Super Sam Squad is a Wii-Exclusive Game, starring both Sam the Koopa and Fire John.

Super Sam Squad.

The game cover.


Who's that Koopa? It's Sam!

Who's that Fire Bro.? Fire John!

Play as one of them to help the dreadful Bowser to make his wishes come true: Get rid of Mario and friends, kidnap the Princess, make him conquer the Universe, and so on! But when you're an Agent Double, you must also help the other in need. A two-player action, pick your best friend or your best member of your family to play this Mario-Styled Game! Super Sam Squad, available now in a special blue Wii Cover Box.

How to Play:

There is 3 Modes to play this game:

  • Story Mode: Advance as you have to help Bowser and his troops.
  • Free Mode: Play in any levels you have completed!
  • Dual Mode: Compete against a CPU or another player on the same console, and show the other one who boss!

The control is the same as New Super Mario Bros. Wii (As you need a Wii Remote to play this.) but there is something special in this game:

  • There are Hearts in this game. Each characters has two Hearts, and you need a Mushroom to heal you.
  • Sam The Koopa and Fire John have special abilities, when Sam run fast enough, he will use his Dash Shell, and Fire John can throw Fireballs by just pressing the Dash Button.
  • When Sam have obtained a Blue Shell, his Shell Dash is powered-up and can dash through liquids such as water and dangerous liquids such as lava and "Purple Water."
  • When Fire John have obtain a Fire Flower, he become a Blaze Bro. He can throw up to four Fireballs instand of two and can make a quake once he use the Ground Pound.

Story Mode:

Travel through 8 Worlds (The 9th is optional.) as you help Bowser...but in the fisrt World, you have to obey what Bowser Jr. said.


Bowser Jr.: Alright, you little Koopa! If you want to join my poppa's Troop, you need to be skillful...VERY skillful! Now stop standing like a turtle, and start to train!

You accepted Bowser Jr.'s order and go to the Training Room.

World 1: Bowser's Castle.

  • Starting Quote: "Show me what you got!!" - Bowser Jr.
  • You have to complete all Training Levels, then defeat Bowser Jr.
  • Location: Training Field.
  • Boss: Bowser Jr.
  • Ending Quote: "Whoa...I underestimate you, (Player name)! But I bet that you still can't beat my Poppa! (Laugh) Anyway...You're now a Koopa Trooper."
  • Ending Scene: Bowser Jr. promote you as a Koopa Trooper.

World 2: First Mission.

  • Starting Quote: "Now go distract those Toads!" - Bowser Jr.
  • You need to defeat all Toads on your path on all levels.
  • Location: Peach Castle.
  • Boss: Mario.
  • Defeated Boss Quote: "Mama Mia! You are not-a ordinary Koopa/Fire Bro.! But next-a time I won't lose!!"
  • Ending Quote: "What the...You...You defeated Mario!? But you're a newcomer! Pinch me! PINCH ME!! That just impossible! Argh!!" Bowser Jr.
  • Ending Scene: Princess Peach has ran away before Bowser is going to kidnap her.

World 3: Peach Chase.

  • Starting Quote: "Get her!!" - Bowser.
  • You must travel all levels to then capture Peach.
  • Location: Beach.
  • Boss: Luigi.
  • Defeated Boss Quote: "I'm-a sorry, Mario!!"
  • Ending Quote: "Nice going, but I think that you should keep Mario and firends form my castle!" - Bowser.
  • Ending Scene: Bowser bring the captured Peach at his castle.

World 4: Kamek's Mistake.

  • Starting Quote: "You!! I will teach you to stay away form me, coward!" - Kamek.
  • You must prevent Kamek form harming you at all levels.
  • Location: Forest.
  • Boss: Kamek.
  • Defeated Boss Quote: "Wait...You are one of Bowser's Koopa Troopers!? Oh ho..."
  • Ending Quote: "Foolish Kamek!! Mario and his friends have rescued the Princess because he supposed to do his job and now you fight him! COME WITH ME!!" - Bowser.
  • Ending Scene: The strange and unusual army appears...It's the Clone Troop!!

World 5: Unusual Enemies.

  • Starting Quote: "Whoa!! Who are they!? They are similar to my troops! Attack!" - Bowser.
  • You must defeat all of the Clone Troopers in all levels.
  • Location: Canyon.
  • Boss: Clone Ludwig.
  • Defeated Boss Quote: "Enemy...too...powerful...(vanishs.)"
  • Ending Quote: "Whoa...A Clone Ludwig!? I don't know what happened next...but we musn't let them kidnap the princess!!" - Bowser.
  • Ending Scene: Bowser and (Player Name) run to the Toad Town.

World 6: Peach Castle in Danger.

  • Starting Quote: "Let get them! Get them get them get them GET THEM!!" Morton Koopa Jr.
  • Same as in World 5, but a bit harder.
  • Location: Toad Town to Peach Castle.
  • Boss: Clone Mario Bros.
  • Defeated Boss Quote: "...!! (Vanish)"
  • Ending Quote: "Drats!! Where is Peach!? Bad news I see..." Bowser.
  • Ending Scene: Bowser walk back to his castle, disappointed.

World 7: Clone Castle.

  • Starting Quote: "Okay, it's now or never!!!" Bowser Jr.
  • Same as World 6, but also deactivate the Forcefield in the before-the-boss level.
  • Location: Clone Castle.
  • Boss: Clone Bowser and Clone Bowser Jr.
  • Defeated Boss Quote: "...Impossible...AAAARGH!!!" (Vanish.)
  • Ending Quote: "Where is the Princess!? Oh? A black void??...WHOAAAA!!!" Bowser Jr.
  • Ending Scene: You and Bowser Jr. is sucked by the black void.

