Those are Items in Super Sam Squads. Most of them can be obtained via ? Block.

Coin. Grab 100 of these, and you get a 1-Up.
Mushroom. Grab one to get a lost Heart.
Fire Flower.

Sam:Grab one ot become Fire Sam.

John:Grab one to become Blaze John.

Ice Flower. Grab one to become Ice Sam/Ice John.
1-Up Mushroom. Grab one to get an instant 1-Up.
Starman. Grab one to become temporary invicible and can defeat a King Bill by just performing a Ground Pound in him. If 8 and more Enemies are taken out via Starman, you will get a 1-Up.
Penguin Suit.

Grab one to become Penguin Sam/Penguin John.

(!)Getting a Penguin Suit will restrict Sam form using Shell Dash.

Mega Mushroom. Grab one and you become huge. You can smash Enemies, Bricks and Pipes on your path. You can even take out a King Bill with a Ground Pound. It can only take a Boss 2 HP away, through.
Mini Mushroom. Become weak and small. Even Sam' Shell Dash are weak. But a Ground Pound will atleast take out an Enemies. You can also run over the water and cross very small path.
POW Block. Hold 1 and Shake the Wii Remote to grab it, and release the 1 Button to throw. It can defeat most enemies, and all in-screen.
Blue Shell. Get one and you will update to Super Shell Sam/Blue Shell John.
Warp Pipe and Cannon Pipe. Can be a home of a Piranha Plant. Some will Warp you, some will blast you.
Checkpoint Flag and Goal Flag. In almost all level, you must touch the Checkpoint Flag so you can restart in there, unless you have resulted a Game Over. The Goal Flag, in certain World, touch this will complete a level.

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