Super Smash Bros.: Age of Tabuu
Broadcaster(s) Netflix
Locked TV
Genre(s) Action
Country of Origin Japan, USA
Original Language Japanese, English.
A new era is about to start.

Super Smash Bros.: Age of Tabuu is a CGI-animated action series developed by Vector Arts, based upon the famous Super Smash Bros. series. Announced to be in the works on February 25, 2015, the series is a continuation of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary plotline, with the return of Tabuu and the Subspace, alongside the introduction of new characters and villians that weren't in the games. The series is going to broadcasted on Netflix and Locked TV and be available on iTunes after the end of each season.

Writer Lurky Lorean, famous for his work in Fantendo the Animated Series, is producing and writing the series. He said that the series is going to try to closely represent the series as closest as possible, "Some characters of the series were mute heroes. We decided that, since it is an animated series, we can make the character express their emotions through body and face expressions, instead of giving them a voice.", said him about the subject.


The story takes place five years after the events of Subspace Emissary, in which the World of Trophies is currently starting their fourth edition of the Smash Bros. tournament, with the opening battle between the two of their greatest heroes, Mario and Kirby, fighting on the Battlefield. It seems like this time it is going to happen without any interruptions, until Palutena notices that there is something going wrong with the World of Trophies, with a new bug infecting the tournament, the Primids creates a cross-dimensional void, which allows the beings from the Subspace to go to the world of trophies. Tabuu appears and proceeds to start the fusion between both realms. It is a race against time to stop the World of Trophies and the Subspace to fuse.


The full cast hasn't been announced yet, but some of the names were already confirmed by the producer. Some of the cast returns from their roles from the Wii U and 3DS installment of the franchise.

  • Charlies Martinet as Mario.
  • Makiko Ômoto as Kirby.
  • Anthony del Rio as Pit.
  • Brandy Koop as Palutena.
  • Alessia Glidewell as Samus Aran.
  • Jim Cummings as Tabuu.

There is some rumors about the character Marth, from the Fire Emblem series, being voiced by Spike Spencer, who voiced him in the short lived Fire Emblem OVA instead of Marth's Japanese voice actor, like in the Smash series, but this hasn't been confirmed yet. Other rumors include the inclusion of some of the voice actors of the famous web series There Will Be Brawl, such as Kyle Hebert as Wario, Matthew Mercer as Ganondorf, Reiliy Campbell as Little Mac and Damian Beurer as Captain Falcon.


Development on Super Smash Bros.: Age of Tabuu started since 2012, when Locked Arts (as they were known at the time) wanted to make a comedy-action series known as the Smash Mansion, in which the famous characters would be put together in a mansion, but this idea was quickly killed because the creators didn't knew how to make jokes with silent characters, like Link. Some of the ideas were kept on, such as Jim Cummings voicing Tabuu. The idea of the adaptation of the series returned during the rise of comic book crossovers film and soon after the development on the series begun. Originally, it started as a CGI-live action hybrid, called the The Subspace, which would be a retelling of the Subspace Emmissary but like MansionThe Subspace was also cancelled due budget issues since the series would cost to much to be made. The concept for Age of Tabuu was created in 2014 and greenlighted by Vector Arts, this time now being a CGI-animated series. There were plans to include different voice actors, such as Jessica Martin on the role of Samus Aran, represing her role from Metroid: Other M, but they decided that Alessia Glidewell, who voiced her Zero Suit incarnation in Super Smash Bros., would be a better fit and to dodge controversy around the fanbase.


  • A Hole Between Dimensions [S1|E1] - The fourth interation of the Super Smash Bros. tournament is about to happen, with the grand starting battle with the heroes Mario and Kirby. However, a hole between dimensions opens up and Tabuu starts his plan. With this, the duo decide to once again stop the tournament to go find a new team to finish off Tabuu again.
  • Simple Abilities, Great Results [S1|E2] - While looking for allies, Mario and Kirby meets Palutena and Pit, who offers their help. Palutena knows someone that she believes is a great ally for their battle. Palutena points out that said person is a boxer, currently fighting for the Major Circuit of the WVBA. At the last fight, the circuit is invaded by the Primids and the boxer's abilites are put into test.
  • Once Upon A Garlic [S1|E3]




  • The title is a reference for the Marvel's Avengers storyline Age of Ultron.

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