Super Sealventure is an original game for the Blizzard X that follows a baby seal and his adventure to save his kind from Dr. Benrg and his army of crazy monsters. It is a 2D platformer, similar to Super Mario, but with its own different mechanics.


"Salcy the Baby Seal has awoken to find most of his seal friends have been stolen by the evil Dr. Berg to be experimented on, and he decides to go onto a treck to find out where and why his friends have been stolen. Slide across the snow, attack enemies, fight entertaining bosses that keep you on the edge of your seat, and find all the secrets the game has to offer, now go on and start your Super Sealventure!"


Super Sealventure includes many attacks for Salcy to learn and utilize during the game.

Seal Whip

Salcy will do a whip around, knocking any enemies backwards. This can be used to destroy one hit enemies, or throw two+ hit enemies around to possibly throw them off the edge or into an obstacle. The attack is unlocked at the start of the game.

Seal Flip

Salcy will jump upwards and preform a flip. It can be used to attack enemies that can only be hit on the top of the head, though this should not be substituted for a jump as these usually do not go as high as a regular jump. This is unlocked at the start of the game.

Snowball Lunge

Salcy will throw a snowball that can hit oncoming enemies, though the snowball drops and hits the ground quickly. It also has a tiny chance to freeze enemies. This is unlocked by defeating the Jolly ol' Snowman.

More Coming Soon!


Name Hits to Kill Description
Frice 1 Fish frozen into ice blocks, they will leap out of the background and land on the ground, flopping around.
TwIce 2 Two fish frozen together into a bigger ice block, they will swing around and leap in and out of the background.
ThrIce 3 Three fish, but this time not frozen into an ice block, their arms are frozen together so they are in what looks like a Kickline. When hit one will dissapear until they are all gone.

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