The Super Sam Squad Series is a series, starring Sam The Koopa. It's debut is the original Super Sam Squad. Despite being a Fantendo Series, it often use Mario Characters such as Mario.


Sam the Koopa

  • Introduction: Fantendo Football League.
  • Also Known As: Samuel The Koopa.
  • Likes: Video games, comic books, Fantendo.
  • Dislikes: Wiki Trolls, bullies, bloods, nudities, bad languages, discriminations.
  • A righteous Koopa Troopa, he is ready to all hard works, but not impossible works. He is part of Bowser's Koopa Troop, and is also an Agent Double like Fire John is.
  • Role: Protogonist, Bowser's Trooper.

Fire John

  • Introduction: Super Sam Squad.
  • Also Known As: Fire Johnathan Bro.
  • Likes: Video games, his brother, manga.
  • Dislikes: Discriminations, and injustice.
  • Sam The Koopa's brother, he is very kind with him. As a Fire Bro., he can throw fireballs. He alway helps Sam when he gets into trouble.
  • Role: Protogonist (or Helper), Bowser's Trooper.

Clone King/Clarx/Clarx Ultra

  • Introduction: Super Sam Squad.
  • Also Known As: King of the Clone Troop/Clonarx/Clonarx Ultra.
  • Likes: World Dominations, video games, comic book.
  • Dislikes: Bowser and Koopa Troop, disturbing jokes.
  • King of the Clone Troop, Clarx's goal is to conquer the universe. But once he fail, he is going to do another plot. He use his Clone King Forme in order to hide his true self.
  • Role: Antagonist, Leader of Clone Troop.


  • Introduction: Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis.
  • Also Known As: N/A
  • Likes: Spying, Stealing from bad guys,
  • Dislikes: Being followed by someone.
  • He is a young, Black Toad.
  • Role: Partner


  • Introduction: Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis.
  • Also Known As: "Frosty Robolt"
  • Likes: Manga, sports, ice creams.
  • Dislikes: Lucks. (He thinks that it is less important than skill)


Role-Playing Games

Name: Console Avaliability: Note:
Super Sam Squad. Wii Debut of the series.
Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis Wii Unknown release date, curruntly in "beta".


Name: Console Avaliability: Note:
Super Mario: Minigames Olympic Wii U
  • Curruntly not announced.
  • This is the first Mario game to include Super Sam Squad as part of the game.


Name: Console Avaliability: Note:
Flame Football 2011. Click the name of the game for details.
Fantendo:Infected. Wii
  • Sam was seperated with John, and John was an ally with Light instand.
  • This is under construction.
  • The weapons for them is originally to be in, but it is being scrapped.
  • It introduces Clarx Ultra.
Smash Bros.: Nintendo vs. Fantendo Wii and a fan console
  • Sam is playable, while John is unlockable.
Fantendo Sports Wii Wii
  • Only ToadTheif is confirmed for now.
Sam Squad and Hood'ems: Rally Road Racing HooD'S
  • This is the first Super Sam Squad crossover game that have been in a fanon console called HooD'S.


  • This series have been introduced in 2011.

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