World 8: Final Battle.

  • Starting Quote: "Huh!? Wha-wha-what is this!? What a creepy place!!" Bowser Jr.
  • Clear all Levels.
  • Location: In the Clone Void.
  • Boss: Clone King, Clarx.
  • Defeated Boss Quote: "Aaaargh...Wahahahaha!! Is that all you got!?" "NOOOO! I cannot be defeated! I will be back...I WILL BE BACK!!! WAAAAAAAA-(Explode.)
  • Ending Quote: "Whoa...Where am'I??" Peach.
  • Ending Scene: Bowser Jr. is happy and kidnap Peach, and get out of this place. You did the same thing. The credits then roll.


Bowser Jr. is holding the Princess until he drop her by accident and then Mario and Luigi jump on and protect her. You and Bowser Jr. try to stop them but fail. Back to Bowser's Castle, Bowser is still disappointed but soon to be happy and promote Sam/John to be an Agent Double but he don't really want, but he said "At least you get rid of those moron Clones!"

World 9: Special World.

  • Starting Quote: "Go do it on your own!"-Bowser.
  • Location: Toad Town.
  • This is optional, but you can help the other Toads in these completing hard tasks.
  • Boss: Wario and Waluigi.
  • Ending Quote: Wario: "Well you may win, Koopa, but next time we will not fail!" Waluigi: "Yeah...Cheater! (Laugh)"
  • Ending Scene: Nothing.

Free Mode:

The goal of this game have fun! However, there are differences between the Story Mode and Free Mode:

  • You cannot carry items in Free Mode.
  • Your goal is depended on your taste, meaning that you can choose one, or two, or every goals, like defeat all enemies then get to the Goal Flag in the same stage.
  • After you complete the stage, you return to your original form and your lives will reset to five.
  • You can fight a boss whenever you want.
  • You can help your friend or mess with your friend, as the goal is to have fun.
  • You can only play levels in World 6,7,8 and 9 once you defeat the right boss in these Worlds.

Dual Mode:

Unlike the two other modes, you need to defeat the other player. There also exclusive levels called Dual Levels, where there one per Worlds. You and the oppenent can also choose the same character too. P1 Colour: Blue. P2 Colour: Red. Push them to the hazards!

  • Dual 1: There's no hazard.
  • Dual 2: There's Toads in vary colour who attack you.
  • Dual 3: There's water, and there are traitorous Cheep Cheep who attack you from waters!
  • Dual 4: There's Kamek, along with Bullet Bills, Banzaï Bills and, rarely, King Bills.
  • Dual 5: There's abysses, and Clone Troopers.
  • Dual 6: Same as Dual 2, but with Clone Ludwig and Clone Troopers.
  • Dual 7: Clone Mario Bros. and Clone Bowser and Clone Bowser Jr.
  • Dual 8: Alot of abysses, and either Clone King or Clarx.
  • Dual 9: Lot of Toads thorws Items, but also enemies.

Settable Options:

  • Lives: 1 to 99. (5 is recommended.)
  • Item Allowed: Yes or no. (If no is selected, the Dual 9 Toads will alway throw enemies.)
  • Stage Selection: Default, Random or Loser's Pick.
  • Wins for Victory: 1 to 10. (3 is recommended.)
  • Time: 100, 200, 300 or Endless.


Super Sam Squad/Enemies


Super Sam Squad/Bosses


Super Sam Squad/Items

Easter Eggs:

Cameos and well-hidden secrets appears in this game:

  • Rayquaza: Can be seen while in a secret path (in the sky). Unlike you will hope, it can only fly around, and only roar at you. If you throw a hidden POW Block, however, it will be shocked and will fight you.
  • Kirby and Prince Fluff (And Yin-Yarn): In the secret path in W 3-5, you will see Kirby on the background, sleeping around. Yin-Yarn soon to appear and transform Kirby into Yarn Kirby. Yin-Yarn tends to transform you into a Yarn character, but Prince Fluff throws a POW Block and makes Yin-Yarn flee. Then Kirby and Fluff will chase him.
  • (9-1) In a bonus path, you see Fawful making an UFO. Midbus is bringing the missing part, but slipped up and blow it up. It blows up the UFO too. Fawful is then angry and attack Midbus.
  • (9-Boss) If you defeat Wario and Waluigi under 100 timer, they will transform back into Tikis. They will run away, without leave up a word.
  • (1-1) If you stand there during every 10 seconds, Bowser Jr. will yell "JUST GO MOVE YOUR BUTT!!"
  • (8-5) In a secret path, you will see in the background Link and Ganondorf fighting each other.
  • (4-7) In a bonus path, you will see Blue Toad and Yellow Toad fleeing from a King Bill. The King Bill have suddenly stop (which is not normal) and the Toads have surprised. But the King Bill soon falls and blow up, sending the Toads at the sky.


This game is very fun for most Mario Fans, and is considered a very good game. The Dual Mode is a very good addition too. However, there are also absences like shops. There's also no new items, but the pre-installed Power-Up is quite unique. Many challenging levels and bosses make this game not recommended for beginners, but it is ideal for those who want to take ant challenges. The Easter Eggs are also funny, and some of them are nostalgic too. It's overall rating is 4/5.

You're welcome to make your own review here.


  • This is the first Mario games that include characters with pre-setted Power-Ups.
    • This is also the first Mario games that includes cameos of other characters form other series.

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