These are Items of Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis.

Goal & Points Items

Items that just gives points or 1-Up, or mark a checkpoint or even to clear a level.

  • Coin: The most common item of the game. Collect 100 to get a 1-Up.
  • Red Ring: Summon the eight Red Coins for a limited time.
  • Red Coin: Summoned by Red Ring. Collect all eight to get an Item!
  • Blue Coin: Collect all three in one time to get a 1-Up.
  • 1-Up Mushroom: Give you a 1-Up.
  • 3-Up Moon: Give you a 3-Up. Cannot reappear until you stop and play the game again!
  • Checkpoint Flag: Touch a Checkpoint Flag so, if you lose a life in that level, you can restart from that Checkpoint Flag.
  • Goal Flag: Touch it to complete the level. Not all levels have one, instand you need to defeat all enemies or grab a Key and touch the Key Hole!
  • Key: Permit you to teleport via a Key Hole.
  • Key Hole: Sometimes an alternate goal, sometime a normal goal. You need a Key to get out of here!
  • Timer: Red one add 10 for your timer. Yellow one add 50, Green one add 100, and Blue one will make your timer into infinite for that World!


Blocks are Items that you need to either bump it, Ground Pound it, or other way to make something happens.

  • ? Blocks: Give you an Item. May pop multiple Items in Multiplayer!
  • ¿ Blocks: Pop out enemies instand of Items! It sometimes flip so you won't recognize it.
  • ! Blocks: Make something good happens.
  • ¡ Blocks: Make traps activated, like summon enemies or open a trap door! It flip up so you won't recognize it.
  • Roulette Block: Give you a random Item.
  • Brick Block: Brickable Blocks. Bump it to destroy it!
  • Used Block: Used Block. Nothing to do about it!
  • Super Guide Block: Summon Mario and let him finish the level for you. That stage finished by him will be solid red so if you want to make it blue, complete it by yourself!
  • Pound Block: Can only be destroyed by using Ground Pound.
  • Wheel Block: Serves as wheel for tanks or simply speed up or slow you down, depended by the way you go. (Ex: If you run into a Right Wheel Block, and you run to the right, you will get a boosted speed!)
  • Teleport Block: Teleport you into another Teleport Block.


Power you up! Power-Ups have variations of effect to make sure you tried them all!

More to come...

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