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Does to people's lack of interest to put their characters in this game, this game is renamed Super Sam Squad: Pokémon-Formation.


  • Sam The Koopa. Transformed into: Marshtomp. (Starter)
  • Fire John. Transformed into: Magmar. (Starter)
  • Snivy. (1st recruited, become traitor after beaten Clarx)
  • Starly. (2nd recruited)
  • Lavitar. (3rd recruited)
  • Kadabra. (4th recruited)
  • Gallade. (Last recruited)
  • Palkia and Manaphy (Temporary members, against Fire Arceus)

Certain members will evolve after beating specefic bosses.


  • Mewanabe. A Mew himself. (Fasle Final Boss, 7th Boss)
  • Blaziken. (1st Boss)
  • Zoroark. (2nd Boss)
  • Kyogre. (3rd Boss)
  • Textreme. Transformed into: Genosect. (4th Boss)
  • Clarx. Transformed into: Mewtwo. (5th Boss)
  • Serperior (A traitorous hero, 6th Boss)
  • Fire Arceus. (Final Boss, along with Reshiram and Victini, in order to fight him, you must beat all of other bosses, including optional bosses.)
  • Milotic (Optional Boss)
  • Lugia (Optional Boss)
  • Fasle Sam and False John (Optional Boss)
  • Victini (On Fire Arceus's side)
  • Reshiram (On Fire Arceus's side)


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