Super SEGA Showdown is a game for the Wii U, 3DS and Nintendo Bubble.


Virtua Fighters

Akira Yuki is competing in a fighting tournament. His opponent drops a strange object. His opponent transforms into Dural, and throws the object at Akira. He is teleported to an odd dimension. Back in his own dimension, Dural accidentally brings other video game villains to the dimension, but the device is teleported to one of the villains' dimensions.

Team Sonic

Sonic and his friends are looking for an ancient device in a cave. Knuckles finds the object, but Dr. Eggman steals it from him. Eggman then reveals he is working with Reala, Dr. Bad Boon, Dural, and Purge. Eggman throws the device at Sonic, and he is teleported to a different dimension.

Space Channel 5

Ulala is speaking with Fuse, and Purge suddenly bursts into the room, along with his group of Reala, Dr. Bad Boon, Dural and Dr. Eggman. Purge grabs the stolen device and throws it at Ulala, who is sent to the other dimension.

Monkey Brawlers

Aiai and some of his friends see a rocket ship coming from the sky. The rocket ship lands in a jungle, and Aiai decides to find out what came to their planet. He is surprised when Dr. Bad Boon jumps out and captures him. He touches a device that teleports him to the strange dimension.

Nightmaren Army

Nights is playing his/her flute, which drops. S/he looks for it, and finds it on the top of a rocket ship. Reala comes out of the rocket ship, attempts to capture him/her, and after failing, throws the device at Nights. S/he is then teleported to the other dimension.


Team Leaders

Image Description Team
SonicSSS Sonic the Hedgehog is a blue hedgehog. Hence his name, he is very fast. His enemy is Dr. Eggman, also known as Dr. Robotnik. TeamSonic
AkiraSSS Akira Yuki is a fighter who won the second world fighting championship. He does not get along with Dural very much. VirtuaFighters
AiaiSSS Aiai is a monkey who rides around in a ball. He likes to eat all the bananas he finds. He dislikes Dr. Bad Boon. MonkeyBrawlers
UlalaSSS Ulala is a news reporter from about 500 years in the future in space. She works for Space Channel 5. One of her enemies is the evil Purge. SpaceChannel5
NightsSSS NiGHTS is a Nightmaren who lives in Nightmare, the place of your dreams. S/he has a sibling rivalry with his/her brother, Reala. NightmarenArmy


Image Description Team
TailsSSS Tails is a fox with two tails. He has the ability to fly. His real name is Miles Prower. TeamSonic
PaiSSS Pai Chan is an action movie star from Hong Kong. She was taught martial arts material by her father, Lau Chan, when she was very young. VirtuaFighters
MeeMeeSSS MeeMee is Aiai's wife. She likes trying on different outfits. She also likes flowers and bananas. MonkeyBrawlers
MichaelSSS Space Michael is the Channel 5 Station Chief. He is a popular superstar of the galaxy. SpaceChannel5
OwlSSS Owl is an extremely intelligent and elderly owl. He is one of NiGHTS' friends. He even taught him/her how to fly! NightmarenArmy

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