Super Princess Peach: The Missing Vibes is the sequel to Super Princess Peach created by Jet Inc.. It has a four player story, much like NSMBW.

Playable Characters










Emerald Yoshi (Green)
Sapphire Yoshi (Blue)
Ruby Yoshi (Red)
Gold Yoshi (Yellow)
Diamond Yoshi (White)


World 1

  • Big Boo (Tower)
  • King Boo (Castle)
  • Ludwig Von Koopa (Airship)

World 2

  • Piranha in the Generator (Tower)
  • Petey Piranha (Castle)    
  • Larry Koopa (Airship)

World 3 

  • Shadow Luigi (Tower)
  • Shadow Mario (Castle)
  • Roy Koopa (Airship)

World 4

  • Big Bertha (Tower)
  • Gooper Blooper (Castle)
  • Wendy O. Koopa (Airship)

World 5

  • Giant Pokey (Tower)
  • King Chomp (Castle)
  • Morton Koopa Jr. (Airship)

World 6

  • Icy Bullies (Tower)
  • Chief Chilly (Castle)
  • Lemmy Koopa (Airship)

World 7

  • Pokey Squad (Tower)
  • Giant Wiggler (Castle)
  • Iggy Koopa (Airship)

World 8

  • Kamek (Tower)
  • Big Bully (Castle)
  • Bowser Koopa (Airship)

World 9

  • Susan (Tower)
  • Karma (Castle)
  • Wart (Airship)


World 1 - The Diamond Mansion

World 2 - Pretty Garden

World 3 - Twilight Island

World 4 - Sparkling Seas

World 5 - Shining Desert

World 6 - Twinkling Ice Pond

World 7 - Bright Forest

World 8 - Lighted Boxing Arena

World 9 - Beautiful Dreams (secret world)


Diamond Goomba

Emerald Shy Guy

Gold Koopa

Ruby Paratroopa

Sapphire Paragoomba

Garnet Piranha Plant

Crystal Fly Guy

Image Gallery


One day, Peach, Daisy, Toadette and Birdo decide to go to Diamond Land for a vacation. When they arrive, they are greeted by a bunch of residents. Suddenly, something zaps the residents and they become gray and evil. Three Clown Copters then fly in, and Bowser is in one, the Koopalings in another and BJ in the last. "GWAH HA HA! I have used my Vibe Ray to turn their emotions into vibes! Now everyone is evil!" He sends his eight Koopalings to eight of the lands, and he goes to the eighth. Peach, Daisy, Toadette and Birdo then run off to save the residents. They see Perry, Berry, Mary and Cary and grab them. They then run off.

After defeating the Koopalings, they finally arrive at Bowser's Castle. They enter and find Bowser. He roars angrily and jumps onto the switch, switching off the bridge. Therefore, they can't reach him. He then starts shooting fireballs. Using their wits, they are able to discover that his fireballs bounce off their parasols. They deflect the fireballs onto Bowser and burn him. He is burnt to a crisp and drops the Vibe Ray into the lava, turning the residents normal again. Bowser gets angry and eats a Mega Mushroom, but grows too big and starts to squish his castle. Peach and co. escape and watch as Bowser's castle collapses.

After the credits, it shows Dry Bowser and Dry Bowser Jr. arising out of the castle ruins. It then shows: COMING SOON: SUPER MARIO BROS. REVENGE OF THE BONES.


I will call each character Peach.

Mushroom: Makes small Peach into normal Peach.

Fire Flower: Makes normal Peach into Fire Peach.

Ice Flower: Makes normal Peach into Ice Peach.

Yoshi Egg: Hatches a Yoshi out.

Emerald Egg: Hatches a Emerald Yoshi.
Sapphire Egg: Hatches a Sapphire Yoshi.
Ruby Egg: Hatches a Ruby Yoshi.
Gold Egg: Hatches a Gold Yoshi.
Diamond Egg: Hatches a Diamond Yoshi.

Mini Mushroom: Makes small Peach into mini Peach.

Mega Mushroom: Makes normal Peach into mega Peach.

Banana: Makes normal Peach into Monkey Peach.

Bob-omb: Can be tossed to defeat enemies.


Name Ability Usable By Found
Joy Reused Toadette (4P, 3P) Peach (2P, 1P) Starter
Gloom Reused Peach Starter
Anger Reused Daisy (4P, 3P, 2P) Peach (1P) Starter
Calm Reused Birdo (4P) Toadette (3P) Daisy (2P) Peach (1P) Starter
Tickled Makes you laugh, causing shockwaves to come out of your mouth, which kill enemies. All World 2
Scared You slow down, and now all enemies ignore you. Also, you can't jump very high. All World 5
Sleepy You fall asleep, now in a bubble (like in NSMBW) All World 7
Excited You get faster, invincible and can run over large pits. All World 8
Happy When you touch an enemy, you start dancing with it. If you touch it to another enemy, they both die. All World 9


As mentioned (waaay) above, this has a four player story. It has a background like Yoshi's Story, but now you can move off the path. It has NSMBW graphics, and to use your parasol you swing the Wiimote. Therefore, controlling Peach, Daisy, Toadette or Birdo requires only the Nunchuk.


Jump: Z

Fireball/Ice Ball: C

Swing Parasol: Wiimote

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