This is the list of enemies.

Old Enemies:

Enemie's Name: Differences for now: Description:
Goomba. There two types: Goomba and Goombo. It's Goomba...again. One stomp will take him down.
Koopa. The Yellow and the Blue Koopa Troopa returns. The Blue Koopa Troopa's Shell work in SMW, like the other shells instand of transforming the player into the Blue Shell Form/Update Sam The Koopa. Here come the slightly better creatures! But this time, the Yellow and Blue counterpart will come in. Use their own shell as projectiles!
Dry Bones. The Red and Blue counterpart have been included. The Red once is resistant against Iceballs but become vulnerable against fires. The Blue can throw back the projectiles or Sam The Koopa himself, just like a Blue Beach Koopa. The Dry Bones alway thinks they are better than the Koopa Troopa, because they will get back after a stomp. The Red and Blue one have finally their Platformer roles too!
Boo. Pink counterpart have been included. Big Blue Boo is included too, but only a enlarged version. The Pink Boo will follow the player if the player looks at them and stop if the player turn back. Boos...Shy, sneaky and mischevous. The pink and the big blue one will make task harder or just to help their white counterpart.
Shy Guy. They can be as a projectiles when you are at top of them like in SMB 2 (USA Version.) Red one will go straight, green ones will turn back when the abyss is near, and the blue one chase the player. They are back! And this time they do it in a nostelgia way. But the green and the blue one will not leave this fellow alone!
Lakitu. There's the Red, Yellow and Blue counterpart. The Red throws fireballs, the Yellow throws Bob-Ombs, and the Blue one throws iceballs. Oh-ho! Lakitus! And this time it's not just the Spinies they throw when it's about the red, yellow and blue counterpart!!
Hammer Bro./Ice Bro./Fire Bro./Sledge Bro. They appear at random counterparts, no wonder what. Hammers, Ices, Fires, and Sledges...All hard to deal with. And said that the Hammer or Sledge can damage Sam's shell!
Bullet Bill. They have a Bombshell counterpart. It's a Bullet Bill! Fires cannot harm them, but one stomp is enough to take them down. They were blasted out by a Bill Blaster.
Banzai Bill. They have a Bonbshell counterpart, also you need a Ground Pound to take them down. A bigger Bullet Bill means bigger trouble, and the Banzai Bill have their Bombshell counterpart made them more dangerous.
King Bill. They aren't invicible anymore; A Ground Pound with a Star or a Mega Mushroom will take them down. A king-sized Bullet Bill, putting any enemies into shame does to their enormerous size and great destruction. But don't panic; Be at a Mega or Star Form and go make a Ground Pound to KA-BLAM them!


No differences. The Wigglers...Cute, innocent, and prideful...unless they turned mad!
Bob-Omb. There a bigger counterpart, meaning for bigger explosion. Bob-Omb's back, and they have a bigger counterpart too. If you see them about to explode, it's more safe to make an appropriate distance, or simply run away. Bigger Bob-Omb means bigger BOOM!!
Spiny. There's Blue counterpart, whose chase the player. When there's a Lakitu, there's a Spiny. Don't jump on them 'cause of the spines on their Shells! The blue one will chase you, but there no other big diffrerences.
Buzzy Beetle. There's red spiked counterpart. No fires will harm them, and the red spiked one is stomp-proof does to a spike at their shell. But of course the ices will do harm them!
Piranha Plant. There're Fire Venus Trap and Ice Venus Trap, and enlarged version. Chomp! Gnap! Grar! That's their sound of the Piranha Plants. They hate fires hence fire beat plant and they alway want a chomp on you.
Cheep-Cheep. There's Deep-Cheep and enlarged version. They will not attack you without water. They do attack you in underwater levels or where is partly waters. Run away or give a shot pf Fireballs or Iceballs!
Blooper. There's Squirto Blooper. Bloop! Bloop! That the sound of the Bloopers. The Mama Blooper have constantly replaced by another creature, the Squirto Blooper.

New Enemies:

Clone Troopers. There are 8 Types of Clone Troopers. Need 3 hits before being KO'd. There also bigger counterpart and needs 6 hits.

Those are 8 types of Clone Trooper.

That them! They are the Clone Troopers of the Clone Army! Red spits fire balls, Blue wears the Bullet Bill Cannons, Yellow will fly and use the Spiny Cannon, the Purple fire lasers, which is unpreditible, the Cyan spits ices, and the Green, if the player gets to close, will call the other Troops. There also the Grey and Brown who punch all on his path and hypnotise the player for a while, respectively.

Toads. Red one use lance, Blue one ride on a kart and bash the player out, Yellow uses the Propeller Mushroom, the Green call the other Toads as reinforcement, and the Purple throw vegetables, but also made a mistake and throw Items instand. It's need two hits before taken out. There also bigger type and can be harder to deal with, and have 4 HP. Those have finally made their defense, and decide to use lance, ride a kart, use the Propeller Mushroom, call reinforcement, and even throws vegetables.


  • Surprisely, there are bigger counterpart of Toads. The origin is unknown, but it is said to be used a type of a mechine.
  • The Green Toads/Clone Troopers cannot call other Greens.
  • Like Hammer Bro. and their counterparts, the Toads/Clone Troopers types are random generated.

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