Super Smash Bros.: Colossal Chaos will be a title for the Super Smash Bros. series and it will the successor to Super Smash Bros. 4. It will be released on January 2015 to U.S.A., Japan, Europe, and Australia. SSBCC will be on the platforms Wii U, Future Nintendo, and Chaos Mega System Plus.




Picture Name Veteran/Newcomer Series
Mario SSBCC Mario Veteran SSB Mario Series
Link SSBCC Link Veteran SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Kirby SSBCC Kirby Veteran SSB Kirby Series
Luigi SSBCC Luigi Veteran SSB Mario Series
Pikachu SSBCC Pikachu Veteran SSB Pokémon Series
Bowser SSBCC Bowser Veteran SSB Mario Series
Peach SSBCC Princess Peach Veteran SSB Mario Series
DK SSBCC Donkey Kong Veteran SSBDKEmblem


Picture Name Veteran/Newcomer Series
Sonic SSBCC Sonic the Hedgehog Veteran 50px-SonicSymbol.svg
Mega Man SSBCC Mega Man Veteran 50px-Mega Man Symbol
Retro Quadret SSBCC Retro Quadret Newcomer SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Pac-Man SSBCC Pac-Man Veteran PacmanIcon
Banjo-Kazooie SSBCC Banjo and


Newcomer SSB Banjo-Kazooie Series