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Spike1234 02:22, January 6, 2012 (UTC)

Basic Game Info.

System(s): Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS

Type: Fighting

Players: 1-4

Wi-Fi?: Yes

Movement Type: Platform

Series: Super Smash Bros.

Release Date: TBA

Known Playable Characters:



How to Unlock Secret Characters:

Shromb Queen: Win A Match As Abigal (Challenger Approaching Stage: Bowser's Castle 2)

King Deedee: Play 10 V.S. Matches (Challger Approaching Stage:Norfair)

Falco: Play 15 V.S. Matches (Challger Approaching Stage:Halberd)

Luigi: Play 20 V.s Matches (Challger Approaching Stage:8-Bit Mushroom Kingdom)

Ness: Play 25 V.S. Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage: Yoshi's Island)

Wario: Play 30 V.S. Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage: Wario Ware Inc.)

Sonic : Play 35 V.S. Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage:Green Hill Zone)

Bowser Jr.: Play 40 V.S. Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage: Delfino Plaza)

Morton Koopa Jr.: Play 45 V.S Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage:Mushroomy Kingdom)

Poke'Mon Trainer: Play 50 V.S. Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage:Poke'mon Stadium)

Luicario: Play 55 V.S. Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage:Poke'Mon Stadium 2)

Baby Peach: Play 60 V.S. Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage:Peach's Castle Grounds)

Baby Luigi : Play 65 V.S Matches (Challneger Approaching Stage: Peach's Castle)

Mr.Game And Watch: Play 70 V.S Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage: Summit)

Ganondorf: Play 75 V.S Matches (Challenger Approaching Stage:Port Town)

Known Stages

Waiting Room

Delphino Plaza

Princess Peach's Castle

Peach's Castle Grounds

Castle Seige


Pokemon Stadium

Pokeon Stadium II

Bowser's Castle

Mushroomy Kingdom

8-Bit Mushroomy Kingdom

Yoshi's Island

Final Destination

Battle Field

Green Hill Zone

Port Town



Wario Ware, Inc.

Bridge of Elden


Yoshi's Island III

Lost Woods

Pirate Ship

Bowser's Castle II

The Observatory


Shroob Queen's Potion Factory

Delphino Plaza

The Subspace

Big Blue II

Peach's Castle (Roof)

Peach's Castle (Inside)

Sector Z


Final Smash List (Of known characters)


Mario finally. Mario shoots a large stream of fire.

Princess Peach

Peach Blossom. As Peach dances, all players, in the air or on the ground, will fall asleep. Meanwhile, hearts will circle around Peach, pulling in all the sleeping players. If they are hit by the hearts, they will recieve severe damage. During all this comotion, peaches will fall to the floor.


Yoshi Dragon. Yoshi grows wings and can spit fire and fly for a short time.


Ray Beam. Samus shoots a giant beam that is almost completely sure to kill her foes. After the beam, her power suit will fall off and she will become Zero Suit Samus.

Zero Suit Samus

Suit Recovery. Samus will regain her suit again. If a player touches her during ths, they will gain 50 damage or more.


Golden Arrow. Zelda uses a majic bow and arrow and shoots straight forward. If hit, severe damage is done.


Giga Bowser. Bowser will turn into Giga Bowser. Unlike in SSBB, he flinches and can be knocked out of the stage. An advantage, though, is that it lasts untill the Bowser dies.

NOTE: If L+R are held down during the character selection, the player will stay as giga bowser the whole match. The final smash will do nothing though.


Giga Bowser

Donkey Kong

Classic DK. Donkey Kong jumps up onto a bar (like in the DK game) and with A throws barrels that roll left, and with B throws barrels that roll right (Inspired by Mcleodgaming's Super Smash Flash 2)


Landmaster. Fox uses his tank to shoot and run over enemies.


PK Starstorm. Stars fall from the top of the screen that damage enmeis greatly.


Volt Tackle. Pikachu can float around in an electical sphere that severely hurts enemies


Union of the Sacred Shards. Abigail opens the shard capsul and the shards fly to the top of the screen and unite. They send blasts of rainbow light (Like in SMB Sacred Shards) that severely damage enemies.

Baby Mario and Luigi

Poket Chomps. He pulls out a poket chomp (From M&L) and grabs the chain. The chomp will fly from sides of the screen tword enemies. Upon pressing B or A, baby Mario will swing his hammer.


Luma Magic. Rosalina and orange Luma will float to the top of the screen and shoot a large bolt of magic. If it hits a player or the bottom of the stage, it will blow up as a giant circle of magic that takes up almost the whole sceen. It is very good for small stages.

