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Princess, I do think you've gotten in to this adventuring thing.
Toadsworth, Super Princess Peach Wii

Super Princess Peach Wii
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Platforming
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Minigames
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii disk

Super Princess Peach Wii, also called Super Princess Peach 2: Forest Island, is the second, maybe third game starring Princess Peach. It is, as mentioned in the title, for the Wii.


The story starts off with Perry visiting Peach and telling her that his Grandpa has been captured by Kamek and taken to Forest Island. Together, they venture through Forest Island to find Grandpa. On their quest they also find Perry's long lost sister Patty and a staff called Stafy, who help them on their quest.

After the game, it is revealed that Perry and Patty were born on Forest Island, and the whole history of Perry and Patty is told by the ghost of their mother, who was killed and haunts the prison chamber of the Koopa Troop Base in Forest Island.


The vibes have gone, instead each umbrella or staff (Perry, Patty of Stafy) have special abilities. You use the arrow keys on the Wii Remote to move and the "A" button to jump. Press "B" to switch to ability mode. When it says go, you perform a special sequence to do the ability. However, you still have hearts, and you can get hearts as items.


Abilities are powers that Perry, Patty and Stafy can use. They are given at certain levels and you must use them to proceed through the game. In Area 5, your abilities are used as attacks in an RPG way. The newer the ability, the greater the damage. Abilities are used separately, by 2 team members, or them all.

The list of abilities are:


See Super Princess Peach Areas


As well as the main quest, there are also separate minigames that can be unlocked. These minigames are:


  • This is the first game in which Mario is not seen or mentioned, not even by Luigi.

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