A Super Smash Attack is a special attack used by every player via a Smash Coin in Super Mario Brawlers. It is similar to SSB's Final Smash.

Character Super Smash Attack
Mario Fireball Finale - Mario will shoot 8 enormous, very quick fireballs that take up the whole screen, thus being almost impossible to dodge.
Luigi Poltergust 5000- First, Luigi gets out his Poltergust 5000 and tries to suck opponents in, then the opponents will start to take damage and then after a few seconds Luigi will fling them out.
Bowser Bowser Smash - Bowser will jump off-screen and land with an extremely large shockwave. Anyone unlucky enough to be under Bowser will be KO'd.
Peach Heart Bomb - A heart will grow behind Peach and she will begin to float. Shortly after, the heart explodes and makes a fast red shockwave. This is impossible to dodge.
Yoshi Colossal Egg Throw - Yoshi will take a Yoshi Egg and stand in his current location as the egg grows bigger, Yoshi is immune to damage during this, once it is at a tremendously large size, Yoshi will throw the egg.
Toad 64 Kart Rally - Toad will jump off the screen and land back down in a kart. In this form, he is immune to damage. Anyone hit by Toad will suffer 5HP. Toad will jump off-screen and land back down in normal form when the attack wares off.
Donkey Kong

Ground Pound - DK will rapidly smash the ground, creating shockwaves that cause 5HP.

Daisy Flower Bomb - Same as Peach, expect Daisy has a daisy behind her instead of a heart - hense the name.
Toadette Pink Spinner - Toadette will start spinning very fast and begin floating. Soon, she will stay in midair and release several pink fireballs at the players. Each fireball causes 5HP of damage.
Diddy Kong Peanut Manic - Diddy will take out his peanut guns and shoot peanuts on fire out of them both left and right.
Wario Stink Bomb - Wario will charge up (which takes about 5 seconds), then release a huge explosion plus a 5HP-taking shockwave.
Waluigi Tennis Ball Party - Waluigi will take a glowing blue tennis ball and hit it hard with his racket upward, in which the ball splits into several more, which then come flying down. Each ball causes 5HP of damage.
Boom Boom Fist Spinner - Boom Boom will spin around moving across the course - hense the name. Anyone who touches Boom Boom suffers 8HP and possibly even a K.O.
Pom Pom Super Boomerang - Pom Pom will throw a huge boomerang up in air, it will then target the nearest player and rapidly hit them. In total, this causes at least 45HP worth of damage.
Birdo Inhale - Birdo will suck the player(s)with her nose and later spit them out. This causes 8HP of damage
Koopalings Clown Car Crush - The Koopalings will fly off-screen and then crash in a random player. In edition, it creates a shockwave among the ground.
Bowser Jr. Shell Smash - Bowser Jr. will tuck into his shell and will bounce off the edges of the screen from top to bottom, he will then fall from the top, no longer tucked. Anyone hit by this attack will be knocked off-screen, causing a K.O.
Rosalina Luma Smash - Rosalina will stay in place, somewhat floating, and her Luma will target and attack the nearest player with a series of hits. Luma will return to Rosalina when the attack is finished. The player will suffer 40HP of damage.
Petey Piranha Wind Growl - Petey will growl and anyone caught in the soundwave will be paralized during the attack and will suffer a maximum amount of 35HP, depending on how long the player stays in the soundwave for.
Toadsworth Staffwave - Toadsworth will smash his staff on the ground, creating a 5HP-taking shockwave.
Funky Kong Barrel Throw - Funky will target and throw a large barrel at the nearest player, causing 10HP of damage.
Retro Mario Starman! - Retro Mario will become Invincible Mario. Any player Retro Mario even touches will cause 5HP. As an added bonus, his attacks also cause twice as much damage as his normal form.
Kamek Magic Fire - Kamek targets the nearest player and shoots a heat-seeking magic blue fireball from his wand at them. If there is more then 2 players, he then shoots one at the second nearest player, then the third nearest player. Each hit is worth 5HP
King Boo Invisible Attacker - King Boo disappears, only to attack on a random player. The attack is so strong, it knocks the player off-screen and causes a K.O.
Metal Mario Metal Manic - Metal Mario will target the nearest player and rapidly attack (punch and kick) them. The final blow causes an off-screen K.O.
Dry Bowser Ultimate Punch - Dry Bowser targets the nearest player and punches them off-screen, causing a K.O.


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