Enemy Name World Debut Rarity Sam's Description
Waddlebot World 1 Very Common "These boys may look like Waddle Dees. But still they are weaklings! These guys serves for Turnof, obviously."
Clone Bowser World 1 Very Rare "Whoa!! Look like there are more than one Clone Bowser! But don't worry, just ingore them otherwise cut the brigde with the classical Axe!"
Goomba World 1 Common "Humph...When will those boys learn to have to train very hard? They are even weaker than the Waddlebots..."
Ninjoomba World 2 Rare "Okay, these guys can cause troubles if you don't know their techniques: Jump at you, create illusions, and throw Shurikens."

World 1

Uncommon "There are four color; Green, red, yellow and the rarest, blue. No differences from before to today..."
Paratroopa World 1 Uncommon "Like the Koopas, but with wings. One stomps isn't enough, but two will do! The newly added Blue Paratroopa will chase the watch out!"
Lakitu World 2 Rare "These boys can exterminate you with their Spiny! Just outsmart them by simply get on a Block upper these annoying species, then jump on them!"
Spiny World 2 Common "Stomping on them is bad, so try something esle like throw a Fireball or a Koopa Shell. Of course, I don't need them 'cause I can use my Koopa Bash!"
Buzzy Beetle World 3 Uncommon "Can resist fire, Fire John can have a hard time with them if he only think about fire. I bet that you can simply stomp these thugs so my brother will get it!"
Cheep Cheep World 1 Common "Either swimming around the sea, or fling theirself at you, they can be painful if you don't watch out. There are also Deep Cheep."
Blooper World 2 Uncommon "Bloopers will chase you and won't stop even if you froze them. Just uses Fire or Thunder at them and you will be okay!"
Podoboo Fortress/Castle Only Very Common "Podoboos...It can simply make you into ashes if you run without thinking! They hate ices so Nado do not have to worries about them."
Piranha Plant World 2 Common "These boys just want a chomp on ya, so don't jump on them! Give them something a Koopa Shell or anything can hurt people!"
Fire Bar Fortress/Castle Only Uncommon "They spin and spin even if these traps touch you. I don't know why they are called enemies but Iceballs is Super Effective against them!"
Bullet Bills World 4 Common "Frankly, Bullet Bills can resist fire and thunder so why not just a single stomp? There also Homing Bullet Bills so watch out."
Banzai Bill World 4 Uncommon "Stronger version of Bullet Bills. They can found of nowhere, which is scary. But they can also be fired from Banzai Blaster."
King Bill World 8 Rare "Strongest version of Bullet Bills. These powerhouse bullet will destroy everything on it's way! Their only weakness is a Ground-Pound while using the Mega Mushroom or a Star."
Thowmp Fortress/Castle Only Common "Thowmp! Thowmp! So that's their name? Okay. They maybe are immune to jump, fire, ice and thunder, but my Shell Bash will turn this enemy into pebbles!"
Boo World 5 Uncommon "These shy man-eating ghosts will only approch if you look behind. If it get too close at you...peekaboo!!"
Shuriken Bro. World 5 Uncommon "Hold on! Where are the Hammer Bro.!? Never mind...They might just defend Bowser Castle as a Goomba told me. Shuriken Bro. will throw straight-foward shurikens."
Jistu Bro. World 6 Rare "That's right. The Sledge Bro. version of Shuriken Bros. Not only they throw big shurikens, cause earthquake...but they also teleport! Such tough guys!"
Turnof Clone World 7 Rare "Why does Clarx copied Turnof!? Never mind, they are just weaker anyway. I mean, a single stomp will destroy them!"
Stealer Yoshi World 3 Very Rare "It's not just Boshi only the bad Yoshi. They are also Stealer Yoshi. These boys will steal coins if it gulp you, to 5 to 50! Shake your Wii Remote to escape!"
Poison Boo World 8 Rare "Like Boos, they will approch you if you turn back. But these sub-species of Boo will spit out poisons if you face it! Yuck..."

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