Shroob Queen

Shroop Army. An army of 10 shroobs attacks. They have a small handicap and die at about 100% damage

King Dedede

Waddle Dee parade. A parade of waddle dee attack the enemies


Wizard Dance. All the players in Luigi's dancing bubble will fall asleep and continuously loose damage


Super Wario. He is stronger, faster, and invincibal.


Super Sonic. He turns gold and can fly. He causes damage when he touches opponents

Bowser Jr.

Koopa Clown. He jumps in his clown car and can move left and right at the top of the screen. He can target locations and spit fire. If he targets under a platform, the fire will go through it. However, if he targets above a platform and the fire continues and hits it, the fire will go out. He can also throw enemies, like koopa, Mecha Koopa, shroobs and goomba.

Morton Koopa Jr.

Koopa Kid Attack. All the other Koopa Kids will randomly run on the stage and shoot majic at the other players. The spells do diffirent things. Blue spells stun enemies, red spells give them small damage, green spells shrink them, and purple spells give them alot of damage.

Pokemon Trainer

Tripple Damage. All his pokemon will shoot a large beam, causing severe damage to those it hits.

Baby Peach

Yoshi Ride. She rides Yoshi like in Yoshi's Island. Yoshi's controlls are like the real yoshi, but he jumps higher due to Peach's parasol. The eggs he throws are also aimed like in the game and thrown very fast. They are more powerful and so are all his other attacks. Replacing the egg roll, Peach hits with her parasol.


Aura Storm. He flys up to the top of the screen and shoots a large blue beam.

Mr. Game and Watch

Octopus. He becomes an octopus and can hit with his tentacles


Ganon Beast. He turns into Ganon and charges across the screen.

Gannon SSBB


All others soon

How to unlock Secret Characters:

Shroob Queen: Play 100 VS matches. Battle Stage - Shroob Queen's Factory

King Dedede: Play 10 matches as Kirby. Battle Stage - Dreamland

Falco: Complete classic mode with Fox. Battle Stage - Sector Z

Luigi: Complete classic mode with Mario. Battle Stage - 8-Bit Mushroom Kingdom

Ness: Complete classic mode with Lucas. Battle Stage - Onnet

Wario: Play 10 matches as Luigi. Battle Stage - Wario Ware, Inc.

Baby Peach: Win a match as Abigail. Battle Stage - Yoshi's Island

Daisy: Complete classic mode as Princess Peach. Battle Stage - Peach's Castle (Interior)

Toon Zelda: Play 5 matches as Toon Link

Rosalina: Play the stage "The Observatory" for 2 minutes or more. Battle Stage - The Observatory

All others soon

How to unlock Bonus Costumes


Classic Mario Costume (Works as alternative red team): Complete classic mode on Normal or higher with Mario

Mario classic text

Classic Mario

Ice Mario Costume (Works as alternative blue team): Complete classic mode on Hard or higher with Mario. This costume will also change the fire balls to ice balls, but they will still give the same amount of damage

Ice mario tex

Ice Mario

Melee Mario (Works as alternative red team): Complete event 41 (Final Event) with Mario on any difficulty level

Mario Melee brawl

Melee Mario

8-bit Classic Mario: Complete classic mode on Very Hard

Classic 8-bit mario ssbb

8-bit classic Mario


Coming Soon

Princess Peach

Classic Peach: Complete classic mode with Peach on Normal or higher

Peach classic

Classic Peach

Brawl Peach: Complete classic mode on Hard as Peach

Brawl peach

Brawl Peach

Maid Peach: Complete event 41 (Final Event) with Peach on any difficulty level

Maid peach

Maid Peach

Striker Peach: Complete event 41 (Final Event) on Normal or higher as Peach

Striker Peach

Striker Peach

N64 Tennis Peach: Complete classic mode on Very Hard as Peach

Peach tennis 2

N64 Tennis Peach

Dancer Peach (Works as alternative red team): Complete event 41 (Final event) on Hard with Peach

Peach japan dress

Dancer Peach

Others Soon :-)

