Super Punch-Out!!: Center Ring
Developer(s) Phazonworks
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
Series Punch-Out!!
Predecessor Punch-Out!! (2008)

Super Punch-Out!!: Center Ring is the follow-up title to the 2008 Punch-Out!! title for the Wii; this title follows the events after protagonist Little Mac retired from boxing.


It was 2008. Little Mac had just lost the title of World Champion to Piston Hondo, and as a result, retired from boxing- seemingly forever.

Now it is 2016. Little Mac is back from retirement, after learning that his old nemesis King Hippo has taken the title of World Champion; with encouragement from his trainer Doc Louis, Mac isn't going to stop for anything- or anyone - in this exciting new round of the classic series.


Primarily this incarnation of Punch-Out!! comes with several modes to choose from.

Story Mode: Mac's Back The primary mode, this depicts Little Mac's rise to the top of the WVBA.
Title Defense Being champion comes at a price; classic foes want a rematch! But this time they have some tricks up their sleeves. Can you top their new skills?
Exhibition Relive some of Mac's greatest battles (and net a few challenges while you're at it).


Overall, the traditional gameplay has been punching, dodging and star-punching the foes. In Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES, the new KO meter replaced the Star Punches, since the title didn't feature Doc Louis. In Punch-Out!! for Wii, the Star Punches could be stacked up to do more power.

This one features an entirely different control scheme: both the Star Punches and the KO meter are back, adding a little more power to the punches.

  • The KO Meter: Built up by landing normal punches on opponents, this can boost the power of normal punches when completely filled to do 3x the damage against opponents; this can be useful against tougher opponents like Bald Bull and Donkey Kong.
  • The Star Punches: This signature technique that Doc taught Mac can allow Mac to land up to a 5-star punch on a foe. Those 4th and 5th stars are hard to come by, though.
  • Ultimate Uppercut: Want a surefire way to bring down opponents? This'll do it. Just build up enough Star Punches and the KO meter and (as long as your opponent doesn't dodge; stunning them helps) and a insta-KO is guaranteed.


Minor Circuit

This small-time ring isn't filled with challenging foes, but it's a start, right?

Contender Biography

Glass Joe
#4 Contender

A lightweight boxer from the City of Lights, Glass Joe enjoys a nice cup of coffee when he's not getting his jaw bruised in the arena; despite his easy knockout tendencies, he's never discouraged from the ring, as he just seems to keep going!

Von Kaiser
#3 Contender

Constantly suffering emotional trauma from being continuously beaten in the ring by kids, Von Kaiser appears to be braver against Mac for some reason. He also likes his haircut pretty well.
Piston Hurricane
#2 Contender
A small-time boxer that hails from Havana, Cuba, make no mistake that Piston Hurricane is fast; this comes at the cost of power, so dodge his combos and aim for the eye of the storm!
Bob Charlie
#1 Contender
A Jamaican boxer from the streets of Kingston, Bob Charlie is no stranger to the ring, but it has been a while since he was in the arena; as a result, he may forget to block certain punches.
Piston Hondo
Minor Circuit Champion
The Minor Circuit's champion, this Japanese boxer was the person who took Little Mac's title back in 2008, only to lose it to King Hippo shortly after. His Hondo Rush is a high-speed killer, but at least he's polite enough to bow before fighting you.

Major Circuit

It appears many of these contenders don't play nice in this round. Keep on your toes.

Contender Biography
Don Flamenco
#4 Contender
This former matador from Spain was considered quite the ladies' man, and was known for taking down raging bulls with his powerful uppercuts (ironically he couldn't beat Bald Bull in a fight). He seems to have a slight balding problem as well, as it can be clearly seen between rounds that his hair is actually a toupee.
Bear Hugger
#3 Contender
Known for boxing Grizzly Bears in the Canadian wilderness, Bear Hugger has been in the game pretty long to have been felling his opponents pretty easily. Apparently, he also has a pet squirrel who accompanies him to his matches.
Masked Muscle
#2 Contender
A Luchadore hailing from Mexico City, he's been scoring KOs before he entered the boxing arena, having been the best wrestler in Mexico. No one knows what he looks like under that mask, and he'd prefer it if it stayed that way, since most Luchadores never remove their mask.
Narcis Prince
#1 Contender
A vain ivy-league scholar from England, Narcis Prince has still been boxing for a while, despite his ever-pressing need to not damage his face. His attacks are powerful, but have moderate speed and easy predictability, making them easy to counter.
Great Tiger
Major Circuit Champion
Now the Champion of the Major Circuit after having been the #1 contender for so long, the mystical Great Tiger loves to teleport around the stage through the use of Magic (aren't there rules against this?). It's a good idea to strike quickly when his gem flashes a certain color, but not when it's red.

