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Super Secret spy Toshi is a video game created By Abcdude Gamers and published by Fantendo. The game is on the Nintendo 3DS and The Wii 3D. The game was announced at F3 2010. The game is about A gay yoshi named Toshi trying to escape from bad guys. Toshi then Joins the russian mafia to hide from them. It features a co-op mode that allows other players to take control of a robot with lasers. The game features loads of levels, Weapons, mini-games and gadgets. It also uses the Fantendo Wi-Fi connection for multiplayer online. This is also the first apperance of Toshi. It was rated E+10 in America, B in Japan, and 12 in europe.


The story begins with a view of Yoshi island. Yoshi's are happily walking around when a missle from bowser inc crashes into The south side of the island, causing a huge earthquake as the valcano errupts and wipes out loads of innocent yoshi's. A gay Yoshi named Toshi runs to shelter.The lava then picks up the shelter and wipes it out to sea. The waves take them to the mushroom kingdom where they awake. Just then, Toshi's parents then discover that Toshi is no where in sight,

In Daisy's kingdom Toshi awakes in the middle of the desert. Toshi appears to have amnesia and wanders off to the kingdom. On his way he finds a koopa troopa who stares at him closely and figures out Toshi is a super gay Yoshi who dosn't have a shell. The strange koopa then runs off and returns with 2 other koopas. They then say that they are "The koopa gangsters" and try to capture Toshi. Toshi escapes to daisy's castle and hides inside. Toshi then meets a brown headed toad named Mark who tells Toshi about the Koopa gangsters and how they catch rare animals for money.

Toad leads Toshi to the Daisy library and shows him a secret passage that leads them to the Under cover inc. headquarters. Mark tells Toshi it is the only way he can stay away from the Koopa's. Mark introduces him to the female chief Marline and the other agents. Toshi then begins to do certain missions. After a few missions, Toshi runs into the Koopa Gangsters, meets Mario and friends, and recieves new Weapons and gadgets. After a while Toshi meets a agent who is also a yoshi. The yoshi seems to know Toshi and says that they might be related. Toshi runs away thinking that The Yoshi is crazy but starts to remember the Yoshi Island disaster.

Toshi then runs into his Parents. His parents think he remembers them but Toshi dosn't. Grandma Yoshi Tells Toshi's parents he must have amnesia. Toshi is just about to say something when the koopa gangsters kidnap him. Toshi ends up in the koopa gangsters hide out where Toshi then calls Marline with his phone. The agents end up in the koopas hideout To destroy them but they are caged up. Toshi then sees that Marline dropped the X ray She was working on and the Koopa gangsters pick it up, Unknowing what it does they pull the trigger. It shoots a lazer that then opens a giant black hole, sucking everything in.

Toshi destroys the cage with a desintigrating gun and escapes, and frees his friends. Toshi tries to close the wormhole but gets him by falling debris. Toshi's amnesia then goes away and he starts to remember everything. Mark then starts to get sucked in before Toshi jumps down and saves him. Marline then Grabs the koopa gangsters tails and chucks them into the black hole, closing it forever. The crew returns to The under cover inc. hideout and Toshi is given a medel for His bravery. Toshi runs to hug his parents, and the mysterious Yoshi slowly walks away from the celibration. Toshi then runs to him and tells him that no matter what he says, he will listen. The Yoshi then says to Toshi, that he is...The scene cuts to the credits.


The game plays somewhat simalar to The ratchet and clank series and the Banjo kazooie series and shadow the headgehog. There are 10 different gadgets to choose from. The gadgets are used for getting through certain levels and the weapons are used for defence from the evil minions.The game uses co-op gameplay where robots follow Toshi and shoot lazers, The co-op is not availble on the 3DS but on the wii 3D version. The game has 20 minigames on it that are on wii 3D and on the 3DS download play.


  • Shrink ray; shrinks things down to size to fit through cracks.
  • decintergrating ray: Destroys things by just one zap.
  • Telekinieses ray: Moves heavy things.
  • Grow gun: Makes items grow to giant size.
  • Running shoes: Makes you run mega fast.
  • Rocket backpack: allows you to fly to giant hights.
  • Color gun: Turns gray buildings into colorful skyscrapers.
  • Pizza machine GUN: shoots loads of pizzas at the minions.
  • orange juice blaster: sprays gallons of orange juice.
  • Bomb blaster: blasts bombs at the evil, or blows up walls to escape.


  • Mission 1: Escape!
  • Mission 2: tutorial.
  • Mission 3: X-targeting.
  • mission 4: Find him!
  • Mission 5: Shrinky dinky.
  • Mission 6: Priceless painting.
  • Mission 7: To paint a bunny...
  • Mission 8: In the streets.
  • Mission 9: The button.
  • Mission 10: They are back.
  • Mission 11: Pizza panic!
  • Mission 12: jet pack training
  • Mission 13: meeting mario.
  • Mission 14: Barrel shooting.
  • Mission 15: Toshi... Snake style.
  • Mission 16: Who
  • Mission 17: Where am I?
  • Mission 18: The koopa gangsters are back.
  • Mission 19: Escape and save DA WORLD!
  • Mission 20: Home.


Toshi: What the heck am I eating?? Marline: Koopa poo. Toshi: OMIGOSH!!! Marline: No!! it's a type of cheese cake. Toshi: :(

Mark: What is that? Toshi: I think it's...."shot"

Mario: You got a pizza? *Marline pulls out pizza guns and shoots mario*


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