Super Princess Peach III: A Vibe Beyond Time is the second upcoming Fanon Fantendo video game released in late 2013 for the Japan region, and an upcoming video game in all other regions on the Nintendo 3DS. In this game, the roles are once again reversed, as Mario, Luigi and Toads have been kidnapped by Bowser, using the Magical Time Warp Gem and the Vibe Scepter created by E. Gadd (Elvin Gadd) to go back in time and capture Mario and his friends once again, to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach must save them, using a talking umbrella called Perry and her powers of emotion. This is the second Fanon Fantendo adventure installment in the Mario Series in which Peach appears as a stand alone character.


Story Mode

While Princess Peach goes for a sunny stroll, Bowser and his legion of minions creates a devious plan to go back in time with the Time Travel Gem which holds the legendary Vibe, to the first installment of the game, and destroy the Mushroom Kingdom, and once again capture Mario, Luigi and all of the Mushroom Kingdom Toads. But, when Princess Peach returns, she is horrified to find all of her guards running about the castle angry upon measure. Since Bowser already absconded Mario, Luigi and the Mushroom Kingdom Toads, Princess Peach resolves to reunite with her magical talking umbrella, Perry which has a tragic backstory of his own to unravel. Regardless, as Princess Peach and Perry set out to save there friends from the unknown islands of Mushroom Kingdom past, Princess Peach meets up with familiar friends to help her with her journey.

Main Gameplay Details

Worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom:

Mushroom Kingdom (Present) A normal grass world, with generic enemies being common.

Mushroom Kingdom (Past) A indifferent world, with raged common enemies.

Vibe Island (Present) A normal grass world, with all kinds of enemies.

Vibe Island (Past) A normal grass world, with unknown enemies.

Yoshi's Island (Present) A delightful terrain, with happy enemies.

Yoshi's Island (Past) A delightful terrain, with mad enemies.

Sarasaland (Present) A grassy plain, where common enemies.

The Comet observatory (Present) An unknown world, with unknown enemies.

Special World 9 (Past & Present) An unknown world, with all types of enemies.

Peach's "Vibes"

Joy: Princess Peach becomes very happy and gains the ability to float (When the player presses A). When the player releases A, Peach does a cyclone which dispels air and gets rid of some boundaries. In most cases, the flight lets her reach otherwise inaccessible Toads and areas of stages.

Rage: Princess Peach becomes enraged and catches fire, making her invulnerable to enemy attacks. When she jumps, the resulting stomp as she comes back down can shake the ground stunning most enemies nearby, as well as set off big switches.

Gloom: Princess Peach becomes extremely sad and begins to cry, causing her to run faster and make plants grow to climb. Her tears can also make water wheels go around, opening hidden parts and stages, and can freeze out cold surfaces to make them slippery and make it easier to get under tight spaces.

Calm: Princess Peach becomes calm, restoring HP while draining the Vibe Gauge. The process stops when she either reaches her maximum HP, runs out of Vibe Gauge, or is attacked by an enemy.

Perry's Assistance

Perry can form into many different objects to aid Princess Peach as well, from a boat to a cable car or a submarine. More details about perry's assistance are listed below.

  • Bowlbrella
  • Floatbrella
  • Poundbrella
  • Chargebrella
  • Slidebrella
  • Subrella
  • Dashbrella
  • Specialbella

Boss Battles

To be added.

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