Super Princess Peach U is a sequel to Super Princess Peach, and a game for the Wii U.


Princess Peach was in her castle and Mario was on a break after his last battle with Bowser when King Boo came to get revenge on Luigi. He kidnapped Luigi, Daisy, and Toadsworth. Princess Peach calls Mario to save them, but the flight back would be too long. A flutter-in-training named Flutterfly comes to the window, and befriends Peach. They go on a journey together to rescue their friends, but Flutterfly messes up and ends up at Bowser's Castle, and King Boo decides to take over Peach's Castle.


  1. Bowser's Castle
  2. Bowser Jr's Airship
  3. Kamek's Battlefield
  4. Kamella's Space Station
  5. Goomba Land
  6. Koopaling Kingdom
  7. Toad Fortress
  8. Peach's Castle

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