National Circuit

Minor, Major, then World Cir- wait. There's a National Circuit now? Huh.

Contender Biography
Disco Kid
#4 Contender
This throwback from Brooklyn, New York loves him some getting down, and has been "boxercising" to win the World Circuit. He's gotten pretty far, but he hasn't seem to have gotten the 40-year-old memo that disco is dead.
Texas Mac
#3 Contender
Even though he started out in an arm wrestling tournament, Texas Mac quickly transitioned to boxing in attempt to keep the spirit of Dixie alive. He primarly shouts "Yee-Haw!" before he does his signature Cowboy Crusher, so you can either move or get hit. Your call.
Uptown Katie
#2 Contender

Even though she was the champion of the women's tournament, this contender from sunny Miami apparently didn't find fighting a bunch of "pansies" entertaining. So she moved up to this circuit and emasculated tons of male boxers. She also has a part time job as a fashion model. Weird.

And upon a quick double take, she also looks a lot like the Wii Fit Trainer. Weirder.

Super Macho Man
#1 Contender
This show-off from nice, groovy California has been the champion of the world several times, but has fallen from grace since then. "All the bogus that happened back then was a real downer; I know they'll love me now!!" he says. Riiiight.
Mr. Sandman
National Circuit Champion
Now the National Circuit Champion, Mr. Sandman has been sending contenders off to dreamland for years, but recently has been losing his sleep streak in the ring. The Dreamland Express is not something a person would want to be caught in, considering the damage it can do.

World Circuit

This is it. The last circuit to obtain the title World Champion. You got what it takes?

Contender Biography
Mad Clown 
#4 Contender
You don't want to laugh at this operatic boxer clown; he loves to punch, sing arias, and honk that red clown nose of his. Tears of a Clown are a good thing when you fight against him.
Aran Ryan
#3 Contender
This less-than-favored Irishman sticks to cheap moves for his fighting techniques, using his elbows, head and even a boxing-glove flail! As the old saying goes: cheaters never win.
Soda Popinski
#2 Contender
This soda-guzzling Russian is a hard-hitting bruiser that loves to pop open a bottle midmatch. He can also vent his rage into a series of powerful uppercuts. And did I mention he likes soda?
Bald Bull
#1 Contender
A raging boxer from Istanbul, Bald Bull is one of the most iconic boxers in the WVBA, despite never being World Champion. His Bull Charge is incredibly powerful and it's highly recommended to dodge this. And if that doesn't work, use something red!
King Hippo
World Circuit Champion
Now the World Champion thanks to his victory over Piston Hondo, King Hippo proudly displays his Champion's belt, letting it cover his perennial weak point: his gut. If that's not enough, he also now has a gold crown.

Special Circuit

Think you can go up against this motley crew without going down once? Hope so, because these guys can't be just KO'd; they all have to be TKO'd!

Contender Biography
#4 Contender
Hard to believe a Pokémon like Machamp would work into the ring, but with 4 different fists to throw punches with, I guess that shouldn't be surprising. His various attacks consist of Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch and more, but nothing could hit you much harder than Dynamic Punch. Yeah that's pretty powerful.
Bowser Jr.
#3 Contender
With boxing gloves outfitted on his Koopa Klown Kar, Bowser Jr. does no actual fighting. Not unless you count his special move, where he changes to Shadow Mario and paints up fists to attack Little Mac. So, in a way, his dad gave him a magic paintbrush and a special car. Spoiled, isn't he?
Donkey Kong
#2 Contender
This ape is back for another round with Little Mac. Like before most of DK's attacks are actually taunts, and his actual attacks can insta-KO Mac if you're not careful.
#1 Contender
Anyone doesn't dass to risk this spinach-chewing sailor man's fisk. At least until now. His signature Twister Punch means an automatic KO, so remember to dodge, and no matter what you do, DON'T LET HIM EAT THE SPINACH!!!
Special Circuit Champion

What? Waluigi?! Here?! Now?! How?! Why?!

