Forest Island Kart is a minigame in Super Princess Peach Wii. It is like Mario Kart, but much simpler. It is unlocked after Area 1.



These are the characters that you play as. The monkeys are default, in case you don't want to play as the other characters.

  • Peach
  • Perry
  • Patty(after you get Patty in the adventure)
  • Stafy(same as Patty)
  • Toad(after Area 3)
  • Boolister(after Area 4)
  • Luigi(after Area 5)
  • Starlet(after Area 6)
  • Perry's mother(after finishing the game)
  • Monkeys


The other characters are villans. You cannot play as them but you race against them. They are unlocked after you defeat them in the adventure. The exception to these are evil monkeys, who take the place of missing villans.

  • Jungle Blooper
  • Desert Koopa
  • Icella
  • Cedar
  • Chestnut King
  • Mega Goomba(not "Evil" anymore)
  • Lakitel
  • Kamek
  • Evil Monkeys


These courses are unlocked after you beat them.

  • Forest Beach
  • Forest Desert
  • Snow Village
  • The Jungle
  • Super Paper Luigi World
  • Grass Land
  • The Clouds
  • Koopa Troop Base

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