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SSPSD boxart
Developer(s) Icedo inc
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo O logo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan July 10 2012
25px-Flag of USA July 27 2012
25px-Flag of Europe August 5 2012
25px-Flag of Australia August 16 2012
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included O Disk

Super Princess Peach: Sunny Day's is a brand new platform adventure and Peach is for the second time our hero. IceDo Inc. is the company who made it. It will be available between July and August 2012 worldwide. SPPSD is one of the first games for the Nintendo O, the others are Mario Kart O and New Super Mario bros. O. The limited edition includes an unique pink nintendo O controller and a real Perry-umbrella.

The Vibe island is much different as the seen on Super Princess Peach.


After the events in Super Princess Peach, the young princess returned to her castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. Nothing interesting happend the next weeks, but one day Mario received a letter. In the letter was written that princess Peach was kidnapped in Vibe island. Without thinking about it Mario went quickly to this island, he fell into the trap. Bowser and his children caught him and send another letter to Peach. She flew with Toad, Yoshi, Toadette, Luigi, Toadsworth and Daisy to Vibe island, but there all her friends were kidnapped by the koopalings. Now, Peach has only Perry for help. Will she be able to save her friends?

Vibe island is not the same as in the first game. All in the islan is different, now there is a desert where the Boo Mansion was.

Peach starts her adventure in the Pink meadows. A beautifull valley with giant Pink threes and tons of flowers. With Perry's help Peach goes fas through the levels but soon discovers a fortress. Peach thought there will be one of her friends, and she was right. Wendy O. Koopa was waiting for her. They fight and finally Peach won but Wendy fled but the entrance that she was guarding wasn't anymore protected, so Peach and Perry could go trough it. There was Toadette tied with a rope. Peach set her free and she said that Toadsworth was in the next castle, guarded by Roy Koopa.

The next world was the Shellfish beach, a beach full of Cheep Cheep's and crabs. Soon saw peach the second castle, there was Roy Koopa waiting for her. The battle ended with a victory for Peach and like his sister Roy fled. Behind the entrance that Roy was guarding Toadswoth. He said the next world was the Moonlight forest.

Like this went Peach and Perry all the levels, defeating Iggy, Larry, lemmy and Ludwig and Saving Toad Luigi Daisy and Yoshi. All was going well untill they reach world 7, the rocky cave. The bullet billy were about to throw Peach a Perry of the mountain, and the new enemies weren't too friendly. In the castle Peach foun Morton Koopa Jr., but he wasn't alone... a really big Koopa, almost like Bowser was behind him. He said 'I'm Morton Koopa, the father of Bowser' ​​only that was riquired to scare Perry, then the battle begin. Both of the Mortons were strong, but finally, after a long battle, Peach won. After winnig Peachcould go through the last entrace, behind it was Bowser new castle. That was the hardest stage Peach ever had to go trough. And in the final room, Bowser room was Mario, with Bowser. Peach and Bowser battle. But when Peach was about to win came Bowser Jr. to complicate the whole thing. Father and son made a very, very good and dangerous team. But after a really difficult battle Peach won and set free Mario.

But then they heard a really noisy sound, the volcano was about to erupt. Bowser and his son were too tired to react, but Peach and Mario could ecape before it erupts. Again a happy ending.


8 new worlds will be able to play in this new edition!

World Name Location Boss(es) Damsel In Distress
World 1 Pink meadows Meadow Wendy O. Koopa Toadette
World 2 Shellfish beach Island Roy Koopa Toadsworth
World 3 Moonlight forest Forest Iggy Koopa Toad
World 4 Iceberg island Ice Larry Koopa Luigi
World 5 Rainbow Sky Sky Lemmy Koopa Daisy
World 6 Sunlight desert Desert Ludwig von Koopa Yoshi
World 7 Rocky cave Cave Morton Koopa Jr. & Morton Koopa Sr. No one
World 8 Bowsers castle Castle Bowser Jr. & Bowser Mario

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