Known Event Matches

  1. Single PlayerSuper Mario 64 - P1= Mario. Bowser will only use his fire attack, but it reaches farther. Defeat him by draining his stanima, which can only be drained by Mario's spin throw
  2. No Trouble Makers Alloud! - P1= Yoshi. With his B attack, trap both Lucas and Baby Mario in the small cage in the corner of the Yoshi's Island stage. To do this, use the B attack and trap them in eggs, but make sure the egg falls into the cage. If it doesn't, they will break free.
  3. Super Wario! - P1= Wario. Defeat Mario and Luigi with the Super Wario final smash. Only kills with the final smash count. Everyone only has one stock, but kills without Super Wario won't make them loose stock
  4. Dance Battle: P1= Peach (Dancer Dress). Take out those troublesome plumbers!
  5. Challangers 1: Defeat the characters from SSB N64 wit any character
  6. Kirby Mass Attack- defeat a team of 20 Kirby with any character
  7. Baby Battle! - With Baby Mario, defeat Baby Bowser (Small Bowser). Baby Luigi and Baby Peach are your allies but have a handicap. They will die at about 100%
  8. Peachytastic: P1= Peach. Defeat Mario, Bowser and Luigi.
  9. I'm Bowser, Baby!: P1= Bowser. Defeat the Mario Bros.
  10. Space Attack: P1= Rosalina. Defeat Bowser, Ganondorf, and King Dedede.
  11. Challangers 2: Defeat the hidden characters from melee
  12. Prehistoric Lovers: P1= Yoshi. Defeat 3 Birdos.
  13. Power Suit: P1= Zero Suit Samus. Get the smash ball with Zero Suit Samus
  14. All Grown Up: P1= Olimar. Survive with Olimar untill all his pikmin have grown flowers
  15. Super Princess Peach!: P1= Peach. Defeat Bowser, Morton Koopa Jr., and Donkey Kong
  16. A Typical Day in the Mushroom Kingdom: P1= Mario. Allies= Peach, Luigi (handicap, die at about 80%) Defeat Bowser!
  17. Mountain Climbing: P1= Ice Climbers Race to the top of the ice mountain. Get there before the other ice climbers do.
  18. Yoshi's Island: P1= Yoshi. Defeat Gigant Baby Bowser like in Yoshi's Island! You must use the egg throw, which is changed to be like in YI. It has the aimer, and is thrown as hard. Baby Bowser steps slowly closer from the right. He shoots large fire balls. Keep him back with the egg toss for 3 minutes.
  19. Your Fired: P1= Mario. Use Mario's Final Smash to defeat Peach (Maid Dress) before she destroys Luigi's Mansion.
  20. Challangers 3: Defeat Brawl's hidden characters with anyone
  21. Mini Mario Mayhem: Defeat a team of 20 small Marios, but with 300% handicap!
  22. Super Sonic: P1= Sonic. Get the final smash with Sonic to defeat your foes.
  23. Race to the Finish: Get to the end of a crazy maze before your shadow does
  24. Final Destination- Defeat Crazy Hand and Master Hand at the same time with any character
  25. The Final Battle- With any character, defeat Lucario, Ganondorf, and Giga Bowser.

Other Notes:

Princess Peach

Peach has her old double jump height back (One from Melee) Peach is in her Melee dress She has a white parasol Replacing her white dress is her sunshine costume. She has a light pink dress with no seleeves, a ponytail and the parasol from Sunshine. She also has a classic Peach costume. It is peach in her normal, basic pink dress from most Mario games. None of her attacks change except her parsol, where she uses Perry from SPP instead of her white parasol. Perry will normally be happy, but when getting hit he gets mad.

Sinshine SSBB Peach

Princess Peach in her Super Mario Sunshine dress


Although she did not seem to be a girly-girl in Super Mario Bros: The Sacred Shards, in this game she attacks with her pink blanky she only had in the beginning of the game and blasts hearts when she kisses. She almost appears as a mix of a ballerina and Princess Peach as a little girl.

Most of her attacks are with her plink blaket, where in Sacred Shards, she mostly used a white parasol.

Her down B attack (cry attack, makes puddles that trip enemies, and pushes them downward in their jump) most likely comes from the gloom power up from Sacred Shards


His B punch is faster

He moves faster

He uses a sword to attack

With his B punch, he does the same thing but swings his sword


He is a bit stronger

His final samsh (Giga Bowser) lasts untill he dies, but he flinches like in the final event from Melee

His turtle shell slide (Up B) if done on the floor and the player moves, will slide untill the player lets go of B or he hits something (Not including enemies)


Daisy's move set is overall a stronger version of Peach's

Instead of Heart clouds, the bomber creates flower clouds

Daisy Can not float

Her up special is a tripple jump, not the parasol

Instead of plucking veggies with her Down Special, she plucks up lips stick flowers

One alternate costume is the Stricker Daisy

SSBB Daisy sports

Striker Daisy


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