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Super Scribblenauts: Evolution is a game in the Scribblenauts series being re-developed by Bigbro223 (tbc).


A villain named Phlluter has captured all of Maxwell's friends, however, he drops the Advanced Notebook. Maxwell picks it up and shreds up his old Notebook for the new one. However, Phlluter later comes to collect the old Notebook, turning it into the Doppelganger, an evil version of Maxwell which can create its own objects and uses them for evil.

After collecting all the Starites, Maxwell attacks Phlluter's Fortress, taking on enemies such as Death, the Doppelganger, and finally Phlluter in his giant mech. When hope is lost, the Doppelganger feels responsible for the evil, feeling Maxwell's sense of justice and turns back into the old Notebook. Maxwell combines the old Notebook and the Advanced Notebook to make the Ultimate Notebook, using it to defeat Phlluter forever.


When you type in "[adjective name] potion," the potion fits that adjective as well as turning things into the adjective, just like in the previous games. They are now in larger bottles. Maxwell can drink them and use them on creatures or objects, allowing (most of) them to adapt to that adjective, with the only objects Maxwell can't change being Starites and mechanical things such as gates or levers that he didn't spawn in.


The Doppelganger has used your own image to commit crimes and chaos. You are deemed guilty and must "redeem" your "crimes" to find hidden Starites in the levels.


  • Pollution Madness: Write down an object that relates to nature to get the Starite.
  • Pollution Solution: Write down another object that relates to nature.
  • Swarm: The bee swarm is bothering the picnicers! Write down an object to get rid of the bees.
  • Island Resort: Put an island in the lake to attract visitors.
  • Party Favors: Give the party host four prizes to give to her friends.
  • Cave Troll: Put Ridley in the cave to scare away hostile animals.


  • Ancient Writing: Find three cave drawings and bring them to the scientist.
  • Legendary: Find Mewtwo in the cave chamber and catch it in a cave.

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