Super Rosalina Land is a new 3D game starting Rosalina and she goes on a adventure to save Polari and all the green Limas. This game will be available for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in Fall 2014.


  • Rosalina was talking to Polari, then suddenly Wart in his UFO snatched Polari because he was magical and wanted wishes. Then he had a green magnet and took all the green Limas. When Wart zoomed away, Lubba and a Toad teamed up with Rosalina and chased after Wart.



  • Rosalina
  • Lubba
  • Headlamp Toad





  • Planet 1: Dino Piranha
  • Planet 2: Undergrunt Gunner
  • Planet 3: Kingfin
  • Planet 4: King Blue Lava Bubble
  • Planet 5: Major Burrows
  • Planet 6: Whomp King
  • Planet 7: Giga Lakitu
  • Planet 8: Wart
  • Planet 9: Fiery Dino Piranha


  • Planet 1: Green Yard
  • Planet 2: Yellow Dunes
  • Planet 3: Turquoise Sea
  • Planet 4: Cyan Land
  • Planet 5: Purple Jungle
  • Planet 6: Gray Hill
  • Planet 7: Beige Clouds
  • Planet 8: Orange Magma
  • Planet 9: Red Planet


  • Fire Flower
  • Ice Flower
  • Cloud Flower
  • Bee Mushroom
  • Boo Mushroom
  • Spring Mushroom
  • Red Star
  • Driller
  • Rock Mushroom
  • Rainbow Star
  • Boomerang Suit
  • Tanooki Leaf

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