Super Ridley (in Japanese: スーパーリドリーの大きなクール怒りカニ男と冒険、おそらく

Super Ridley
Developer(s) Team Ninja, Sega. Me!
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS, WII U
Release Date(s)
April 13 2015 or Later this year perhaps

Movie Multiplayer

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, RPG, Dating Sim, Sandbox
赤ちゃんメトロイドと何か他の隠された) retells the events of Super Metroid, but through the eyes of three characters. These characters are Ridley, The Baby Metroid, and a new character, Anger Spacepirate Man. Anger Space Pirate Man. It was for the 3DS and WII U. A PC version is rumored to be in development. (Confirmed)


It takes place at the same time as Super Metroid, but explores entirely new concepts and areas.

The new events include interaction between the 3 characters. Ridley learns how to love. Anger Spacepirate Man to accept Ridley for who he is and the two get together.

Everybody dies by Samus but Anger Space Pirate Man lives on and travels the universe until he ended up in another planet called Trolternia. It turns out Super Ridley was a dream by Anger Spacepirate Man, and his real adventure is about to begin on Trolternia.

There is a cameo by Sonic the Hedgehog. There is also a cameo by Mibbs and Auto.


The player will be able to explore not only most of the areas from Super Metroid, but various other parts of the planet. This not only includes vast deserts, lush jungles, and high tech military bases, but also slums and swamps. A focus will be placed on the disparcity between the poor space pirates of the slum and the rich military commanders. Many of the poor work in factories and farms for little to nothing. Many of them live in the streets, eating Zaubers to stay alive. The player will experience this first hand.

Anger Space Pirate ManEdit

Write the first section of your page here.Anger Spacepirate Man is an immortal space pirate who has lived for a long time and hasn't died because he immortal. He can heal from any injury instantaniously. He always feels bored. Perhaps he wants to die. Perhaps he wants to live forever. Perhaps there is something out there that can kill him. Nobody is certain. He tends to avoid combat because he finds it boring. Everything is boring. Everything is terrible. Will he be able to find death?


It plays like Metroid Prime, but it has a dialogue system simular to Mass Effect. You may pick several options when speaking to other npcs. The game also uses Sega's Hedgehog physics engine.  The game features anime styled cutscenes between chapters that summerize things.

There will also be systems to geneticly and mechanicly modify the three playable characters with mutations and bionics. Perhaps you could even make a six armed laser eye Ridley.

Voice ActingEdit

The game featured superb voice acting done by Mike Dawson, Nic Cage, and. Tony Jay may also do voice acting, but this is unconfirmed. Dalm is also voicing something, but nobody knows who, LT Fish is not voicing anybody, contrary to popular belief.

Critical ResponseEdit

The game was loved by everyone. Anybody who didn't like it was a loser.  It was criticly panned.


THIS WILL BE A REAL, PLAYABLE GAME! Although it will obviously not mach all of the info above. The info above is more like the ideal. After all, I don't think Lt Fish  would ever be willing to voice the Baby Metroid. ALL 3D MODELS ON THIS PAGE ARE MADE BY ME~!

Feel free to put ideas in the comments! <3