Don't, just don't edit this page without E-124 Poldege's permisson. Super Punch-Out!! for Wii U is the sixth installment of the Punch-Out!! series. It was released for the Wii U in 2014.


Five years after Little Mac retired, he was involved in a car accident. He suffered no major injuries, but he did undergo plastic surgery on his head. This incident re-fuels his ambition to be a boxer at the VGBA. After conntacting his old trainer Doc Louis, and getting in shape, he is ready to fight.


Minor Circuit

Major Circuit

World Circuit

Hidden Opponents

  • Knuckle Joe (You randomly face him in Mac's Last Stand)
  • Mr. Dream (Have a file of Punch-Out!! (Wii) on your system, and you will randomly face him in Mac's Last Stand)



In this mode, the player goes through circuits, each one with four or five boxers. Once the player defeats the champ of the World Circuit, he or she must defend the title in Title Defense, where each of the opponents have gotten stronger and sometimes have covered their weakness. After beating all of the opponents a second time, then it's time for Mac's Last Stand, where, if the player loses three times, he or she will have to retire.

Super Carrer

This mode is unlocked by beating Mr. Dream during Mac's Last Stand. In this mode, the player has to face all 29 opponents from both Punch-Out!! for Wii and Super Punch-Out!! for Wii U. This game mode has four circuits including the Special Circuit. The order of opponents are as follows.

Minor Circuit

Major Circuit

World Circuit

Special Circuit

  • Narcis Prince
  • Hoy Quarlow
  • Donkey Kong
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Rick Bruiser
  • Nick Bruiser
  • Mr. Dream