fire.)

B-Side: Giant Bite (Black Cat's jaw transforms into a jaw much like the Black Dog's from WL4, and repeatedly biteds nearby foes.)

B-Down: Transform (Black Cat transforms into Princess Shokora.)/Big Fist (Black Cat gets a fist on her hand similair to the Big Fist item from WL4 and punches into the ground, damaging and brying nearby foes.)

Final Smash: Blast Cannon (Black Cat uses the Blast Cannon from WL4 to fire multiple bombs at opponents. The direction of the bombs can be controlled.)

Unlock By: Beat All Events (With Princess Shokora)

Secret Character 10

Eggplant Man

B: Hammer (Eggplant Man slams his hammer to the ground.)

B-Up: Bomb Block (Eggplant Man puts a bomb block below him, and it explodes, sending him up.)

B-Side: Pink Blocks (Eggplant Man summons four pink blocks in a row, which explode, damaging and stunning anyone who comes into contact with the explosion.)

B-Down: Hammer Spin (Eggplant Man puts the top of his hammer on the ground, flipping him up, and spins his hammer on the ground.)

Final Smash: Foreman Spike (Foreman Spike, in his NES appearence, comes running in, and for a short time, he can use his powerful hammer to dmaage opponents.)

Unlock By: Unlock the stage Wrecking Crew

Secret Character 11

Dr. Luigi

B: Pill Stack L (Same as Dr. Mario's Pill Stack, except the pills are sideways, so their harder to aim, but only require to have the B button hit twice but can ave a third hit using an L-Pill, and the flash always hits harder.)

B-Up: Bottle Rocket L (Same as Dr. Mario's Bottle Rocket, except it drops L-Pills, whcih are slower but harder.)

B-Side: Virus Buster L (Same as Dr. Marios Virus Buster, but it hits harder (it uses an L-Pill) and has worse range.)

B-Down: Virus L (Same as Dr. Mario's Virus, except the viruses are the designs from Dr. Luigi and the viruses can walk, instead of dissappearing the moment it hits the ground.)

Final Smash: L-Pill (Dr. Luigi flies around on a giant L-Pill.)

Unlock By: Clear Classic Mode as Dr. Mario

Secret Character 12

Nurse Peach

B: Heal (Nurse Peach puts her stethascope, healing anyone it touches.)

B-Up: Air Ambulance (Nurse Peach flies on a helicopter.)

B-Side: Anestesia (Nurse Peach puts a special mask on a foe, putting them to sleep.)

B-Down: Rescue (Nurse Peach drops down a rope ladder, which falling allies can climb on.)

Final Smash: Hospital (Nurse Peach puts anyone nearby on a medical bed, and heals them completely, and makes them invincible for a short time.)

Unlock By: Eat 100 peices of food




Not much info is known on the Kanto starters amiibo or Toy Pikachu.


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