"Too bad! WALUIGI TIME!!!"


Throughout the credits in the game, camera interviews are given for each of the boxers that Little Mac defeated.

  • Glass Joe: Aïe. Ce boxeur blessé ma mâchoire. Il frappe trop dur. (Ouch. That bruiser hurt my jaw. He hits too hard.)
  • Von Kaiser: Oh ... die Kopfschmerzen. Es ist wieder da. (Oh... the headache. It's back again.)
  • Piston Hurricane: Sólo me puso al corriente descendente! Él va a estar enfrentando categoría 5 la próxima vez! (He only got me on the downdraft! He'll be facing Category 5 next time!)
  • Bob Charlie: He got the best of me, mon! I'll admit that.
  • Piston Hondo: リトルマックは直面する立派な対戦相手である。彼は、そのタイトルに値する。 (Ritorumakku wa chokumen suru rippana taisen aitedearu. Kare wa, sono taitoru ni ataisuru. {Little Mac is an honorable opponent to face. He deserves that title.})
  • Don Flamenco: Eh. No es el mejor oponente que me han golpeado, pero probablemente no lo peor. (Eh. Not the best opponent to have beaten me, but probably not the worst.)
  • Bear Hugger: Ah, that hoser won't know what hit him next time. I'll go train with the Polar Bears from now on!
  • Masked Muscle (demasked): Me quitó la máscara! No hay nada más vergonzoso que eso! (He took off my mask! There's nothing more disgraceful than that!)
  • Narcis Prince: That plank 'el wish that he never hurt my face after that round in the ring! There's no way I'm lettin' a runt like 'im do that ta me!
  • Great Tiger: वह अपने आंदोलनों के साथ बहुत जल्दी है, लेकिन लगता है कि वह मुझे अगली बार के खिलाफ जीत जाएगा मतलब यह नहीं है! (Vaha apanē āndōlanōṁ kē sātha bahuta jaldī hai, lēkina lagatā hai ki vaha mujhē agalī bāra kē khilāpha jīta jā'ēgā matalaba yaha nahīṁ hai! {He's very quick with his movements, but that doesn't mean he will win against me next time!})
  • Disco Kid: He may got the moves, but he just don't got my style!
  • Texas Mac: That hombre better keep his distance from me next time around! I won't just be playin' in hay next time!
  • Uptown Katie: Y'know, for a punch-happy runt, he's actually pretty cute.
  • Super Macho Man: That dude was complete bogus! Those guys will love me after I put him on the floor!
  • Mr. Sandman: He's gonna go to sleep sooner or later! And why not sooner!
  • Mad Clown: Sono stato depresso da quel fatidico incontro! E nulla è un handicap meglio di un clown triste! (I've been depressed ever since that fateful match! And nothing's a better downer than a sad clown!)
  • Aran Ryan: With the luck of the Irish, I'll get Mac next time. (starts shaking the camera) You hear, ya little runt?! This ain't over!
  • Soda Popinski: Мне нужно выпить после того как он измельчают меня. Подумайте об этом, мне нужно выпить сейчас. (Mne nuzhno vypit' posle togo kak on izmel'chayut menya. Podumayte ob etom, mne nuzhno vypit' seychas. {I needed a drink after he pulverized me. Come to think of it, I need a drink now.})
  • Bald Bull: Gah! Eğer Lanet, Küçük Mac! Lanet olsun! (Gah! Damn you, Little Mac! Damn you!)
  • King Hippo: (Growls and Roars in frustration)

(If Special Circuit is cleared)

  • Machamp: (stays silent and punches his buddy Conkeldurr standing to the left of him)
  • Bowser Jr.: (throws a temper tantrum)
  • Popeye: Well, blow me down! Someone knocked me out!
  • Waluigi: (goes absolutely nuts)


  • Overall, this is the first time in Punch-Out!!'s history that King Hippo is the champion of a higher circuit (as he was formerly the Minor Circuit's champion).
  • In story mode, the contenders have the standard circuit theme for themselves, but the champions have their personal theme.

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