Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis
The game artbox.
Developer(s) Futurastic Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
1-4 Players (Story Mode, Free Mode, Battle Mode, Wi-Fi Mode)
Age Rating(s)
E for Cartoon Violence.
Genre(s) Sidescrolling Platformer
Media Included Wii Disc.
Super Sam Squad™ 2: Mas Crisis is the sequel of Super Sam Squad. It is quite different from the first game and like new games, introduces new characters. The Black Toad whose in the game artbox is ToadTheif. The shadowy character whose also in the game artbox is Mas, the new antagonist, until he reveal to be controlled by Luigi, then by Tiki Tong, and later befriend with Sam and Co.

Gameplay: It uses the same control as in the first Super Sam Sqaud game, but now it can be played up to 4 players, with ToadTheif and Nado, and 3 unlockable characters, and you can control as your Mii. It has now 10 Worlds instand of 9.

Worlds and Bosses

  • World 1: Bowser's Castle/Plain

Fortress Boss: Dark Koopalings

Castle Boss: Dark Bowser

  • World 2: Jungle

Fortress Boss: Very Gnawty (A beaver from DK series)

Castle Boss: King K. Rool (The leader of kremlings)

  • World 3: Desert

Fortress Boss: Mummipokey (A mummified Pokey)

Castle Boss: Sandire Guy (A sand-covered fire-spitting Shy Guy)

  • World 4: Seaside/Beach

Fortress Boss: Giant Huckit Crab

Castle Boss: Cheepskipper

  • World 5: Canyon

Fortress Boss: King Monty Mole

Castle Boss: Rockroacher (A rock-throwing cockroacher)

Fortress Boss: Cyborg Peach

Castle Boss: Bowser Squad and Shadow Queen (These 4 clones of Bowser, are led by Shadow Queen, using the power of her)

Fortress Boss: Nega Knight (Negative version of Meta Knight from Kirby series)

Castle Boss: Clarx (Negative version of Marx from Kirby series)

  • World 8: Techno-City

Fortress Boss: Robolt Hammer Bro. (A robolt with hammer bro's. helmet and shell and throw hammer)

Castle Boss: Turnof (The Rival of Nado)

  • World 9: Turnof's Spaceship (FINAL)

Fortress Boss: Rosalina's Clone

Castle Boss: Nega Mario/False Mas (A black tuff puff with purple eyes)

Final Boss: Mas (A gas-like creature)

  • World EX: Tiki Tong's Tower of Terror (Optional, must clear Missions from all the first six playable characters)

Fortress Boss: Xylophone Tiki

Castle Boss: Tiki Tong


Each of these characters have a special ability. Use them well, and if you master them, you can as your own Mii.


Image Character's Name Information Special Ability How to Unlock:
SamtheKoopa(alone) Sam The Koopa The righteous, double agent Blue Koopa Troopa. This time, he has to stop Mas! He never forgot his signature special ability, the Shell Bash. Shell Bash. Keep running until you start to slide in your shell. He is already unlocked.
FireJohn2 Fire John Sam's brother. He will help Sam whenever he want, including this time! Once get a Fire Flower, he become Blaze John. Fire Balls. Simply press the 1 Button. He is already unlocked.
ToadTheif ToadTheif The one and only, ToadTheif! He will steal only enemy's important things. He is also young... Throw Bob-Omb by simply press the 1 Button. He is already unlocked.
Nado The childish Robolt. He can take out foes with his Ice Balls. Now he can strike back against his corrupted rival! Throw Ice Balls by simply press the 1 Button. He is already unlocked.
Bowser Bowser The King of Koopa. This time, he must stop Mas from take over his Troop! But why will he help Sam instand of command him is quite unknown... He breath fire for 5 seconds while holding 1 and down. Complete World 5.
YellowToadOnCyanYoshi Yellow Toad Yellow Toad is Blue Toad's friend, and is riding into a Sky Blue Yoshi to make things more serious. Press 1 to make Sky Blue Yoshi gulp an enemy or friends. If a friend is swallowed, he can spit it back by pressing 1. Complete World 7.
210px-Donkey Kong Donkey Kong The King of the DK Jungle is back! This time, he joins Sam simply for bananas. No one know what actually happened to Donkey Kong before being captured by Tiki Tong... Same control style in DKCR...but you can't blow! Defeat Tiki Tong once.
Mii Wii Mii People who are made via Wii, 3DS and Wii U. Customizable characters, they play sports, spectacle kart races (or even races in it) and even pick up in adventures!

Customizable, between:






Ride-on-a-Yoshi Style

Donkey Kong-Style

Complete all Missions with all characters.


  • Mario: The famous plumber. He will help you during your adventure via Super Guide. He also appear in Clarx's Castle where he will rescue Peach from Clarx's claws.
  • Luigi: The amataur plumber. He became crazy after being nearly alway second-banana so he will stole Mario's title by stealing Mas.
  • Peach: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is kidnapped by Clarx to collect her energy, but it failed unlike the first time because of Mario coming.
  • Daisy: The tomboyish princess of Sarasara Land. She supposed to stop Luigi but ended up to work with him. She is the 5th Castle prisonner.
  • Wario: The greedy treasure hunter, and rival of Mario. He is the prisonner of the Fortress of World 1.
  • Waluigi: The cheasty, ugly, skinny, mean rival of Luigi. He is the prisonner of the Castle of World 1.
  • Toadsworth: An old Toad. He will give you advices about this game.
  • Various Toad: They will give you Items or 1-Ups.
  • Yoshis: They will give you a ride. Bowser, Donkey Kong and Yellow Toad (Because he actually ride his own Yoshi) can't hop on, however.


Here the modes of this game.

Adventure Mode

Stop Mas from conquer the world! Up to 4 players can play (If fewer player plays, Computer Player will get in.) The first who can go is random. If a player arrived to the goal first, that player can decide where to go next.

Free Mode

Play your favorite levels! (Up to 4 Players, can be played in Wi-Fi Mode)

Mission Mode

Master your characters by completing eight different missions. Once you complete all eight missions for one characters, a big star will indicate if that character have completed all of his missions. (Click here for missions of each characters.) You cannot play as your Mii in this Mode. (1-Player only)

Battle Mode

Same rules in Duel Mode, but this time with 5 new stages plus 9 old stages. (Up to 4 Players, can be played in Wi-Fi Mode)

New Stages:

  • N1: Plain, with Goombas
  • N2: Volcano, with fiery enemies
  • N3: Mansion, with Boos and Big Boos.
  • N4: Clarx's Tower, with new Clone enemies.
  • N5: Rainbow Battlefield, with rain of infinite items. (Unlocked when beaten Tiki Tong once.)

Wi-Fi Mode

Play either Free Play or Battle Mode via Wi-Fi! (1-Player, connect with up to three other players)

Boss Bash Mode

There is three type of Boss Bash: Fortress, Castle and All-Bosses. You must not lose your life because you have only one! You can choose any items except for Mega Mushroom or Star. After you beat four bosses, you can choose one of the three random items in the Rest Room. (The two first modes will unlock after you beat Tiki Tong. The All-Bosses mode will unlock after you beat both Fortress and Castle.)


Set sounds, musics, and more to change your pace and style. You can even check your Wi-Fi profile.


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