Super Princess Peach Domination is an RPG/fighting game that focuses mainly on Princess Peach and Hadrian's rivalry. It also features Co-op or, for the first time, Competion modes.


4 years after Bowser's capture and execution in the Mushroom Kingdom, a new Koopaling comes forth. He is the bastard son, Hadrian. He and Bowser Jr. take over the lands once ruled by Bowser, and agree to mobilize their forces against the Mushroom. With the other seven Koopalings (mainly Lemmy) in charge of the Koopa Troop and Hadrian Troop, the kingdom is in danger.

Playable Characters


Main- Princess Peach (required)

Secondary- Princess Daisy (required)

Tertiary- Christian (optional)

Quadritary- Yoshi (optional)


Main- Hadrian Koopa (required)

Secondary- Bowser Jr. (required)

Tertiary- Lemmy Koopa (optional)

Quadritary- Larry Koopa (optional)

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