Super Rosalina Galaxy 2 is the second game in the Super Rosalina Galaxy series. It for for the Wii U and 3DS. It's up to 4 players. Player one is Rosalina, player two is Polari, player three is hungry luma, and player 4 is Baby Luma.


Rosalina invites her brother, Prince Ross, on a trip to Isle Delfino with Porali, Hungry Luma, and Baby Luma. Ross gladly accepts, but is taken by Bowser to the Center of the Universe. Rosalina and co. jump on Bowser's airship to try to rescue him, but Kamek causes an explosion which blasts them all the way to the gate. Rosalina and co. go right back into action, rushing level through level to save Rosalina's beloved brother.


Power Up Ability
Super Bell Turns players into cats
Bee Suit Turns players into bees
Fire Flower gives players the ability to shoot fire from their hands
Ice Flower gives players the ability to shoot ice from their hands
Tanooki Leaf turns players into tanookis
Helper leaf makes players immortal and cannot take damage
Thunder Flower gives players the ability to shoot lightning from their hands


Character Playable? Special Ability Unlockable?
Princess Rosalina Yes Can float from Star Magic No
Polari Yes Jumps Highest No
Hungry Luma Yes Runs Fastest No
Baby Luma Yes Can Spin No
Prince Ross Yes Easiest to Control Yes
Captain Toad No Finds missing Power Stars Yes
Captain Toadette No if found in 100 second level she will take away timer Yes
Mail Toad No Delivers Mail No

Galaxies and Levels

  • Grassland Galaxy
  • Rosalina Blasts off!
  • Super Bell Bash
  • Major Burrow's Alarming Attack
  • Tic Toc Galaxy
  • Into the Clock
  • It's About Time
  • 100 Second Speedrun
  • Spooky Spider Galaxy
  • Into the Mansion
  • Jumpscare Ally
  • Boldergeist Rolls Back
  • Bowser Jr's Galaxy
  • Cat Octooma Crash
  • SnowSpark Galaxy
  • The Cold Shoulder
  • Lava Lake
  • Summer meets Winter
  • BangBeat Galaxy
  • Join the Band
  • Drum Danger
  • Giant Mic's Hypnosis Song
  • Playtime Galaxy
  • Playroom of Voodoo Dolls
  • 100 Seconds of Playtime
  • Vicky Voodoo's Crash Attack
  • Bowser's Dark Galaxy
  • Bowser Bash
  • ZipZap Galaxy
  • Volt Valley
  • Owen Outlet's Outrage
  • Power out Dash
  • SplishSplash Galaxy
  • Diving right in
  • Twisted Tsunami
  • Ursula Urchin's Undersea Outrage
  • Honeyleaf Galaxy
  • Bee Rosalina Takes Flight
  • Mandibug Madness
  • 100 Seconds in the Hive
  • Bowser Jr's Mad Galaxy
  • Pewee Pirhana meets Dino Pirhana
  • Vanish Valley Galaxy
  • Watch your Step
  • Disappearing Floors
  • 100 Second Disappearing Dash
  • Munch Crunch Galaxy
  • Let's Dig In
  • Dinner Is Served
  • Candy Cake's Piece of Mind
  • SpaceJunk Galaxy
  • Falling in the Garbage Can
  • Throwing Youself Out
  • 100 Second Cleanup
  • DreamyDream Galaxy
  • It's Time for Bed
  • Sleeping in
  • Persy Pillow's Nightmare
  • Bowser's Finale Galaxy
  • Reunite with Prince Ross
  • Champion's Finale Galaxy
  • A Trip to Isle Delfino (this is only playable if all power stars were obtained)

List of Bosses

  • Dino Pirhana
  • Boldergeist
  • Pewee Pirhana
  • Giant Mic
  • Vicky Voodoo
  • Owen Outlet
  • Ursula Urchin
  • Candy Cake
  • Persy Pillow
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser

Refrences and Bonuses

  • Prince Ross is playable when the level Reunite with Prince Ross is comleted
  • if you go in the secret tube in Volt Valley, you light up floors to create a Pikachu sprite picture
  • Some Bosses return from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Captain Toad is unlocked after you rescue him from boos in the level Jumpscare Ally
  • Captain Toadette is unlocked after you kill the octoomas that are holding her captive in the level The Cold Shoulder