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Super Smash Bros.: Game Fun Happy Times is a Super Smash Bros. game developed by chinese development team Hummer Team. It is the best Super Smash Bros. game ever, given a 9/10 by BGN and GomeSpot called it the best Windows 10 game in the market right now.




Starter Characters

Character Description Moveset
SSBSuperBro4 至是公佈 至是公佈
SSBBootleg007 至是公佈 至是公佈
SSBDogs 至是公佈 至是公佈
SSBPikaBoy 至是公佈 至是公佈
SSBMechaThomas 至是公佈 至是公佈
SSBLavenderTails 至是公佈 至是公佈
SSBPockman 至是公佈 至是公佈
SSBSonails 至是公佈 至是公佈
SSBGayEmpireStormtrooper 至是公佈 至是公佈
SSBStarKnight 至是公佈 至是公佈

Unlockable Characters


Starter Stages

Unlockable Stages


Items Description Rarity
Thomas sonic gun
Thomas's Sonic Gun
至是公佈 至是公佈

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